Waxing Facial Hair

Facial waxing is often a much better choice over shaving for women because it uplifts hair out of the follicle and can keep skin hair-free for weeks at a time. We love its long-lasting power and that it can damage the follicle making hair sparser and finer over time if done often. These pluses are great for the facial zone, which often rank as one of the most annoying places of unwanted hair for women.

Salon and spa appointments can really add up. If you don't have the time or the funds in your budget, knowing how to remove hair at home with the gooey stuff can be a real asset. Here are just the tips, advice and home instructions you need for professional results.

How to Wax Facial Hair

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We can’t hide our faces under clothes like we can with other parts of our body that has unwanted hair. We walk you through the steps for getting your sides of face and cheeks silky smooth for weeks- without a salon or spa appointment.

Learn more about the type of wax we recommend, how to prep skin and care for it afterwards. We also include how to prevent redness and pain.

How to Wax Upper Lip

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There’s nothing worse than checking your reflection in the car rear-view mirror only to find a bit of a ‘mustache’ staring back at you. Please, don't pull out a mini razor and shave it, unless it's an emergency.

We’ll show you how to take the pain factor down a notch, work in the right sections and avoid unnecessary common side effects when nixing the unwanted fuzz.

How to Wax Eyebrows

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This is where it gets tricky. It's best to first get the waxing technique down well before moving on to the brows. It's not just about removing the hair, but leaving the perfect shape. You don't want to end up with missing bits of hair, too thin of brows or an ugly shape in place.

With a little practice and our step-by-step as your guide, you’ll save lots over seeing the pros.

Try Cream Wax

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Honey is the most common and versatile type of wax available, working on almost all hair and skin types. However, cream wax is usually the much better choice for delicate skin like on the face because it's gentler and loaded with moisturizers. Not only does creamy wax seem to be less painful than honey, but you’ll  probably also end up with less redness. 

Two professional companies, Satin Smooth and GiGi, both make them. GiGi makes about five different kinds like the regular as shown, including lavender, milk chocolate, tea tree, and zinc oxide for those ultra sensitive.

Save on Waxing Supplies

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Sure waxing at home saves a lot over professional prices. Stretch your dollar further by using items you might already have to wax instead of buying more accessories at the beauty supply store.

Make Waxing Facial Hair Last Longer

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The way wax is commonly applied often leaves missed hairs and breakage. Missed hairs can be tweezed. However, hair may break above or below the skin's surface, which may make some of them too short and almost impossible to get post-wax with tweezers.

Hair will show up sooner than it should have. Use this simple application tip that takes more hair and leaves you with longer-lasting results.

How to Wax Women's Chin Hair at Home

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 Ah, the dreaded chin hair. This area seems to pile on thick dark hair as women leave their youth behind and keeps them on a constant battle to keep it hair-free.

While soft wax is somewhat easy to use, sometimes hard wax is better because it's great for coarse hair and tends to be able to pick up shorter hair than soft.

How to Remove Facial Hair for Women

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 Sometimes waxing isn't the best choice for women. Explore your other options for getting rid of the unwanted hair. Some of these can permanently remove or reduce it.