Ride the Wave Caster

Reviewing the Wave Caster Skateboard

The Wave Board Review
The Wave Board Review. Photo: The Wave

When I first took the Wave out of its box, I was a little confused. Two wheels? For the entire board? I set it on the carpet and tried to stand up and balance on it. Of course, it didn't work. Then.​ I read the instructions...

The Review

To ride the Wave, the rider stands on the pads, and then begins to twist them in opposite directions, using his or her weight and the crazy engineering of the board to propel across the pavement. It's sort of like snowboarding, sort of like skateboarding, sort of like nothing I've done before. It's a mobile, agile, organic ride.

One drawback is how tiring the Wave will be at first. Brandon, one of our testers, was a natural Wave rider. He rode it to school, planning to ride it home, as well, but his feet and legs were dead by lunch. The Wave requires that the rider keeps moving, weaving and turning, so until you get used to it, it can burn out your feet and legs. On the other hand, this means the Wave is a great leg and foot workout! Brandon also reported that the kids at school were totally into the Wave, curious and impressed.

Which makes sense: The Wave was a totally new and original concept. Take a look at the Wave website for videos and more, and see for yourself how wild it is. If you are looking for the next new thing in board riding, if you are looking for something fun and unique, or if you are looking for a cool new challenge, the Wave is it.

The Bottom Line

The Wave was one of the first caster boards and, even with competition, remains very popular. The setup and basic design are similar to those of its rivals. If you’re not familiar with caster boards, the picture will probably explain it best. The board rides on two wheels, each on a pivot so that the board can turn freely. Each wheel is below a foot pad, and the pads, or decks, are linked with a torsion-bar pivot that turns, rather than hinging like a snakeboard. The Wave is fun to use and feels very natural once you get the hang of it.

That might take a little bit, but it's a great new experience.