Waning Half Moon Personality

Know Your Moon Phase

Half Moon
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Were you born at the half-Moon when it was on the wane (decreasing)?  This is also known as the Third Quarter Moon.

The half-Moon either waxing (increasing) or waning (decreasing) is a crisis point when drama happens! The waning half-Moon personality has an instinct for what needs to be sacrificed to make way for the new (at the New Moon).

You were born at a crossroads and carry the seriousness of needing to make important choices. You embody the gifts and burden of having a strong sense of purpose. You’re not one to dilly-dally, feeling an inner pressure to dig out what’s vital for the next stage and leave the rest behind.

The Waning Half-Moon (or Third Quarter)  - Find Your Moon Phase

  • On the Lunar Calendar: 7 to 10 ½ days after the Full Moon
  • Degree: 270-315 degrees ahead of the Sun
  • Inner Directive: to reassess how things are done

In his book, The Astrological Moon, Haydn Paul writes of this phase, “This personality type often feels a secret destiny, for which they endeavor to serve as pioneers by anchoring future strands into the present.” It’s a friction between the old (being released) and the new. 

Soul Searching

You were born at the last quarter, before the descent into the Dark Moon. This gives you a sense that it’s time to disengage from certain outdated ways of living/thinking. You sense the need to prepare for the descent, by shedding old skins.

It can make you appear detached from what’s going on around you. You may feel alienated from the same-ole’ social rhythm that others seem in synch with.

You can come across as discontented and feel misunderstood.

It’s important to have life’s work that makes use of your discernment and sense of inner struggle. You straddle two worlds but feel equally the pressures of both. You master this energy when you understand it as an important point in the transformation process. To work with the inner tension, rather than deny it exists. To find the right personal vehicles for your particular sturm and drang.

Clearing for the New

At the waning half Moon, the showdown is between the way things have been and the new vision.

If you ignore this inner turmoil and go along business as usual, you will likely suffer in quiet desperation. You honor your life purpose when you find ways to live this tension through hobbies, competition, a demanding career, etc.

You also play an important role, often seeing what needs to go before others do. You may be ahead of the curve, and face resistance to your ideas. There may be many times when you doubt yourself because you seem so at odds with the mainstream. But you grow stronger when you learn to trust your unique way of knowing, and use it to alter your course.

Sun in a Square Aspect to the Moon

With the Sun-Moon square, you are the creator of new realities, and these emerge from the friction of letting go of the old.  Sometimes you have to let go of habitual emotional reactions, to act on your purpose.

You show others and society at large how to churn and compost what’s dead and make space for the new.

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