7 Ways to Ask Someone to Winter Formal

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7 Winter Formal Asking Ideas

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Asking a date to the winter formal is all part of the experience. Here are 7 creative, wintery, and totally seasonal ways to get your crush, boyfriend or girlfriend to say yes to your dance proposal... all while keeping the winter season in mind. 

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Ask Them With a Surprise in an Ice Skate

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Take your wannabe winter formal date to an ice skating rink where they have skate rentals. Tell your date to wait a second while you go get the skates to rent. Then, tuck a washcloth, hand towel or t-shirt inside of their skates that says “winter formal?” on it. It can be written out using fabric markers, puff paint or something similar. When they go to put on their skates, they’ll notice that something is inside, pull it out, and get a sweet surprise. 

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Ask With a Homemade Snow Globe

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Creating your own snow globe is a super creative way to ask someone to winter formal, and it fits perfectly with the season. Inside the snowglobe you can use a photo of the two of you, a toy, action figure, or something else you think your potential date would like. You can write “winter formal?” on something inside the globe or on the bottom of the base. Check out this tutorial on how to make a snow globe for easy step-be-step instructions.  

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Write Your Winter Dance Proposal In Lights

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Spelling out “winter formal?” in holiday lights is a super romantic way to ask someone to the dance. Use your lawn, windows or a part of your house to spell out the letters. Then, tell your crush you want to take them for a walk or a drive, and cruise past your house with the lights on. For an extra dramatic effect, have a friend switch on the lights right when you stop. 

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Ask Someone With a Special Advent Calendar

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You know those Christmas calendars that start on December 1 and end on Christmas Day? You can make a modified one to ask your date to the winter formal. Try creating one that is 5 days long and have your soon-to-be-date open one door every school day of the week until they get to Friday and your official winter dance proposal. Or, have them open every door all at once in front of you so you can be there to accept their official “yes!” Buzzfeed came up with some creative ways to make an advent calendar.  

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Ask by Creating a Winter Wonderland

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Get all of your potential date’s favorite winter things and create a mini wonderland for them: fake snow, a mini tree, candy canes, stockings, lights, reindeer… you know what I’m talking about. Then stage it all in their room, locker or even on their lunch table. Place a holiday card in the middle of it all that asks them to winter formal. Your display should be totally Instagram-worthy.  

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Ask at the Top of a Ski Lift

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This one will take a little planning. Ask your potential date on a day trip to the nearest ski mountain. Have a friend get there ahead of you and stand at the top of the first ski lift you’ll be going up with a sign that says “(their name), will you go to winter formal with (your name?)” Your date will never expect it, and be super impressed that you pulled it off. 

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Ask With a Custom Hot Cocoa Mug

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Get a custom mug made that says "Winter Formal With Me?" at the very bottom. Then, make a delicious cup of hot cocoa for your potential date (topped with marshmallows, of course!) and tell them that when they finish their drink, they'll have a surprise. It's adorable, romantic, and your date will have a memento for the occasion!