8 Warning Signs That Your Partner May Be Losing Interest

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Whether you’re just beginning to date someone new or are in a long-term relationship, it’s important to be able to recognize when your partner’s actions are cause for concern. After all, you may sense that this person is pulling away, growing distant and/or feigning interest, but how can you be sure?

Fortunately, there are clear warning signs that can help you recognize if your partner is losing interest so you don’t have to be left in the dark regarding his or her shady behavior.

Signs That Your Boyfriend or Girlfriend Is Losing Interest

Consider these tell-tale signs that your partner may no longer be interested in you and your relationship.

Your Partner Stops Communicating With You

Has there been a change in how much you used to communicate with one another? Perhaps you used to chat on the phone all the time, text throughout the day and continually Snapchat each other, but now these correspondences are few and far between. If you’re constantly left wondering about when you’re going to hear from your partner next, the next thing you may hear from your mate will be about breaking up.

Your Partner Stops Initiating Plans

Whether you’re dating or are in a committed relationship, both you and your partner should work together to set up plans, designate times to hang out and create opportunities to be with one another. After all, spending quality time with the person you’re really interested in is one of the ways in which you truly get to know each other on a deeper, intimate and more meaningful level. But if you’re finding that trying to make plans with your partner is like pulling teeth, it’s time to bite the bullet and recognize that your partner is losing interest.

Your Partner Isn’t Available

While your partner may have work commitments and other activities that can prevent him or her from getting to spend a lot of time with you, this is actually an incentive for you and your partner to plan ahead and designate specific times to hang out. However, if this person is putting in minimal effort when it comes to making himself or herself available to you, this is a big hint that his or her interest is fading. After all, if your partner doesn’t seem to care about hanging out with you, he or she’s really showing you that he or she doesn’t seem to care about you.

Your Partner Isn’t Reliable

In order to have a successful and long-lasting connection with someone, it’s imperative that your mate is trustworthy, honest and dependable. But if you’re finding that your partner continually lets you down and doesn’t stay true to his or her word, stay true to yourself and recognize that your partner is not invested in you or building a relationship with you. Your partner should be like your WiFi—100% reliable wherever you are.

Your Partner Isn’t Intimate With You

Emotional and physical intimacy have to be present in order to build and maintain a thriving, strong relationship. If your partner no longer wants to be affectionate, loving or open with you both mentally and physically, it’s time to close the door on this romance and move on. You deserve a mate who wants to be close and intimate with you and is committed to connecting with you on many different levels.     

Your Partner Is Short With You

Is your partner constantly snapping at you? Is he or she getting frustrated with the things that you do or say? Are you walking on eggshells because you don’t know what will set your mate off? If this person is constantly argumentative, condescending and patronizing, it’s time to recognize that these actions are representative of a person who doesn’t care about you in any respect.

Your Partner Stops Listening

Being in a relationship means truly listening to your partner, and if you’re finding that your partner doesn’t pay attention to things that you do or say, he or she’s not invested in you or your relationship. Remember, if your partner’s mind is somewhere else, it’s likely that his or her heart is as well.

Your Partner’s Conversations Are Superficial

Getting to really know your partner in many different ways is an important part of growing and developing a relationship with each other. But if you’re noticing that the conversations tend to stay on superficial topics, such as discussing the weather rather than opening up about the different aspects of your life, it’s time to face the fact that your partner may be losing interest in you. If your partner is treating you like a stranger, it probably won’t be too long before you become one.