Virgo-Pisces Moon Nodes in the Birth Chart

Markarian's chain
A closeup of Markarian's Chain, part of the Virgo Cluster of galaxies in the Virgo Constellation.

Hunter Wilson/Creative Commons/Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported 

In her article, Lunar Nodes, Eileen Grimes wrote of the North Node as the energy of (moving) out of your comfort zone. The north and south nodes are points in the birth chart, that tell a story of the soul's journey over time, and lifetimes. Here she narrates the Virgo-Pisces plot lines, with interpretations for both directions. 

Virgo North Node/Pisces South Node

How lovely to be in Bliss Land. All bliss, all the time. A sense of no space, no time, no worries... The Pisces south node has no exterior hide -- no outer layer of protection against pestilence, people, and uncomfortable situations. These people are gentle, and not in any hurry to get anywhere. Inner peace is the status quo, and there is no compelling interest to move off a place they’ve grown accustomed to. They float through life, and expect to be buoyed by life and jettisoned to the next destination. No worries, no stress.

No nothing. There’s no real drive to do anything but to be. This is lovely, but at some point, they get buffeted by situations and life and end up feeling as those they’ve been walked on. And they have because there’s no real sense of boundaries at all. They will, at all costs, not want to face the present; they will escape into behaviors or addiction patterns just to avoid any sort of pressure to do anything.

Now, this sounds very negative -- these people are natural artisans and probably musicians -- those with a high level of creativity. It's just that this lifetime, that sort of way of life isn’t going to get them anywhere. Unless they dedicate themselves to finding the form to their art.

These people must find form in many areas of life. The Virgo north node is where these ethereal people must move towards -- embracing the particulars in life. They have to learn to see the trees for the forest. They have to learn to see the little things, in order to give them a sense of organization and corral all that fog into something useful.

For a musician, it might mean actually writing down the music -- and learning to perhaps become their own editor. In other words, fine tune their God-given abilities into something tangible and concrete. And the pursuit of more mental clarity, so that one doesn’t get lost anymore, but finds a path -- by following the little pebbles guiding them on their way.

Pisces North Node/Virgo South Node

This is one of the more difficult south node placements, just because these people really can’t ever rest. There’s always the Sword of Perfection hanging over these peoples' heads. There is that never-ending quest for complete order in every part of their lives. The very great fear of making a mistake is always one step behind them. The real issues here are unreal and unmet expectations. They set their sights so high, that there’s no real possible way to meet them, in any way.

This kind of self-pressure can create ongoing anxiety and stress. Because of this stress, a byproduct can be health issues that probably stem from worrying about everything. It's easy for them to get lost in the minutiae of the routine. These people are geniuses at micromanaging. They can truly obsess over one tiny item; their edit button is continually on.

As a result, they will probably have a real problem with self-criticism. When they don’t have enough to analyze, they will turn the critique on themselves. They can focus so much on minute details, that they truly can drive themselves, and everyone else around them, nuts. They plan and plan, and feel really good when things go according to those plans. But they tend to sort of come apart when they don’t. Trying to keep the universe organized and categorized is a huge job!

So, what's the lesson for these perfectionists? To perceive that the smaller plan, is part of a larger universal plan. Really and truly, letting go and letting God, should be the theme of their lives. They find a peaceful home within, in the act of surrendering, after the struggle and control are released. They thrive when they let go of all that anxiety and tension about life.

Once they realize that the drive for perfection cannot be attained, and they can let go and relax, their lives move into a much calmer, more creative rhythm. There they’ll likely find untold riches of a creative force they can use to bring them great joy and comfort.