The Warped Tour 2009 Lineup

The bands on the 2009 Vans Warped Tour

Anti-Flag, Warped Tour 2006. © Nicole Lucas

As Vans prepares for the 15th anniversary of the Warped Tour, founder Kevin Lyman has put together a power lineup of acts, and is promising a few changes this year.

First up, this year's Warped Tour will consist of fewer bands, with each band getting an extra 10 minutes for their set. This alone will probably make a huge difference in the experience. In years past, some bands barely got going in 30 minutes before wrapping things up. And even that extra 10 minutes for a longtime touring band like the Bouncing Souls gives them time to cram in some of their classics (note to the Souls - I expect to hear "Ole" in this year's set now!).

The band lineup that has been compiled looks great for a 15th anniversary collection, though. Currently, this is the reported lineup of the 2009 Vans Warped Tour. All of these bands are scheduled to perform on at least part of the tour, although specific dates have yet to be announced.

When is the Warped Tour coming to you?

  • Dates and Lineups for the 2009 Vans Warped Tour

All dates and appearances are subject to change.

3OH!3 (Boulder, CO) – On their third year of Warped Tour dates, 3OH!3 offers up sarcastic rhymes, synchronized dance moves and hip hop and electronic beats that are addictive enough to make the crustiest punk shake his booty. (MySpace Site)

A Day to Remember (Ocala, FL) – Post-hardcore outfit A Day to Remember has a tough sound to pin down, playing harsh metalcore that frequently drops into burst of energetic pop punk; they’re equal parts Blink 182 and Prong. (MySpace Site)

Aiden (Seattle, WA) – Maybe it’s all the rain in their hometown that lends to this band’s sound, but Aiden has a dark sound, blending elements of goth rock and punk with hardcore riffs. It’s perfect for a rainy day, but will probably sound good on a sunny Warped Tour stage as well. (MySpace Site)

A Rocket To The Moon (Braintree, MA) – The product of songwriter/musician Nick Santino, who does all the vocals, keys and guitars in the studio, A Rocket To The Moon is an electronic/powerpop outfit and a MySpace favorite with over 16 million streams logged so far. (MySpace Site)

A Skylit Drive (Lodi, CA) - This post-hardcore group from California offer up metal music moments and high-pitched vocals. The comparisons to Chiodos and Taking Back Sunday are not unfounded. (MySpace Site)

Alexisonfire (St. Catharines, ON) – Named after a stripper and self-described as "the sound of two Catholic high-school girls in mid-knife-fight", Canada’s Alexisonfire offer up a powerful mix of driving hardcore and metal riffs, and a new hardcore inspired album that strays from the screaming. (MySpace Site)

All Time Low (Baltimore, MD) – They signed to Hopeless Records in 2006 before they’d even graduated high school, and they’ve never looked back. On their third Warped Tour, All Time Low has joined the big leagues this year, bringing their infectious pop punk sound to the main stage. (MySpace Site)

Anti-Flag (Pittsburgh, PA) – Fiercely political, Anti-Flag takes a solid stance against war and capitalism, and addresses issues like American foreign policy and racism. Even so, they’re always ready to rock, and not afraid of doing a high kick now and then. (MySpace Site)

Attack Attack (Columbus, OH) – One can’t help but be intrigues by this band from Ohio, which will deliver heavy metal riffs and grotesquely screamed vocals at one moment, and electronic danceability the second. Live, I’m thinking it will either be impressive, hilarious or impressively hilarious. (MySpace Site)

Bad Religion (Los Angeles, CA) – Since 1980 Bad Religion has been a heavy influence on pop punk bands nationwide. They employ complex lyrics and harmonies with deep content, and wiegh heavily on political and social issues. In addition, guitarist Brett Gurewitz, by way of owning Epitaph Records, has done even more to introduce punk rock to the U.S. (MySpace Site)

Bayside (Queens, NY) – Brooding, hook-laden punk rock with lyrics that are more-than often melancholy and always well written, Bayside will appeal to fans of intelligent emotional punk rock in the vein of Alkaline Trio. (MySpace Site)

Big D and the Kids Table (Allston, MA) – DIY darlings of the third wave of ska, Big D will deliver your Warped dose of horns, and pull you out of the mosh pit for some less-violent skanking. (MySpace Site)

Black Tide (Miami, FL) – If you’ve had your fill of screamo, Black Tide will cleanse your palate with a set of full-blown heavy metal with an Iron Maiden influence. Despite their young ages, this band already has Mayhem and Ozzfest shows under their belts, and are looking to add Warped to the list. (MySpace Site)

Bouncing Souls (New Brunswick, NJ) – Celebrating 20 years as a band, the Bouncing Souls will be following up what was one of the best sets at last year’s Warped Tour. This time around, they have new material in store, and are ready to show that they’ve got another 20 left in them. (MySpace Site)

Breathe Carolina (Denver, CO) – Another band playing the odd combo of screamo and electronic, these kids from Colorado mix layers of sound and pure danceability with the occasional power scream. The full package is pure electrofun, and upbeat even when the lyrics are about boys with broken hearts. (MySpace Site)

Breathe Electric (Lake County, IL) – A one-man dance party, Breathe Electric is the creation of Grant Harris. If you’re a fan of the upbeat electro of PlayRadioPlay!, this is one set you won’t want to miss. (MySpace Site)

Brokencyde (Albuquerque, NM) - If the electro combos on the tour this year weren’t enough evidence to convince you that screamo is becoming more and more pervasive in music today, Brokencyde’s combination of gangsta rap and unintelligible screams and guttural death-metal growls will make you a believer. Even so, they are probably the worst band on the tour, and should be avoided at all costs. (MySpace Site)

Cash Cash (Roseland, NJ) – Another one of this year’s instant dance parties, Cash Cash draws from ‘70s funk and ‘80s pop and makes a sound that punks would be embarrassed to admit they like – if it weren’t so damn much fun. (MySpace Site)

Channel 3 (Cerritos, CA) – A staple on the Orange County scene in the early ‘80s, Channel 3 (also known as CH3) took much of the’90s off before remerging on the scene in ’02, recharged and ready to rock with their straightforward, snot-nosed punk rock. (MySpace Site)

Chiodos (Davison, MI) – Another post-hardcore band on the Warped Tour’s extensive roster, Chiodos (named after the guys who brought us the stellar flick Killer Klowns From Outer Space) is probably one of the biggest right now, and that’s not a bad thing. With broad, sweeping instrumentation, layered sounds and tightly controlled vocals, these guys are much more than emo ballads with straight-up screaming on top. (MySpace Site)

Dance Gavin Dance (Sacramento, CA) - Dance Gavin Dance often gets lumped in with their post-hardcore contemporaries, but their sound is a lot more dense than that implies. With complex rhythms influenced by jazz and indie rock, they truly take emo to the next level. (MySpace Site)

Dear and the Headlights (Phoenix, AZ) – On a roster that’s relatively light on indie rock, Dear and the Headlights provide respite from the screaming with some upbeat rock built on a foundation of complex melodies, sort of the way the Arcade Fire might be if they listened to the Cure just a little more. (MySpace Site)

D.I. (Fullerton, CA) - Formed in 1982 (by which time frontman Casey Royer already had stints with both the Adolescents and Social Distortion under his belt), D.I. still play their influential Orange County punk rock with the passion and speed that they made a name with in the early days of punk rock. (MySpace Site)

Dirty Heads (Huntington Beach, CA) – Another testament to the wide range of sounds that Kevin Lyman brings together for the Warped Tour, Dirty Heads are a mellow hip hop/reggae group that draws heavily on skate culture and simply having a good time. (MySpace Site)

D.O.A. (Barnaby, BC) – Another one of the old school bands elected to climb up on the Old Skool stage, D.O.A. helped found the hardcore sound. The fact that they’re still going strong is a testament to how hardcore they are. (MySpace Site)

Escape the Fate (Las Vegas, NV) - Despite a few stumbles (including their frontman being sent to jail until at least 2010), Escape the Fate have managed to escape dissolution, replace their former singer with blessthefall’s Craig Mabbitt and put out another record to bring their take on screamo to the Warped masses this summer. (MySpace Site)

Every Avenue (Marysville, MI) – If you love Fall Out Boy, but hate how mainstream they’ve become, give Every Avenue a try. They offer up the same refreshing pop punk tunes without all of the name recognition. (MySpace Site)

Fishbone (Los Angeles, CA) – Another addition to the Old Skool Stage, Fishbone fuses punk, ska, metal, funk and more into a sound that is exciting and innovative, but their true strength lies in their live show. (MySpace Site)

Flipper (San Francisco, CA) - Established in 1979 and subject to erratic reunions, Flipper is known for being innovative, raw, and noisy, and for being louder and heavier than anyone else. (MySpace Site)

Flogging Molly (Los Angeles, CA) – I first saw Flogging Molly on a side stage at the Warped Tour several years ago. Since then, the stages they appear on have gotten bigger, but the band has never failed to fill the space with their boisterous Celtic punk. (MySpace Site)

Forever the Sickest Kids (Dallas, TX) – They’re from Texas, yet they’re on Motown Records. They play powerpop music, yet the kids who love the screamo also love them. That’s just scratching the surface of the mystery that is the phenom known as FTSK. (MySpace Site)

From Aphony (Seattle, WA) – Heads up! If you like this band’s blend of post-hardcore and metal, be sure to catch them if their dates correspond to your town, as they have officially broken up, citing college and other music projects. After these last few dates, From Aphony is over. (MySpace Site)

Gallows (Hertfordshire, England) – This UK band is one of the most exciting things to happen to hardcore in many years. Their sound is raw, yet energetic, and frontman Frank Carter is a madman on stage. Although Disney may have banned them from House of Blues, they can’t keep them from taking over the American hardcore scene. (MySpace Site)

Guttermouth (Huntington Beach,CA) – If you catch a set from Guttermouth and walk away not being offended by some part of their deliberately explicit and patently offensive style of snotnose punk, I don’t know what you were watching, but it wasn’t Guttermouth. (MySpace Site)

Hit the Lights (Lima, OH) – Their name may be lifted from a Metallica song, but that’s the only way the two could ever appear side by side in print. Hit the Lights play upbeat pop punk - extra-heavy emphasis on the pop. (MySpace Site)

In This Moment – If, as you perused this list, you made the mental note that it was sorely lacking in female-fronted metalcore, let me put those concerns to rest, because that’s what In This Moment does. In fact, frontwoman Maria Brink reinforces the old adage that in order to succeed in the metal work, you need to be twice as hard as most of the boys – which she is. (MySpace Site)

I Set My Friends on Fire (Miami, FL) – In 2007, two friends did a screamo cover of Soulja Boy's "Crank Dat" and posted it to YouTube. More than a million plays later, history was made. I’m reserving judgement on whether that will be bad or good. (MySpace Site)

Jeffree Star (Orange County, CA) – The self-proclaimed "Queen of the Internet,” Starr is an American model, fashion designer, make-up artist and singer-songwriter who does dancey electro and hip hop wrapped up in a genderbending package, making him one of the most unique acts on the tour this year. (MySpace Site)

Kiros (Calgary, AB) – The U.S. hasn’t cornered the market on catchy pop punk, and Kiros is proof of that. Named after a Greek word meaning "a moment of divine time," Kiros is planning on offering just that during their Warped performances this summer. (MySpace Site)

Less Than Jake (Gainesville, FL) – Warped tour veterans Less Than Jake return this year, offering one of the biggest sure things for the summer. Infectious ska punk music combined with some of the best songwriting going on right now ensures that these guys will probably continue grace the stages of Warped for years yet. (MySpace Site)

Lights (Toronto, ON) – Valerie Poxleitner, better known as Lights, fronts a melodic synth pop outfit modeled after ‘80s new wave bands that has her poised to be this summer’s Katy Perry. (MySpace Site)

Longway (Orange County, CA) – Longway is just a bunch of tattooed blue-collar punks who happen to play passionate street punk with a hint of rockabilly. This isn’t their first time with Warped, and hopefully their return visit signals a lot more from these guys. (MySpace Site)

Madina Lake (Chicago, IL) – Perhaps the biggest tragedy for Madina Lake is that they get lumped in with their post-hardcore peers, when then continuously defy that genre with tight, near poppy rhythms and melodic vocals that draw from influences as varied as jazz, industrial, metal and indie rock – with nary a scream in sight. (MySpace Site)

Manic Hispanic (Los Angeles, CA) – A punk supergroup made up of Chicano members from a wide range of legendary punk bands that plays cover versions of punk rock and hardcore classics and adjust the lyrics to address Chicano culture. Even if you don’t know the words, you’ll still be able to hum along. (MySpace Site)

Meg & Dia (Draper, UT) – The Frampton sisters play melodic indie rock with themes based heavily on classic literature. While the Warped crowd may not seem too lettered, they must be; this is the band’s third season with Warped. (MySpace Site)

Millionaires (Huntington Beach, CA) – The Warped Tour increases its lineup of electro club music with addition of this all-girl group. These ladies are a testament to DIY; after playing around with Garage Band and uploading a song to MySpace, they found themselves becoming an instant club hit. If you like vocal effects and hip hop beats, check these girls out this summer. (MySpace Site)

Monty Are I (Cranston, RI) – The winner of the 2003 Ernie Ball Battle of the Bands, Monty Are I (also formerly know as Monty and Monty’s Fan Club) is a band that has drastically changed its sound over the years. Starting as a skapunk group, the band has steadily moved forward, evolving into the post-hardcore juggernaut they’ve become. (MySpace Site)

NeverShoutNever! (Joplin, MO) - The alias of eighteen year old acoustic/pop artist, Christofer Drew, NeverShoutNever! will be bringing syrupy sweet acoustic pop love songs to the Warped stages this summer. I just wonder if his sound can cut through the cynicism and louder preferences of the typical Warped tour attendee. (MySpace Site)

NOFX (Los Angeles, CA) – Political, sarcastic and fun, NOFX is another outfit of nearly annual Warped Tour veterans offering up a sure thing for this year’s tour. Infamous for their offstage antics as much as their onstage performances, we’ll see which tourmates they manage to harass on the road this summer. (MySpace Site)

Outernational (Brooklyn, NY) – This is one of the performances I am most excited about. Outernational is a gypsy punkI interviewed Gogol Bordello frontman Eugene Hutz, he clued me in to these guys, and I’ve been waiting to see them ever since. (MySpace Site)

P.O.S. (Minneapolis, MN) – Indicated to stand for different things at different times (including the obvious), P.O.S. is the moniker of Stefon Alexander, a rapper whose roots are in punk rock. His punk influences are heavy in his music, ranging from samples to raw punk guitars that underlie his tight rhyming. (MySpace Site)

Punk Rock Karaoke (Los Angeles, CA) – Usually featuring members of NOFX, Agent Orange, Bad Religion and you, Punk Rock Karaoke is one of the best and worst ideas of all time. A revolving cast of punk legends allows members of the audience to get up in front of them and sing punk classics. The results are unpredictable but always a lot of fun. (MySpace Site)

Red Car Wire (Dallas, TX) – With catchy lyrics and crunchy guitars, Red Car Wire is poised to be one of the best pop punk bands to emerge in recent times. That’s all I’ll say about these guys. Listen and you’ll see. (MySpace Site)

Runner Runner (Huntington Beach, CA) – They may be this summer’s Warped Tour boy band, but at least Runner Runner plays their own instruments, using them to make catchy, hook-heavy pop punk tunes. (MySpace Site)

Saosin (Newport Beach, CA) – The first paradox is that their name means “small heart” in Chinese, and these guys play with anything but. The second is that the band manages to make bittersweet, emo-sounding songs firmly entrenched in foundations made of solid metal. (MySpace Site)

Scary Kids Scaring Kids (Gilbert, AZ) – These scary kids seem to unfairly get lumped in with post-hardcore simply based on the era they’re living in, as their music speaks more to true hardcore and metal than your standard screamo fare. (MySpace Site)

Senses Fail (Ridgewood, NJ) – The kids really love post-hardcore outfit Senses Fail, and with their combo of catchy hooks, poppy choruses and the occasional headbanger, combined with intelligent lyrics, it’s easy to see why. (MySpace Site)

Settings (Buffalo, NY) – An unsigned dark horse from the icy wastelands of Buffalo, this band reminds me of a throwback to the days of guitar-driven industrial bands. Crunchy guitars and programmed drum tracks are blended with power pop lyrics, creating a sound that’s quite dark - but with a glowing light at the end of the tunnel. (MySpace Site)

Shad (London, ONT) - Born in Kenya, Shadrach Kabango (Shad), is a Canadian-based rapper who is best known for the way he slams the glamour of the rap scene, and focuses on social issues, pop culture references and daily life. (MySpace Site)

Shooter Jennings (Los Angeles, CA) – The son of country music star Waylon Jennings, outlaw country musician Shooter Jennings will most likely either be one of the most refreshing sets of the tour or the biggest sore thumb. (MySpace Site)

Silverstein (Burlington, ON) – This Canadian band has the dubious distinction of being the first band I really heard let loose in full-blown screamo fashion, late one night on Canadian radio. Even though they don’t scream as much as I first heard that night, and are quite talented, I withdraw my ability to judge them unbiasedly. Seriously, is all that screaming necessary? (MySpace Site)

Sing it Loud (Minneapolis, MN) – Citing Kiss and Def Leppard as among is early influences, Sing It Loud is a pop punk band that is unapologetically wavering to the pop side. But then again, with a slot on Epitaph records, they have their cred and can do whatever they like. (MySpace Site)

Streetlight Manifesto (East Brunswick, NJ) – As long as there’s a Warped Tour, there will always be slots for a few great third-wave ska bands to get the crowd skanking, and Streetlight Manisfesto fills one of these slots admirably. With fast beats, a tight horn section and elements of latin, klezmer, folk, world, funk, jazz and classical music thrown in, the band is a great ska show and so much more. (MySpace Site)

TAT - (London, England) – A three-piece female-fronted band from London, TAT plays simple no-nonsense punk rock. Their hooks are frequent and their sound is raw and honest, elevating the status of frontwoman Tatiana DeMaria above the Katys and Avrils that seem to become the girl flavor of the week on the Warped Tour stage. (MySpace Site)

The Adicts (Ipswitch, England) – Another batch of serious old timers on the Old Skool stage, the Adicts bear the distinction of being the longest touring punk band with the original lineup. Look for the band decked out in all white with bowler hats, a’ la Clockwork Orange, a lead singer painted up like a joker, and playing fast uptempo punk rock, and you’ll have found the Adicts. (MySpace Site)

The A.K.A.s (Are Everywhere!) (Philadelphia, PA) – With a raw punk sound and a Farfisa organ, the AKA’s play purely unique garage punk with reckless abandon and purely decadent passion. (MySpace Site)

The Architects (Kansas City, MO) – Formed from the remnants of the ska punk outfit the Gadgits, the Architects are nothing at all like the Gadgits. Which is sad, because the Gadjits were really good. The Architects are really good, too, in a rock and roll way, but I still wish they were the Gadgits instead. (MySpace Site)

The Ataris (Anderson, IN) – You have to feel bad a talented pop punk band accidentally hits their highest charting single with a Don Henley cover, but then again the money spends the same, and they sell more records, so maybe you don’t have to feel that bad. (MySpace Site)

The Devil Wears Prada (Dayton, OH) – This Christain metalcore outfit from Ohio swears they didn’t read the book The Devil Wears Prada until after they named their band. Doesn’t admitting you read any book when you’re in a metalcore band reduce your cred a bit? (MySpace Site)

The Dickies (Los Angeles, CA) – Intentionally hilarious, the Dickies are a campy, kooky Ramones-influenced band that was spawned in L.A. in the late ‘70s. Among their lengthy list of accomplishments is the fact that they wrote and performed the theme music for the film, Killer Klowns from Outer Space, marking the second time this movie is mentioned in this article. (MySpace Site)

The Duane Peters Gunfight – A pro skater and the frontman for U.S. Bombs and Die Hunns, Duane Peters is one of those guys whose always very busy, but never too busy to rock. The Gunfight is the latest location he’s found to do so. (MySpace Site)

The Exploited (Edinburgh, Scotland) – A ‘70s Oi! band, the Exploited are, simply put, punk rock. Raw fast guitars with rawer faster lyrics about anarchy and chaos, these guys would be so stereotypical that it would be funny, if the weren’t the truth that the stereotype is based on. (MySpace Site)

The Goodnight Anthem (Philadelphia, PA) – Gleefully claiming Third Eye Blind, Matchbox 20 and Eve 6 as influences, this poppy boy band makes music that appeals to the 14-year-old girl in all of us, or maybe it just appeals to 14-year-old girls. (MySpace Site)

The Maine (Phoenix, AZ) – These youngsters play pop punk that draws influence from a host of ‘90s alternative radio darlings like Everclear and Semisonic. Not surprisingly, the sound is reassuringly familiar, but the band does it flawlessly. (MySpace Site)

The White Tie Affair (Chicago, IL) – An electronica outfit spawned by two Chicago musicians who followed the soon to be tried-and-true formula of gaining buzz from MySpace, then grabbing a record contract, The White Tie Affair craft pop electronica songs that, while light on substance, are pretty solidly built musically. (MySpace Site)

There For Tomorrow (Orlando, FL) - Four youngsters with the 2008 MTVU Woodie Award for breakout artist of the year and two previous Warped Tour runs under their belts, There For Tomorrow is shaping up to be one of the pop punk/emo bands you’ll need to know this year. Their music is pretty solid, too. (MySpace Site)

Therefore I Am (Boston, MA) – Probably one of the most musically talented post-hardcore bands on the tour this year, Therefore I Am’s guitar lines are dense and complex. Try pushing your finger in one of those guitar lines. See? You can’t. That’s how dense they are. (MySpace Site)

Thrice (Irvine, CA) – Thrice is a melodic hardcore band that’s also made up of some superior musicians. Their song structures are a trip through odd time signatures and distorted guitars. But the fact that they can play so often experimentally and yet entertain audiences is probably the biggest testament to the band’s talents. (MySpace Site)

Total Chaos (Los Angeles, CA) – If the Exploited dumped their illegitimate children into the ocean and they swam to the states, the beings that emerged from the waters would be Total Chaos. Wholeheartedly influenced by the Exploited, Total Chaos are America’s take on the early days of real Oi! (MySpace Site)

TSOL (Long Beach, CA) – Celebrating 30 years as a band, TSOL (True Sounds of Liberty) have over the years crossed from hardcore punk to horror punk and back again. Regardless of how they sound this time out, it’s going to be dark. (MySpace Site)

TV/TV (New York, NY) – If you like well-produced powerpop music in the vein of Fall Out Boy, well then, here you go. (MySpace Site)

UK Subs (London, England) – Another hefty dose of UK old school, the UK Subs are a long-touring punk tradition made up of guys who haven’t slowed down since the ‘70s. They’ve been prolific over the years, too; each of the band’s album titles beging with a successive letter of the alphabet. They are currently at “V.” (Official Site)

Underoath (Ocala, FL) – Christian metalcore. Warped Tour veterans. Very, very heavy. That’s Underoath. (MySpace Site)

Valencia (Philadelphia, PA) – While the band’s songs may sound like a lot of other similar bands, it’s the mature lyricism that elevates them above that peers. That being said, it’s still pop punk and you don’t need to know thw words to be able to nod along. (MySpace Site)

Vanna (Boston, MA) – A Boston metalcore group with a former member from Therefore I Am, Vanna are masters of flawlessly transitioning from hardcore blasts of sound into complex metal melodies and back again. (MySpace Site)

VersaEmerge (Port St. Lucie, Florida) - Fronted by Sierra Kusterbeck, this experimental pop-rock band often gets lumped into comparisons with Paramore. This does a disservice to the band’s thick rhythm sections topped by massive guitar hooks. The comparisons between Kusterbeck and Paramore’s Hayley Williams can only help VersaEmerge for now, but eventually everyone is going to realize this is the more complex of the two. (MySpace Site)

Westbound Train (Boston, MA) – I have managed to miss this band every time they’ve come to town – although for one of those shows I caught their last song and it was really good. Westbound Train is a ska band, but not the third wave ska we’re used to. Westbound Train plays true old school rude boy ska, the way ska was intended to be in the first place. (MySpace Site)

Kevin Says Stage

In addition to the bigger acts appearing on the main stages, the Vans Warped Tour also features the Kevin Says stage. In years past, the stage predominantly featured bands that were mostly unsigned and only played a handful of dates. This year, the stage will have many more newly signed bands from various record labels, each playing just a few days of the tour (we'll post dates as we get them).

Here is this year’s lineup:

After Midnight Project
Alana Grace
Authority Zero
Black Saints Cartel
Born to Lose
Breathe Electric
Broadway Calls
Cheap Girls
Death Punch
Designer Drugs
Echo Movement
Gator Face
Ice Nine Kills
Inward Eye
Ivory Line
Jet Lag Gemini
Left Alone
Mercy Mercedes
Middle Finger Salute
Passenger Action Rock
Reverend Peyton's Big Damn Band
Single File
Stayle Fish
Superman Is Dead
The Blackout
The Lives of Famous Men
The Scenic
The Set
The Truth
These Green Eyes
This Providence
Ultimate Power Duo
Walk Off the Earth
We are the Union
You Me and Everyone
You Me at Six

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