Unique Qualities and Facts About the Zodiac Sign Virgo

Astrological sign of Virgo

Jutta Kuss/Getty Images 

Virgo is a discriminating earth sign that has an instinct to settle into a satisfying groove. Virgo's symbol—the Virgin—is unique, not one of the circle of animals, but a person. Virgo is shown as a harvest maiden, with wheat bundles in her hand. Virgo's nature is earthbound, alert to creatures great and very small. And an eye for how pieces fit together to make the whole.

Virgo in love is dutiful and sensual, with a steady affection shown in small acts. Virgo's sincerity and diligence earn them trust as healers, friends, co-workers. In an age of mediocrity, Virgo insists on having high standards, and are known to be way too critical with self and others at times.

Many are fixed on optimal health and dedicated to their chosen profession. Virgo has a strong sense of service, and feel satisfied when assisting others. Virgo's appearance is clean and they like a tidy home/office, but some defy this stereotype.

Facts About Virgo

  • Element is earth (resourceful)
  • Quality is mutable (adaptive)
  • Virgo is feminine (responsive)
  • Polarity is Pisces
  • Ruler is Mercury and Chiron
  • Natural House is sixth
  • Phrase is "I analyze"
  • Body association is digestive system
  • Season is late summer
  • Colors are white, muted natural colors like indigo, beige, soft primary colors (blues, greens, yellows), forest green, wheat field golden
  • Rules mercury (quicksilver)
  • Birthstone is sapphire
  • Gemstones are carnelian, jasper, yellow aragonite, amazonite, jade, jasper, moss agate, and blue sapphire
  • Flowers are poppies, Lily of the Valley, honeysuckle, baby's breath, cornflower, morning glory, iris, lady's slipper orchid, plumbago, sweet William, heartsease, sweet cicely, Queen Anne's lace.
  • Animals are small creatures kept as pets like mice and rats, rabbits, canaries, goldfish, finch

Virgo Extremes 

At the extreme edges, Virgo is all routine and no play, hyper-critical, a hypochondriac, and a relentless perfectionist. Some Virgins come off as cold and unemotional. They are sizing things up, especially in the beginning. Virgos are cautious in friendship and love, preferring to see how it goes, whether it's a practical fit.

Under the cool facade, Virgo is a thoughtful friend, who shows up when it counts. A mutually beneficial arrangement could bring you closer over time, as consideration is demonstrated day-to-day. They appreciate friends who are a seamless part of their lives. Often, they're close to co-workers, since the workday rhythm and doing a good job is important to the Virgo.

It's a misnomer that Virgins are unresponsive to affection. They just like to feel safe, and it takes a while for their nervous system to unwind. When they trust you and can let their hair down, their sensuality is unveiled.

They can be precise cooks in the kitchen and have skillful hands when it comes to massage. Animals, especially their own, are icebreakers, and something in common to build on. If you're a Virgo, you shine when taking care of who and what you love, in the daily flow of life. Your gift is consistency—you are a patient, steady friend in times of chaos.

Virgo likes to make the most of their time, and are great at organizing, whether a space or the activities of people. They're precise and get into the workings (mechanics) of a system like nobody's business. They thrive when happy in their work, with a rhythm that makes them feel productive.

Virgo in Love

A great way to get to know a Virgo is to get busy doing something together. It could be painting a room, or organizing volunteers. Show you care by making something by hand. They perk up receiving gives that are tailor-made for them, like a music mix for the mp3 player. When you show you've been carefully taking note of their likes and dislikes, your star rises.