Volunteer Opportunities to Meet Friends

Where to Volunteer

Volunteering is a wonderful way to meet new friends. First, your volunteer efforts go toward a worthy cause, and second, you have the ability to talk with people in a low-key manner. This sets the stage for getting to know someone more easily. Here are some popular volunteer activities that can help you to meet new friends.

Habitat for Humanity

Volunteer to build houses with Habitat for Humanity. Morguefile

Habitat for Humanity helps build homes for families in need. If chosen, a family will get a new house at an affordable price, and help build it along with other volunteers. It's a great option for meeting people no matter what your skill level is. This type of camaraderie is helpful in setting the stage for getting to know others and becoming friends. Best of all, you're always working with a group of people, so meeting new folks is easy.

American Red Cross

The Red Cross is always in need of volunteers for a variety of activities that range from giving first aid to helping those displaced from homes because of fire or natural disaster. They also use volunteers to help collect blood and serve as board members as well. No matter what your natural talent or desire, the Red Cross is sure to have a job that will fulfill you.

Volunteering with the Red Cross means that you'll come in contact with many different people who are willing to help others. They offer ways to serve in nearly every neighborhood, which makes finding a friend that much easier. 

Kids Against Hunger

Kids Against Hunger helps distribute food packets to needy children in the U.S. and throughout other parts of the world. Kids Against Hunger needs volunteers for blocks of time to do tasks like scooping, bagging, and boxing. The repetitive nature of the tasks means that conversation comes easily.

Chamber of Commerce

Your local Chamber of Commerce typically needs volunteers for a variety of activities for business and city events. Volunteering in this manner is a good way to meet local people who are passionate about the area in which they live.  Not only will you meet potential new friends this way, you'll also be put in touch with business contacts. To find a local Chamber of Commerce in your area, check the national site and enter your zip code.