10 Ways to Wear Jeans Like Vogue's Sarah Harris

Sarah Harris, Fashion Editor of British Vogue
Sarah Harris of Vogue is our denim girl crush. Christian Vierig/Getty Images
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Meet Our Denim Crush, Sarah Harris

Sarah Harris, Fashion Editor of British Vogue
Sarah Harris of Vogue is our denim girl crush. Christian Vierig/Getty Images

Vogue magazine's Sarah Harris is our denim style crush. Based in London, where she imparts her fashion wisdom on the stylish pages of British Vogue, Sarah is instantly recognizable to fashion lovers around the globe for her killer street style — she's often snapped by the fashion paparazzi when she attends runway shows — and is a major fashion influencer in her own right, with 170,000+ Instagram followers and counting (@sarahharris).

Sarah is well-known for her love of denim jeans, whether she's going to the Vogue offices, or sitting in the front row of a fashion show, and is supremely good at elevating them into polished outfits. You can also spot Sarah easily by her iconic, long, silver hair. (In her mid-thirties now, she starting going silver in her teens and decided to embrace it as her signature look.)

Take a look through our gallery of some of Sarah Harris' best street style outfits in jeans, and get inspired to create your own photo-ready outfits for everyday wear.

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Effortless Chic in Cropped Skinny Jeans

Sarah Harris in skinny jeans
Sarah Harris rocks skinny jeans and a men's shirt. Timur Emek/Getty Images

Here's a photo of Sarah Harris from the streets of Manhattan, when she attended New York Fashion Week. We absolutely love her simple, pretty style in this outfit. She combines an over-sized striped shirt, skinny cropped jeans and open-toed high heel sandals for an effortlessly chic look that you could wear to brunch with friends, shopping or on casual dates.

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Black Jeans and Olive Jacket

Sarah Harris in black jeans and an olive jacket
Sarah Harris wears black jeans and an olive jacket. Timur Emek/Getty Images

Sarah Harris attended a day of Paris Fashion Week wearing a casually chic outfit based on black jeans. She paired slim, black denim jeans with a white men's shirt, belted at the waist to define her figure. Layered on top, a trendy-for-spring olive green bomber jacket, rolled up at the sleeves to show off an expensive watch. Black and white high heels help to dress up this otherwise casual look and add some polish.

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Slim Sweater and Jeans Outfit

Sarah Harris in jeans and sweater
Sarah Harris looks casually chic in jeans and a sweater. Kirstin Sinclair/Getty Images

Sarah Harris is often snapped in jeans and a sweater — so how does she make it look so fashionable? Her secret is in choosing items that fit perfectly (or having them tailored to fit her measurements exactly — you can do the same with your jeans). Here, a simple brown sweater is tucked into distressed skinny jeans and worn with loafers, for a pretty, simple style that works for casual days and weekends.

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Tweed Blazer and Cropped Jeans

Sarah Harris in tweed blazer and skinny jeans
Sarah Harris in a work-ready tweed blazer and skinny jeans. Timur Emek/Getty Images

Sarah Harris looks ready for a stylish day at the office in this blazer and jeans outfit. She was photographed walking around Paris during Paris Fashion Week, in a casually sophisticated outfit of a tweed blazer and cropped skinny jeans. The styling of her fitted blazer (worn buttoned over a camisole, making her jacket into a top) and her choice of accessories (flat black loafers, simple clutch, minimal jewelry) create a chic daytime effect that looks very French.

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Navy Blazer and Slim Faded Jeans

Sarah Harris rocks a blazer with contrast piping over jeans
Sarah Harris rocks a blazer with contrast piping over jeans. Timur Emek/Getty Images

Sarah Harris was photographed in the streets of London during London Fashion Week, in an outfit we'd happily wear to work on casual Fridays, to impress our colleagues. Sarah pairs a classic navy blazer (decorated with chic contrast piping, natch) and a simple white top, with relaxed slim-leg jeans in a medium wash. We like that the jeans look easy to stand and sit in — and Sarah's work-ready, flat loafer slide shoes are to die for, too.

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Frayed Hem Jeans With a Leather Jacket

Sarah Harris in biker jacket with frayed hem jeans
Sarah Harris pairs a biker jacket with raw hem jeans. Kirstin Sinclair/Getty Images

Sarah Harris chose to pair an iconic leather motorcycle jacket with trendy, frayed hem jeans for a Paris Fashion Week event. Ankle-length jeans and a white turtleneck form the base of her outfit, which is layered with a biker jacket for added edge. Shiny high heel loafers strike the perfect balance between masculine and feminine style.

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Short Trench Coat and Cropped Jeans

Sarah Harris in jeans and trench coat
Sarah Harris wears a short trench as a top over cropped jeans. Christian Vierig/Getty Images

Sarah Harris chose to dress in denim for a rainy London Fashion Week. Instead of the typical long trench coat favored by many Brits, Sarah struck a fashionable note in a shorter trench, worn like a top, over cropped straight leg jeans. Ankle strap high heels help to elongate her legs, and look great with her shorter jeans length.

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Long Turtleneck Sweater Over Skinny Jeans

Sarah Harris in a long sweater and skinny jeans
Sarah Harris wears a long sweater and skinny jeans. Melodie Jeng/Getty Images

When the weather turns chilly, you might not consider that you have more style options than a big winter coat. Here, Sarah Harris is pictured on her way into the Jean Paul Gaultier runway show, making a January style statement in a long, wool turtleneck sweater worn over go-to skinny jeans. Special details on the sweater — its unusual length, the white cuffs — help to dress it up, while Sarah's high heeled loafers (in a shade matching her sweater cuffs) are both stylish and comfortable to wear for a day of schmoozing.

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Ankle Length Jeans and Leather Coat

Sarah Harris in a leather coat and jeans
Sarah Harris dresses for rain in Milan. Melodie Jeng/Getty Images

Transitional weather — or those days when the weather can't seem to make up its mind about what season it is — calls for layers that can keep you warm, but also look good if you need to keep them on all day. During a recent, rainy Milan Fashion Week, Sarah Harris rocks a raincoat like the Vogue Fashion Editor she is. A belted, latex leather raincoat brings edge and polish to easy-to-wear cropped skinny jeans. Sarah smartly keeps her accessories in the black family, for a head-to-toe fierce look.

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Hoodie and Jeans Outfit

Sarah Harris in bootcut jeans
Sarah Harris in a dressed down outfit with bootcut jeans. Matthew Sperzel/Getty Images

You might not guess that a Vogue Fashion Editor would attend New York Fashion Week wearing a hoodie and jeans — but you'd be wrong. Sarah Harris did just that — and sported a ponytail, no less — for a recent New York Fashion Week show, wearing a navy coat and red hoodie, with classic bootcut jeans (yes, they're back in style now). While we might save this cute and comfortable look for casual weekends, you have to admire the fashion courage shown here.

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