Venus Virgo Man - Love Signs

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The Venus in Virgo guy is a technician in the bedroom, with deeper sensuality over time. He's a hermit, who will be wary of merging lives because it makes things untidy.

Many Virgins have elaborate rituals that help them feel in control, in a chaotic world. He's one to say "less is more," and that's good to keep in mind. Don't ask too many personal questions, or you'll likely get an inscrutable face in return. 

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Virgo in love is attentive, on time and mannerly. Even in this YOLO (you only live once) world, he shows some sense of moderation. 

Reticent Lover

Virgo is a physically sensitive sign, which is why Virgins keep others at arm's length, initially. Being a man with Venus Virgo, in a toxic world, is not easy. If he's still finding his footing, he's resistant to really involved romantic entanglements. This guy needs space, to find some sense of being "clear" and able to make the best choices.

An organic way to meet Venus Virgo man is at yoga class or some kind of collaboration. Are you a natural fit into his life rhythm? Being an earth sign, the seeds of love find a place to grow in the subtle magic of the everyday. Your integration into his life makes his heart grow fonder.

His Venusian Ideal

  • Wholesome, feminine looks.
  • The spirit of continual self-improvement.
  • A thoughtful lover who remembers his schedule and favorites.
  • Those who respect his hermit side, and times of needing solo space to find balance.
  • Sincerity, a bright mind, and cleanliness of body and spirit.
  • Friends and lovers who help him with self-acceptance, as a work-in-progress.
  • The helpful bespectacled librarian, the smartest girl (or guy) in the class, a hardworking and humble person in the background.

Why So Shy?

Venus Virgo men are known to be standoffish. They need time to ease into situations, like meeting new people. A reason for this is their holistic engagement -- they want time to register what's happening. The Venus Virgo wants time to digest all the experiences.

In love and life, though, there's chaos. When overwhelmed, Venus Virgo feels that sense of being "off" more than other signs. And yet, they're modality is mutable, and that means they are adaptable. 

If it's an ongoing dynamic, he shows edginess and irritability with how things are. This is when he could become super critical and generally hard to live with! That's when the dark side of Virgo comes out -- critical and anxious. 

This Venus is mutable and eager to adapt in ways that make him feel better and more stable. A stressed Venus Virgo finds that sweet spot in his time alone, at the gym or working, on a retreat or out shopping. Loving him means understanding that need, and trusting that he'll eventually return if it's a go.

Aims to Please

Once in the groove of a relationship, Venus Virgo man is a steady, devoted sidekick. He's one most likely to find pleasure in major spring cleaning sessions. He'll keep track of things that need doing periodically, like changing the oil in the car. He finds well-being in having everything in its place, and up to date. He's a great balancer for those that struggle with the little tasks of life that pile up on the 'to-do' list.

He thrives with someone who appreciates all the things he does. He'll warm up to a lover that anticipates his needs and desires, and lays it out. With him, it's the thought that counts! Being considerate, having good manners, particularly with waitstaff, is noticed. He's impressed by a mate who values acts of helpfulness and is on active alert for chances to assist.

Virgo has a soft spot for animals, especially small ones. Taking care of an animal together is a way to begin sharing life's duties. For Venus Virgo, these acts are not drudgery, but a labor of love. A trick to longevity in love is to interweave your lives, with a rhythm that feels right.

Looking at Venus Sign Compatibility, he matches well with other earth signs (Capricorn and Taurus), and also water signs (Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces).

Tips to Keep the Love Alive

  • Gift him with something he might not buy for himself, like pillows.
  • Look for shared activities that involve tracking your progress.
  • Take note of what irks him, and respect that by not doing it.
  • Create evenings of unhurried intimacy, with lots of sensual accouterments.