Light Up Your Computer Screen With Phantom Virtual Fireworks

Virtually celebrate 'Murica the old fashioned way: Blowing stuff up!

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Happy 4th of July! Who's ready to watch some pretty explosions? 

As we celebrate the birth of our fine nation this Independence Day, let's partake in one of the most American activities ever. No, I'm not talking about eating. Good guess, though. I'm talking about blowing sh*t UP!

You might be interested in knowing that thanks to the magic of the interwebz, there's now a much easier way to blow stuff up using only your computer and your good old human brain. Virtual fireworks games are a fun way to test out all of your favorite explosives without all that pesky debris. No more losing fingers, no more cleaning up chunks of exploded junk, and no more trying out as a contestant for the Darwin Awards. Sounds too good to be true, I know, but it isn't!

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Phantom Fireworks is one of the most popular online fireworks display toys on the web. On this free website, you can orchestrate your own high flying explosions over the colorful all-American skies of New York, Minneapolis, Miami, the Golden Gate Bridge, Baltimore, the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, Pittsburgh, Boston, Tampa, Louisville, Indianapolis, Jacksonville, Cincinnati, Denver, Salt Lake City, Detroit, Chicago, San Francisco, Washington, DC, and Times Square. World settings include Sydney, Paris, and the Pyramids of Egypt.

Shoot virtual fireworks at your own pace and preferences or use the Auto Show option. Several displays include a built-in grand finale visual feast.

Phantom Fireworks enables users to assemble their own fireworks show using products like "Wizard of AHHHS," "Grucci Mineshell Mayhem," "Flying Aerial Circus," "Burst n' Bloom," and "Whistling Phandemonium." You can add in pauses and manipulate your timeline to time out how long it will take to literally burn your money before your very eyes. (But for a good cause, because who doesn't love fireworks displays?!)

Perhaps it goes without saying, but once you have your display exactly as you'd like it, you can then purchase all of these fireworks products directly from Easy-peasy. You'll be causing combustion before you know it.

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Clearly, this website is intended for serious fireworks artisans to virtually test out the goods before purchasing, but this site is good for anyone who just feels like being festive and watching some purty flashing lights. If you're stuck at your desk but are fantasizing about that backyard July 4th barbecue where you're going to impress your friends and neighbors with a kick-butt pyrotechnic display, this is a good way to visualize your display with very little actual effort. No effort? Sounds good to me!

Now go out there and do your part to make this country awesome. Put yourself in good humor by blowing something up!

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This article was updated by Beverly Jenkins on November 15, 2016.