Waxing at Home

Helpful DIY Tips

Hispanic young woman using depilation wax on her legs
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Waxing at home can be difficult and intimidating if you have never done it before. We won't lie and tell you that everyone can perform this hair removal method and that each kit will allow you to do it yourself, easily.

We will tell you that there is a very good reason Aestheticians have to log, on average, 800 hours of training (depending on the state) before they can provide services for clients.

But, there are some areas that may be easy for you to wax yourself, and if you become comfortable with it, save a good amount of money.

When to See the Pros

Bikini, back and possibly underarms. Let the trained and seasoned Aesthetician wax the delicate and hard to reach areas. It's awkward and difficult to get the right angle to properly remove the wax once it's applied.

Eyebrows. We also highly recommend staying away from waxing your own brows. Getting the right shape in place can be really tricky, and with one wrong move you could end up without one. So be very careful if you're brave enough to do it.

When to Try Waxing Yourself

With that being said, you can actually save some money and learn to wax yourself in some areas. If you follow some basic steps, you can end up with hairless skin and not have to leave your home to do it.

The upper lip, face, arms and possibly your legs. These areas are some of the easiest to reach on your own.

Helpful DIY Tips

  • Know the precautions. There are certain circumstances or medical conditions in which you shouldn't wax specific areas or at all.
  • Follow the manufacturer's directions. While waxes are very similar, the company knows their product best.
  • Practice and patience. It does take time to get the technique down.
  • Skin needs to be clean. It's essential that dirt, oil and makeup are removed before waxing. This helps the wax cling to the hair and minimizes post-wax breakouts.
  • The right length. The hair should be about ¼ of an inch long. Anything shorter may be more difficult for the wax to fully adhere to, and the longer the hair, the more painful it seems to be.
  • Don't burn yourself. Wax that's too hot will cause burns and possibly discolor the skin. Test the temperature on the inside of your wrist. If it's too hot, wait until it cools down before using it to remove hair.
  • Painful mistake. Another frequent mistake, and probably the most painful, is pulling the wax up in a straight-off-the-skin motion. The wax needs to be removed by pulling the strip all the way over to the other side when being removed to avoid causing bruising and ingrown hair. There also is a very distinct sound that a trained ear can decipher when it's being removed correctly.
  • Wax on, wax off - just once. Once you have waxed an area once, stay away. If you missed some hair, you will need to tweeze it. Going over the same spot several times is the worst mistake people make, either out of ignorance or just simply ignoring the caution. Regardless if you have sensitive skin or not, this can cause irritation, burns, bruising and possible torn skin. Be very careful.

    Safety First

    We don't want to scare you away from saving yourself some money and skipping the salon. But you need to think about things that could happen if you do not use the proper techniques to remove the hair.