5 Ways to Celebrate Friendship Day

Honor Your Friends the First Sunday in August

Friendship Day is the first Sunday in August and helps us remember the positive friendships in our lives. Friendship Day celebrations can vary from small gifts and greetings to a night out on the town. Here are some ideas for ways to celebrate in your own way. 

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Spend Some Time With Your Friend

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In today's world, we are all so busy that friendships sometimes take a back seat. Bring that friendship back to the forefront by taking a few hours out of your day to spend with your buddy. 

Choose an activity that allows you to catch up with each other and also have fun. This may be different for every set of friends. Some might enjoy a few hours at the coffee shop, others might want to try something they've never done (skydiving anyone?), while other friends might just want to splurge with a nice dinner out at a favorite restaurant.

Better yet, make friendship dates a regular priority with your friends.

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Thoughtful Notes and Messages

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The spirit of Friendship Day is about honoring your pals, but that doesn't mean the gesture needs to be complicated or involved. Here are some ideas on how to let your friend know you are thinking of them:

  • Post a video link of a special song to their Facebook wall.
  • Tweet out a short note on why they are a great friend.
  • Write your friend a note on why their friendship means so much to you. Be specific. For example, rather than saying, "You're such a great friend," say something like, "I appreciate how much you help me out with the kids," or "our Tuesday coffee nights are the best part of my week."
  • Write out a few special memories on small pieces of paper, and put them all in a jar. Your friend can pull out a note each week. Or better yet, create a memory journal for them. It's easy to do.
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Small Gifts

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Giving an inexpensive gift is another way to celebrate Friendship Day. For this occasion, a small but thoughtful present can make an even greater impact than one that costs a lot of money. Some ideas on what you could give include:

  • A cherished picture of the two of you in a frame that they can keep on their desk or several old pictures of you in a digital frame. This is an especially good gift if your friendship has some history, since changing hairstyles alone are enough to bring about a smile (or cringe).
  • Your friend's favorite treat baked by hand and put in a box with tissue paper.
  • A friendship gift book.
  • An out of the box homemade gift with lots of thought put into it.
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Friendship Bracelets

Friendship Bracelet
Friendship bracelets are a nice way to let a friend know you're thinking of them. Daniel Sheehan Photographers/Getty Images

Friendship bracelets are back in style for adults and kids alike. Designer bracelets have even been spotted on the wrists of celebrities, which helps reinforce their versatile nature.

You can give your friend a high-end bracelet, create a fun one from scratch, or even use them in a variety of ways other than as jewelry. They are a thoughtful way to let a pal know you care on Friendship Day.

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Keep the Spirit of Friendship Day All Year

Celebrate Friendship Day all year. Monashee Alonso/Getty Images

The best way to celebrate Friendship Day is to keep the spirit of the day throughout the year. Nurture your friendship continually, resolve conflicts quickly, and make sure you devote the time needed to make a friendship successful even when you're busy. Friendship Day is a reminder that friends are an important part of a healthy, happy life, so carry that thought with you and let it show in your actions.