Verizon Career and Employment Information

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Verizon is a global telecommunications company that provides wireless, fiber-optic broadband (under the Fios brand) and cloud-based services to businesses and individuals. As one of the largest wireless service providers in the United States and one of the world's biggest communications technology companies, Verizon has about 140,000 employees worldwide. Read on to find out more about employment opportunities, the company’s history, and its workplace culture.

Verizon Career Opportunities

With over 150 Verizon offices located in North America, Europe, Latin America, and Asia-Pacific, corporate employees get the chance to work in a major international city. At the basic level, Verizon seeks candidates who are collaborative, effective communicators, and, most importantly, driven.

You'll find Verizon employment information, including career paths, job search tools, resume posting, and recruiting events on the Verizon Career website. For more updates, like job openings and details about the company culture and perks, you can also follow @VerizonCareers on Twitter.

Whether you are interested in working in customer support, sales, corporate, or tech, Verizon has career opportunities available in a variety of areas.

Those career paths are as follows: Sales, Customer Service, Engineering, Product Development, Information Technology, Finance, Marketing, Operations, and Corporate.

Search Verizon Careers for Open Jobs

To start the online application process, follow the career job category that you are interested in. For example, if you want a career in retail sales, click on the “Sales” tab. To further refine your results, you can select a subcategory such as “Solution” or “Retail” sales. 

Other filters include location, experience level, job type, and keyword searches. When you find the job for which you will apply, create a Verizon Career account to start the application process. You may then upload, build, or import your resume from a social media account, such as LinkedIn. You can also sign up to receive alerts on new job postings that fit your qualifications, and to be informed about events and news at Verizon.

Career Options for Military Employees

With over 10,000 veterans employed at the company, Verizon is ranked as the top "Military Friendly Company" of 2019. Its Military Talent Network helps job searchers find positions that match their military experience, from logistics work in the U.S. Army to engineering experience in the U.S. Coast Guard. Explore Verizon's military FAQ page for more information on recruitment options for military veterans.

In addition to the Military Talent Network, Verizon has recruitment teams for each of the major branches of the military, including a special section for military spouses.

Find out more about Verizon's commitment to providing jobs for veterans, including special events, a resume guide, and a talent network devoted to the military.

Verizon's Internships and Entry-Level Positions

Verizon offers internships and co-ops, leadership development programs, and entry-level positions for students and recent graduates. Ranging from engineering and product development to finance and communications, you will find an opportunity in virtually every area of business focus.

There are internships both domestically and internationally – a great opportunity for those who want to study abroad. In addition, there are high school internships for students who are enrolled in a National Academy Foundation (NAF) partner high school. You will need to create a Verizon account to apply for internships and entry-level jobs.

Through the paid internship program Adfellows, college graduates can explore working in a variety of marketing roles at Verizon and its agency partners. The eight-month marketing fellowship allows participants to gain both client and agency experience.

Career Fairs and Other Events

If you're interested in working at Verizon, you may want to browse through upcoming events, which include career fairs, info sessions, open houses, and conferences, across the United States. Conveniently, virtual events are also available.

Verizon Employee Benefits

Verizon provides its employees with competitive benefits packages, including medical, dental, vision, life insurance, reimbursement accounts, an employee assistance program, dependent life insurance, and adoption assistance. It also offers vacation and personal days, holidays, and retirement benefits.

Depending on the position and location, there are great benefits for working parents, including flextime, telecommuting, and dependent-care savings accounts. And unlike many other companies, Verizon employees can start using benefits on day one at work.

Verizon truly delivers in terms of supporting its employees’ growth and development within the company. That is why it offers tuition assistance, on-site training, and online development tools.

Verizon Diversity and Inclusion Efforts

As a company that operates in countries across the globe, Verizon emphasizes the need to embrace diversity and inclusion. With a 60% diversity rate and half of its executive board members women, it is keeping that promise. Because of this philosophy, the company culture is one that facilitates the sharing of diverse opinions and ideas. 

Verizon requires its leadership team to participate in workshops to explore and mitigate unconscious bias, in order to foster a more inclusive environment. In addition, a seven-month women’s executive mentorship program matches senior executives with female employees ("V Team" members) to advance their leadership skills and development.