Volleyball Training Drills to Improve Hitting Skills

Why you should put players in tougher situations than they'd see on the court

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To improve at hitting in volleyball, place your players in situations that are much tougher than in a match. It forces them to learn how to be successful no matter what the other team throws at them. These drills can also help with conditioning as many of them involve transitioning off of the net repeatedly.

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Three on Three Front Row Attack Drill

The coaches on each side of the net alternate tossing a ball to the setter on their side. The setter runs the offense she has pre-arranged with her hitters.

The right side blocker waits to see if he can help on the shoot set to the middle. If he determines the ball is going elsewhere, he should release with a shuffle step to the sideline and get ready to block the left side hitter.

The left side blocker waits to see if he can help block the quick set to the middle.

Once he determines that the ball is going elsewhere he releases with a shuffle step to the sideline and gets ready to block the right side hitter.

The middle blocker reads the setter and blocks all hitters. Play to a certain score and then replace the players with the next group.

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Middle Attack Drill

The server starts this drill with a serve to the receivers on the opposite side. The middle starts at the net and backs off after the ball is served. The passers aim to pass the ball well enough to set the middle a quick set. No high sets are allowed in this drill. The middle must hit a hard driven ball that doesn't touch the tape.

There are no blockers in this drill, but the three diggers in the back row attempt to make the dig.

The setter works both sides of the net, ducking underneath the net each time the ball crosses to the other side.

Diggers rotate clockwise after every serve. Receiving team does not rotate until one team is victorious.

The serving team scores if they get an ace or if the middle fails to get a hard-driven attack on a quick set. If the diggers dig the middle's hit, there are no points awarded. The receiving team scores only if the middle puts a quick set down on the other side.

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Block and Hit Drill

This drill works on a player's ability to transition -- to block, land and then quickly get off the net and ready to hit.

A coach standing on a box slaps the ball and the left side blocker takes a shuffle step out to the antenna while the middle does a cross-over step to close the block. The coach tosses and hits at the double block.

The middle then gets off to the ten-foot line in the middle of the court while the outside hitter gets off to behind the ten-foot line and just outside the court ready to hit the high outside set.

The first tosser quickly tosses a ball to setter number 1, who sets the middle a quick set. The second tosser lobs the ball to setter number 2 to set high outside.

Each hitter takes five swings and then rotates out of the drill.

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Hitter vs. Hitter

This is a six-on-six drill in which the key players are the two hitters playing the same position on opposite sides of the net. In this drill, both teams start at the net in ready position. A coach slaps the ball and alternates hitting a down ball at each side of the net.

If the middles are battling, the first set must go to the middle blocker. If the middle puts the ball away, she scores a point for her team.

If the ball is dug, the teams play it out and the winning side gets the point. Any player can be set on the first play.

Play to five or seven points. Then switch the front and back rows. You can also have outside hitters and opposites battle against each other.