Water Based Lubricants

Reviews and Recommendations for Water Based Lubricants

As the lubricant market has expanded choosing a water based lubricant has gone from being an either/or decision to something that requires research and consultation. Of course there are only three or four actual differences among water based lubricants, the rest is marketing. All water based lubricants are condom compatible and none will damage sex toys. If you know that it's a water based lubricant you're looking for these reviews and recommendations may help you narrow the choice down. You can click on the "read review" link for a more detailed review of each product.

aneros marksman lubricant shooteres

Developed by the makers of the Aneros Prostate Massager this lubricant is designed specifically for anal sex. The lubricant comes in single use applicators that can be inserted anally and used to deliver lubricant further into the anal canal, where you want it for comfortable and safer anal penetration. You're paying for the packaging/delivery system here, so Marksman isn't recommended for other kinds of use simply because of it's cost. More »

From the makers of Astroglide, this is the same formulation as their original lubricant but in a very thick consistency, which makes it easier for use with sex toys and for anal play. If you like Astroglide and just wish it wasn't so thin, this is probably the lube for you.
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Astroglide may have been the first "second generation" lubricant. Where original lubricants were designed not for sex play but for medical use (folks just figured out the other uses), Astroglide was made for sex, and designed to mimic natural vaginal lubrication. It remains a popular choice and one recommended by many health care providers (particularly in it's newest paraben and glycerin-free formulation). More »
Good Clean Love
An organic, vegan, and paraben free lubricant with a medium consistency and not-too-noticeable taste. Good Clean Love is also available in several flavors. More »
hathor lubricant
Hathor Aphrodisia
Made in small batches by a family run company based in British Columbia, Hathor is a thicker lubricant that's vegan and made from organically sourced ingredients. It also contains herbs, like Horny Goat Weed and Ginseng that are rumored aphrodisiacs. Depends on whether you want to believe the rumours! More »
ID Glide is a middle of the road lubricant in the best sense of the term. Not too thick, not too thin, it's easy to use and in most stores it's available at a great price. It contains both glycerin and parabens, so it would not be recommended for folks with sensitive skin or anyone prone to yeast infections, but for many it's not only a good introduction to water based lubricants, it becomes their lube of choice.
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When it was first introduced, Liquid Silk was unique among water based lubricants as it doesn't get tacky when it dries up. This is because the manufacturer uses a small bit of silicone lubricant, which makes Liquid Silk feel almost more like a moisturizer, albeit it one that stays slick for a while. The trade off is a bad taste and parabens. But for many it's a trade off that works. More »
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maximus personal lubricant

From the maker of Liquid Silk, Maximus is unique as a water-based lubricant as it's both thick (making it good for sex toys and anal play) and slippery when in use. It also lasts longer than some water based lubricants. Maximus does contain parabens but is glycerin-free. It's something of a Rorschach Test of lube taste; many report a bitter taste while other reviewers find it sweet tasting. More »

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Davryan Laboratories, Inc.
Before "green" and "eco" became marketing buzz words, and before other manufacturers decided to make products that we wouldn't react to Probe was the gentlest and most "natural" lube on the market. With only four ingredients, a unique stringy consistency, and a loyal following, Probe is also the lubricant to come closest to having absolutely not taste. While it is paraben-free it does contain glycerin. More »
slippery stuff lubricant
Wallace O'Farrell
Slippery Stuff was one of the first glycerin-free lubricants on the market. The gel formulation offers a thicker, stay-put, lube that gets thinner as you use it. Because of its consistency Slippery Stuff is ideal for use with sex toys and also good for anal play. Other benefits are a relatively minor taste and smell, and it dries a little cleaner than some other water based lubricants. Slippery Stuff does contain parabens, but remains an inexpensive and favored water based lubricant for many. More »