Vibrators on an Airplane and Other Sex Toy Travel Tips

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I’m planning a trip to visit my girlfriend and I want to bring some of our favorite toys, plus a new vibrator for her. I’ve heard stories of people getting pulled off airplanes because their luggage was vibrating, but I’m nervous about putting it in my carry on. What’s the best way to travel with sex toys?



Some of the stories you’ve heard are true. There was the man who brought a penis pump on a flight to Turkey, and when asked what it was replied that it was a bomb.

And there have been multiple cases where women have been pulled off of planes because their luggage was buzzing. So it makes sense to think before getting on an airplane with your favorite vibrator or sex toy. But it doesn’t mean you can’t travel with them. Here are some basic tips from my more than ten years of frequent travel with vibrators.

1. Always remove the batteries. If your sex toy is a battery-powered vibrator, take the batteries out! Don’t just flip them over or assume the switch will stay in the off mode, just take the batteries right out so there is no chance of it turning on. If you’ve got a rechargeable vibrator, only travel with one that has a safety lock position. Most of the good quality rechargeable vibrators (like those made by LELO and Jimmyjane) come with safety locks. Know how to use it, and test it out before you get to the airport.

2. When possible bring sex toys as carry on. This won’t work if you’ve got a large metal dildo, and I wouldn’t recommended it for BDSM toys like floggers, crops, or anything spiky that security might interpret as a weapon.

But for most battery operated and small rechargeable vibrators, carry on is the easiest way to get a sex toy through. Of course it means you have to be willing to tell them the truth if they ask what it is, but I find that security are usually more embarrassed than you are (they’re kind of like bears that way) and at least you can clear up any confusion then and there.

Writer David Steinberg share's his experience carrying a sex toy on a Seattle to San Francisco flight.

3. Check larger items and lubricants. I don’t recommend putting a 10” silicone dildo in your carry on, and the restrictions on liquids means that anything other than a small travel size bottle of lubricant would be confiscated. These are items better left in your checked bags. Be aware that anything large and metal might arouse the suspicions of those monitoring the checked bags. Packing a sex toy you love may not get you pulled off an airplane, but if it looks interesting enough, it might just get pulled out of your luggage never to be returned.

4. Some toys may not be worth flying with. To some extent security and safety of your luggage is random. Losing bags, having items stolen from checked luggage, having your carry-on or checked luggage searched, all of these things might happen, and if you have a sex toy that you absolutely don’t want to part with, or one that is particularly complicated (I’m thinking of sex toys for electricity play and “sex machines” that come with multiple moving parts) you may want to either leave it at home or use a courier company to ship it. As airlines have started charging for checked bags, courier companies are now eagerly going after the traveler market.

Sending your beloved toys (or toys to your beloved) ahead, requiring a signature, and paying the extra few bucks for insurance, are all ways to reduce the chances of delay or embarrassment at the airport and disappointment at your final destination.