6 Easy Ways to Date Yourself

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Whether you have a partner or not, self-care is a vital step to understanding and maintaining who you are. It’s just like being your own Valentine! And the best news is that you don’t have to wait for Valentine’s Day. These simple ideas are ways to practice getting to know and date yourself – we could all use a little more love! And when we fill up self-love, we’re more capable to love others. It’s a win-win for everyone. Try one of the ideas below for dating yourself. 

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Get Away

Get Away

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One thing that couples do on a regular basis to keep things exciting is traveling or taking a trip together. You don’t have to wait to have a special someone to explore the world. In fact, even if you are coupled up, it’s good for your soul and your relationship with yourself to take some days for you. Think of it as a mini-retreat where you can treat yourself, get to know yourself better, and relax with the number one person in your life: you!

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Get Dressed Up

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It’s easy to reserve your best outfits for a special date night with your honey, right? Try getting dressed up just for you! Whether you take yourself out to dinner at a fancy restaurant or order in, it’ s ok to get dolled up and looking your best just for you.

Don’t forget to add in some pretty shoes and accessories! Adorn yourself with pretty jewels cute shoes, being sure to wear the styles that make you swoon. You don't have to impress anyone else. It's all for you. It’s fun to get gussied up for someone you love – and that includes yourself!

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Get a Ring

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It’s common to wait for a partner to buy you a diamond engagement ring, wedding band, or some other statement piece. It’s a sweet way to publically display your intentions or broadcast your commitment to each other. So if you’re practicing some self-love, try buying yourself a ring. It can be a right-hand diamond ring, a simple gold band, or any other ring that reminds you (and others) of your commitment to you. If people ask you gave it to you, answer with the truth: "someone who loves me very much." 

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Get Sexy

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One of the most intimate ways to show you love someone is to get sexy with each other, and the same goes for yourself. Schedule some time or be spontaneous, just be sure to make your own pleasure top of the list. That can mean something simple like having a date with the mirror...in your birthday suit. Set the mood with sensual music, and light a few candles. Everything always looks better by candlelight. Then strip down or put on some sexy lingerie. In fact, use this opportunity to wear something for yourself you may have been keeping on reserve to reveal to a lover. 

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Get Out

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Dating someone often includes fun dates to new places. It’s fun to explore a museum, a concert, or an event together. And doing new things offers up opportunities to be adventurous and create memories. So if you want to date yourself, it only makes sense to get out of the house and take yourself on a date!

Enjoy a solo dinner at a place you’ve always wanted to go, or buy a ticket for one to a show. Don’t be afraid to sit alone. Use it as an opportunity to be with yourself and enjoy your own company. You can even tell someone who may try to interrupt your evening alone that you’re out with yourself for the evening. Give it a whirl and see how it feels to really set aside the time for you. Whatever you do, treat yourself well. Just like you’d expect a partner to use good manners and be courteous to you on a date, do the same for yourself! 

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Get to Know Yourself

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One of the major aspects of dating is getting to know each other. Truly getting to understand that person on from the inside, out. New couples spend the majority of first dates asking questions and listening to each other in order to do this. Even in healthy long lasting relationships, it’s important to continue to get to know the person you love. That means when dating yourself, it's important to schedule time to get to know yourself on a deeper level as well.

A few ways to do this are to journal, meditate, take quizzes, etc. You can even work with a coach or counselor to uncover your inner thoughts and feelings. The first step is to get interested and inquisitive about yourself and then make time in your calendar to listen to yourself. Start with asking yourself some questions: What really makes you tick? What are your deepest desires? If you could live anywhere for a year, where would it be? What was your biggest dream as a kid? Ask yourself questions like this and see what comes up!