5 Funniest Video Parodies of Macklemore's "Thrift Shop"

Check out five of the funniest spoofs based on the hit song "Thrift Shop."

One of the biggest hits of 2012 was a very funny tune called "Thrift Shop." Progressive rap duo Macklemore and Ryan Lewis created the song about "popping tags," AKA shopping for bizarre finds at the local thrift shop, and it immediately became a hit both online and off. The original video is NSFW due to language, but if you can handle some curse words, you'll love the off-beat, witty, and hilarious lyrics and concept.

In short, the song is about a young guy who likes shopping at thrift shops because he can't stomach paying fifty dollars for a t-shirt. I think we can all get on board with being thrifty, right?

Naturally, once the people of the internet got ahold of this stylistic and wacky video, they decided to put their own spin on things. Enter the parodies! Check out my five favorite spoof videos below.

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Thrift Shop video
Via YouTube/Ryan Lewis.

​In order to truly appreciate these epic parody videos, you really need to acquaint yourself with the original. Go ahead and watch it; I'll wait.

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Bart Baker's Thrift Shop Parody (NSFW)

This spoof says what we've all been thinking: Wearing other people's old clothes is kind of gross. Created by YouTube personality, Bart Baker, this clip is clever and funny, and just a little bit nauseating. What I love about it is lines like this:

"What you know about having a really bad hairdo? What you know about getting crap from my hat, dude? I'm diggin', I'm diggin', I'm searching through this dumpster. This dead cat would go perfect with my shirt!"

What I don't like:

Too many bodily fluids.

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Pet Shop by The Key of Awesome

Fans of YouTube parody troupe The Key of Awesome will not be surprised to discover that the group has already made a very funny spoof of this popular music video. Instead of shopping for vintage duds, this be-wigged pseudo-Macklemore is shopping for pets in the pet shop.

Like most KoA productions, this video is typically well-produced and true to the original video. Good stuff.

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Pot Shop (NSFW)

The title says it all. This is a well-produced video about smoking pot, getting the munchies, playing video games, and legalizing marijuana. The song itself is surprisingly good, featuring Sexy Sax Man and the vocal talents of South Park's Towelie. This spoof is obviously pro-legalization, and the second half has some pretty decent information about the legalization campaign in various states, crooked lobbyists, along with a run down of the many legitimate medicinal uses of the drug. Created by Steve Berke Comedy.

Best line:

"They have frozen burritos. I bought frozen burritos. I bought some Ben & Jerry's, and then I bought some Cheetos."

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Barklemore: Pet Shop

You all know that I'm a sucker for pet videos and memes, so it should come as no surprise that this is my favorite parody on this list. Created by charitable pet network, The Pet Collective, this video features adorable dogs dressed in human clothes, and a clean (totally SFW) riff that involves the words, "This is ruffing awesome." This song isn't about buying anything; it's sung from a dog's perspective, and this dog is thrilled that he just got adopted. Aw.

Even better? Every time someone "likes their Facebook page, they donate a quarter to pet adoption charities.

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Toy Store

This spoof, which takes place in a toy store instead of a thrift shop, was created by YouTube personality Thecomputernerd01. This prolific parodist has almost a million subscribers on his YouTube channel, and his video offerings run the gamut from celebrity parodies to trendy things like Harlem Shake videos.

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