Virgo in Love Zodiac Compatibility

Two Young Lovers / Credit: Justin Pumfrey for Getty Images.

Virgo the Virgin, is choosy in love since they intend to be a 24/7 active duty companion. The Virgin's love is not maudlin or especially passionate. But he is devoted and shows his love on the granular level. Your Virgo makes sure you're not too cold or too hot, but just right.

In these times of moral degeneracy, the Virgo trait of wholesomeness makes (some of) them guides to a better future.

Love Morsels

A wise move with a new Virgo friend is to give them plenty of time to digest the idea of being together. Give them a taste of your awesomeness, like with a casual lunch at the sidewalk cafe. Digestion is a must for Virgo, since they are easily upset, by too much, too soon.

Virgo has finicky tastes, so you'll want to pay attention to what they like. And they warm up to someone with good manners, who treats servers with respect.

Virgo's ruler is Mercury, so they're mercurial like Gemini, and value repartee and zinger insights. A difference is that being an earth sign, they like it when all these bits of information serve some practical purpose. They like actionable information.

To ingratiate yourself into Virgo's life, you'll want to show up repeatedly, but not in a way that's too obvious. Joining them in a pilates class and putting your mat next to theirs, while intensely focuses on your own form, draws their eye.

Virgo makes a reliable mate when the timing is right and they're ready to consider that earth-shattering merging of lives. When they do commit, they then feel a duty to the relationship as an entity itself, with small daily workings that keep it on an ever-improving track.

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Summer's End

Virgo was born after the playful Cancer and Leo seasons when it's time to think seriously about the coming chill. And Virgo is the mutable sign in that cycle, so it's time for harvesting the essentials and pruning off the rest.

Virgos are the ones that know when it's time to work hard for a satisfying reward, instead of lallygagging. They seek that industriousness in their mates too. The love atmosphere for Virgo has a lot to do with daily "working" life, and making the most of the day in general.

Virgo has a zeal for self-improvement and might take on a charity project, but over time will resent being with someone who is lazy, thoughtless, and has no etiquette.

Prudent in Love

Virgo isn't particularly sentimental but can appreciate courtship rituals like bringing flowers. Later on in the relationship, though, they're apt to make a wry comment about having to buy Hallmark cards or overpriced flowers, to show their love.

They show love every day, and if that's true, it's a rare thing that does have value.

So with Virgo, you might not get the showy expressions, many of which are pressures from the outside, society, like Valentine's Day. But what you get in its place is consistency, and that's gold for the right person.

"I Analyze" - Virgo's Mantra

Virgo are the complainers of the Zodiac, and won't hold back if they're irked with something. They also have a way of taking the potential romance out of the moment, with their focus on what's on their mind.

For example, my Virgo husband will take note of whether a cafe uses pager or ceramic plates. And then launch into an analysis of whether that's cost-effective, factoring in the water it takes to wash the latter. All the while, he's missing the atmosphere of the place, the music, and the view.

Virgo lovers are fussy and tend to be hard on themselves, to the point of self-flagellation. Some play it small, and become worker bees in the background, and if they're wall flowers, get overlooked on the dance floor.

The upside of Virgo is the potential for sincerity, since they have a strong conscience. Their own bodies are barometers of the environment, whether it's clean or dirty on every level, from the physical to the emotional and spiritual. To be intimate with Virgo is to be in that process of refinement with them, learning and experimenting.

And you won't find a more attentive partner, to tend to your real life needs, from nourishing meals to fixing the covers at night.