5 Reasons Why Wakeboarders Should Consider Buying a PWC

Jet Skis Open a New Realm of Possibilities for Wakeboarders


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t seems like the majority of jet ski operators on lakes and waterways jump on and drive with reckless abandon, and safety should always be observed when on the water, no matter what you are driving.  

Having said that, jetskis or Personal Watercraft’s (PWC's) can be incredibly useful for people who are serious about wakeboarding or wakeskating. There are more and more uses where jet skis come in handy every day. So if you are on the fence about adding a PWC to your dock, then here are five great reasons why you might consider doing so. Just remember, be safe with it.​

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They Are Cheaper Than a Boat

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If budget is a major factor for your water outings, then a PWC makes a great alternative to a boat. A brand new PWC will only cost a fraction of the price of a new boat, and you can find even better deals on used ones. It seems that many people will buy a couple of jet skis at the beginning of a season with all kinds of great intentions, only to realize they don’t have time to use them. Then the following year they promptly arrive on craigslist.

This provides an incredibly easy opportunity to pick up an essentially brand new waterski at a great price. Not only that, but fuel cost is significantly lower. Fuel for a day on the water in an inboard boat can run anywhere between $150 to $250. A jet ski, however, can plug along all day for around 30 bucks, and that’s with nonstop riding. So all around, a jet ski is definitely cheaper to own and operate.

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They Provide Access to Restricted Waterways

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Everyone has that spot on their lake or river where it narrows down just enough that you can’t bring your boat in for a solid run. Having a jet ski in your arsenal will allow you to zip right into those limited access areas and explore around and practice your surface tricks.  

But what if you have a body of water near you that just simply won’t allow boats? Sometimes they won’t allow power boats but will possibly allow a PWC. If this is the case, then you can hit the pristine waters of limited access and get away from the busy stirred-up weekend waters at your usual waterway.

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Ideal for Hitting Ramps and Sliders

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Perhaps you have just built your first ramp or slider and you're having trouble finding a place that is devoid of traffic to place it. Well, the answer may just be a PWC. Having a nimble jetski will grant you access to hard-to-reach places so you can place your ramps and sliders in low profile areas and stay out of high traffic areas. Additionally, a jet ski will allow you to get closer to the ramps and sliders and make it easier to transition onto them. This feature alone makes a PWC worth its weight for serious riders.

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You Can Tow a PWC With a Car

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When buying a boat, you not only have the expense of purchasing the boat itself but you also have to have a truck that is beefy enough to tow it. Not so with a PWC. You may have seen plenty of folks pulling up to the boat launch with a four-cylinder car and depositing not one but two jet skis in the water. If you don’t happen to live on the water and you need a quick way to get in and out your lake, then a jetski is perfect for a 2-hour riding session after work. All you have to do is clock out and go. It helps to bring a friend though.

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You Can Ride it in Saltwater

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Let’s face it, if you want to buy an inboard boat with a saltwater package, you are likely going to have to mortgage the house again. Saltwater wakeboard boats are very expensive. This is a big bummer for people who live on ​Intracoastal waterways or brackish rivers. However, you will find that most jetskis are saltwater friendly. Give them a good rinse after use and wax them down every couple weeks and they will last just as long as if they were in fresh water. So if you are looking for a craft to ride in the salt, then a PWC will make a great alternative.