Waxing for Men

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Waxing for men is not only very common, but keeps getting more popular. Have you noticed more and more men have been turning up at the pool or beach without hair? That is because men are finally embracing the art that is hair removal. They have jumped on the bandwagon and they are loving it!

We have some tips to help you prepare, know what to expect and prevent side effects and unnecessary pain.

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Expert Interview

Loretta Wilson owner of Just for You in Tempe, Arizona is an educator and a specialist after waxing thousands of men. She shares with us the most popular areas guys are getting rid of hair, how they deal with the pain, what types of guys are seeing her for services and advice on hair removal at home.

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Men’s Intimate Waxing

A lot of guys are seeking intimate waxing, not only getting their bikini areas cleaned up, but full Brazilians (that removes everything). We help you sort through the general styles offered to help you determine what you want and how to customize it.

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What to Expect at a Bikini Wax

First you should find a reputable place, preferably that someone referred you to as you definitely want someone very experienced. Keep in mind that not all salons and spas will perform bikini waxes on men. You may be wondering about how to prepare for your service, what to expect at your appointment and some reasons why more men are joining women in this grooming ritual.

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No Back Hair Here

It seems the days of a hairy back have come and gone and smooth is in style. It's hard to shave your own back, and back waxing will keep the hair away for a couple weeks, so it’s a good choice. We tell you what to generally expect for pain, the price range, why you should see a pro and tips for avoiding side effects like ingrown hair.

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What about Men’s Facial Hair?

Most men cannot get the hair in their beard or mustache area waxed because it’s way too thick. But eyebrow waxing is doable, as well is stray hair on the upper checks, nose, ears, neckline and forehead.

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How to Reduce Pain

There are things you can do to help the discomfort, especially if you’re saving money and removing the hair at home. Even if you’re getting a professional service and it’s mostly in their hands, you can take some steps at home to minimize the ‘ouch’.

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Side Effects of Waxing

We’d love to say the hair is removed and it’s happily ever after. Unfortunately, because men’s hair is usually thick and it’s removed against the direction of growth there are chances of getting bumps, ingrown hair and even pimples.

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Fight those Bumps

One of the most common and annoying side effects from waxing are the bumps that come from simply removing the hair or because it starts growing back into the skin (ingrown). While regularly exfoliating and moisturizing definitely helps, sometimes a fast-acting product is needed.

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How Long Does Waxing Last?

A lot is going to depend on where you’re getting hair removed, your genetics and who is doing the service. Find out more about what that means for you personally.

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Waxing at Home

It can be done to yourself or with a friend's help, excluding the genitals. But it’s not as easy as it looks. Along with requiring a good amount of time, the less experienced may end up with missed hairs, breakage, or worse, very red skin or bruising.