How to Make DIY Star Wars Jedi Robes

From Simple Robes to Movie Accurate

MCM London Comic Con
MCM London Comic Con. WireImage / Getty Images

You don’t have to create Obi-Wan worthy robes to have fun as a Jedi. Here are a few ways to create Jedi robes, from simple solutions to film-accurate reproductions.

Jedi Robe Basics

Jedi Costume
Jedi Costume. by LaMenta3

 The Inner and Outer Tunic:

These are the actual "clothes" of the Jedi. For example, the cream-colored wrappings you see on Obi-Wan. They can vary in color, but the most traditionally recognizable colors are creams, like Obi-Wan and Luke.

The Outer Robes:

This is the long, flowing robe with a large hood. If you don’t want to create the inner robes, just making the outer robe is going to save you a lot of time. You can wear whatever you want underneath and still have the Jedi look. This is a great option for kids.

A Simple Inner Tunic

Woman in Jedi Costume
Woman in Jedi Costume at Connooga 2008. by sparr0

While some of the photos may be difficult to decipher, I really like this Jedi tunic tutorial from Dreycon Dell because it shows you how to use an old t-shirt as the perfect Jedi inner tunic pattern. He’s also got tutorials for the tabards, outer tunic, pants, capes, and accessories.

Faking the Outer Tunic

Father and Son Jedi
Father and Son Jedi at Connooga 2008. by sparr0

Instead of making an actual tunic from scratch, you can fake the tunic by making something of a Jedi dickey. Using crisscrossed pieces of fabric, you can have the look of the tunic without a lot of extra sewing. You will, however, not have the option of taking off the outer robe, lest your fake tunic be revealed. This site also has simple outer robe tips.

Jedi Master Outer Robe for Adults

Jedi Costumes
Jedi Costumes. by boliyou

Obi-Wan Kenobi wears a long, flowing robe that is immediately recognizable. In this photo tutorial, ‘SithariRog’ of the Crazy Old Wizards forum shows us how he creates a stunning outer Jedi robe with great finished photos. He gives a multitude of tips on the importance of finding the right fabric and even provides a pattern ready for enlargement, printing, and use.

A Simple Robe for Little Wizards and Jedi Alike

DIY Jedi Robe
A Hogwarts or Jedi Robe. Rain Blanken

For an easy outer robe option that can be reused after the work of a Jedi is done, my Harry Potter robe tutorials will do the job.

These robe tutorials require little sewing experience ​and can be crafted out of brown fabric to create outer Jedi robes for little ones. Be sure to use a heavy brown fabric to get the right drape of a Jedi robe.