Venus in Taurus Love Compatibility

Sensualist Seeking Love

Sensual eating
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Venus-Taurus guys and gals gravitate to the voluptuous and firmly-rooted.  

They are indulgent, especially with their favorite foods, but also with physical pleasure. Taurus in love is a nudie with fewer inhibitions than other Zodiac signs when it comes to carnal desires.  

So with Venus here, the main draw is through the senses—what appeals to the eyes, ears, touch, taste, and smell.  

Venus in Taurus Qualities

  • Sincerity and the desire to build something solid that's enduring.
  • Craft, artistry, a lover with know-how and a growing body of work.
  • Sensuality—someone to share hedonistic pleasures with.
  • Natural beauty—many have a knack for cultivating in sync with what's artful.
  • An upright citizen—someone who lives their values.

Venus in Taurus and Venus Signs—Love Matches

Venus-Taurus With Venus in Aries

Hold on there, says this stability-seeking Venus—you're taking liberties! The in-your-face love style of Aries-Venus has the Taurus lover putting up earthwork-obstacles. This can spur the Ram on, as he loves a hard-to-get lover. If each can respect the rhythm of the other in love, it's a mix of vigor and sensuality for long unforgettable nights.

Venus in Taurus With Venus Taurus 

Simpatico styles mean collecting sensual memories from the get-go. Everything is foreplay, and physical closeness is a love glue here.  Early on, there's patience to draw out the getting-to-know-you phase. The pleasure of anticipation makes the many "firsts" all the sweeter. 

Venus in Taurus With Venus in Gemini

A lover in the sign of the Twins (Gemini) finds pleasure in the running commentary, and quick witty back and forth wordplay.  Will Venus-Taurus want to simply relax into the rich silence, and find that maddening? When it's love time, will it be sensual enough for the Venus-Taurus lover? Or will the Gemini lover find it hard to settle down, and be still? 

Venus in Taurus With Venus in Cancer

Venus in Cancer creates a match that is happy at home, with cozy comforts and languid intimacy. They both also crave a sure-thing and once latched on, enjoy the sense of permanence (in a chaotic world). As nesters, they'll enjoy an abundant garden, a stocked pantry, and fridge, down comforters and overstuffed sofas. Patterns of sloth and indulgence can develop, but both also have an ambitious streak.

Venus in Taurus With Venus in Leo

There's an edge here, that tips toward passion, or toward a love-hate pattern—or both—A deal breaker for Venus-Leo is not feeling respected. Both are physically affectionate, and that's a balm for any friction from the square (aspect) of different temperaments. A sticking point for these two fixed signs is that they're supremely loyal. A love of the finer things evolves into shared interests—from shopping for unique treasures to partaking of vintage wines. A generosity of spirit, when cultivated, helps to overcome any barriers to love. 

Venus in Taurus With Venus in Virgo

Organic love. The Taurus lover soothes the jumpy nerves of the Virgo lover. They thrive in a set-up that implies that it's for keeps. The secret sensuality of Virgo emerges in the Taurus (Venus) lovers skilled hands and patient timing. Taurus is dirty, pungent to Venus' clean and orderly. 

Venus in Taurus With Venus in Libra

Two Venusians (ruler of Taurus and Libra), with cosmically different orientations. The Venus-Libra is heady, breathless and floats on air in love. The Taurus lover wants to get down and dirty, and make sensual memories. Their artful eyes take in much, and comparing notes is a pleasure. Together they opt for the high-end, though will it be a camping adventure or an urban one?

Venus in Taurus With Venus in Scorpio

Opposites are pulled mysteriously together, as Taurus and Scorpio spy each other from across the Zodiac wheel. The Scorpio (Venus) lover is all in and craves soul submersion. The Taurus lover might not show the intensity but is physically present in a way that's complimentary. 

Venus in Taurus With Venus in Sagittarius

A pair with different speed settings, and often, attitudes about love. The Sagittarius (Venus) lover is playful and doesn't always drop an emotional anchor in affairs. The Taurus lover finds this too loose, all this freedom, and wonders what they're building together. 

Venus in Taurus With Venus in Capricorn

Venus in Capricorn makes a love duo that are wealth builders (Venus rules money). They telepath their values front the start, and move slowly but surely toward sealing the deal. Two earthy lovers that are often rooted in tradition—ancestry, sense of place, cultural heritage. 

Venus in Taurus With Venus in Aquarius

A curious match-up, with order and chaos under one roof. Some Aquarius (Venus) lovers are coolly detached in love and prefer the safety of running in a pack. There's sexual adventurousness on both sides, but Taurus (Venus) is more likely to be a serial monogamist. 

Venus in Taurus With Venus in Pisces

The ephemeral and the down-to-earth marry here. Heaven and earth? Venus-Pisces craves a "spiritual" love with a sense of destiny. The Taurus (Venus) lover brings in the practical angle and a sense of whether it's reality-based. Both are artists at heart. Earth and water flow well, for shaping a beautiful life together by hand, but watch out for mudslides