Virgo and Pisces Love Compatibility

Young couple having a romantic moment at a restaurant

Kathrin Ziegler/Getty Images

Virgo and Pisces have their ups and downs on the see-saw of love. 

There are many Pisces and Virgo couples, a testament to the fact that opposites attract. They are directly opposite each other on the Zodiacal wheel, but both are mutable, able to 'go with the flow.'

What draws these two seemingly different lovers together? Perhaps it's a case of "You complete me." Virgo is the sign of practical or natural magic, and Pisces has the supernatural covered. Virgo has its feet on the ground, and Pisces has his or her head in the clouds.

They find in the other, the compliment to their nature, and this is appealing. They grow into each other, in a loving blend that merges sensuality and subtle feeling.

Pisces likes to wax poetic, or dreamily let their imagination take the lead. Virgo has two feet firmly in this world but is constantly refining their body, routine, skills, etc. Virgo likes to be precise and can be detached. Pisces self-expression is looser and filtered through sensitive emotions. When there is understanding, they stand to benefit from the other's balancing perspective.

Virgo in love likes to keep to a schedule, is tidy and thoughtful.

Pisces in Love is impressionable, romantic, and sometimes plays the victim.

Super Sensitivity

What they share is a sensitivity to the environment and a love of quiet pleasures. They thrive when the home is a serene spot to retreat to, and process all the vibes picked up during the day. The industrious Virgo can be an anchoring presence for Pisces, who often has a hard time with discipline. Pisces helps Virgo soften emotionally, and put trials in a spiritual perspective.

Both Virgo and Pisces are easily jostled by the ups and downs of life. Virgo finds its center when there's a worthy outlet for the desire to realize natural talents, do good deeds, and be productive. Pisces finds strength when it uses creative gifts to engage with all the subtle levels of life experience.

These two understand the pursuit of the other, and when devoted, this is a loving, fruitful match. They are two signs referred to as more karmic, with spiritual residue from past lives clinging on in this one. Perhaps at a deeper level, there's an understanding of what the other faces, and a desire to support the other in the journey.

Real and Surreal

In a relationship, Virgo helps Pisces see things from the realist's point of view. Often Pisces vision is clouded by emotion—Virgo's analyzing clarity can lift them out of the fog.

And yet, Pisces has an emotional awareness that helps Virgo digest their experiences. Patience and love grow over time, as they show up and commit to being present for whatever life has in store.

Virgo can also help Pisces layout plans step-by-step. Pisces nature is more fluid and has a soothing effect on the Virgoan nerves. When Virgo is stuck in the mundane, the Piscean flights of fancy color their world, both are mutable, which means they are creatures of change. They're different ways of experiencing life help them help each other make the best choices, in the infinity of choice available.

Pisces has a knowing that comes from being clued into the collective sea. Sharing this with Virgo can help lighten their load, and bring these earth dwellers closer to the mystery. And yet, Virgo startles at times with their prescient sense of how things are, and what's to come. Virgo is a magical sign in its own right.

Both signs can accept the full range of human experience. When Virgo gets stuck in criticism or analysis paralysis, Pisces shows them the escape hatch—forgiveness, self-acceptance, expressing discontent through an art.

In times of change, they move with the currents and gain the wisdom to steer with confidence. Both have high standards for themselves, and a kind outlook, wanting the best for those around them. With a lot of love and understanding, this match is a convergence of heaven and earth.

The Virgo man and Pisces woman keep the faith, as long as the criticism stays constructive. They find communion in sensual pleasure, and this becomes a love ritual beyond the everyday.

  • Upside: devoted; refined with feelings; shared sensitivity to the environment; synergistic intuition; adaptable; receptive; purity loving; both need solitude.
  • Downside: insecurity; overwhelm; nervous or overwrought; sensitive to stress; separate lives.
  • Element and Quality: Mutable Earth (Virgo) and Mutable Water (Pisces)