The Venus Pisces Woman

She Is Mystery

A Woman in Water
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The Venus Pisces woman is soulful, disarming and emotionally enigmatic.  She thrives with a protector and one who will stand guard over her solitude.  

She's an Angel girl, Queen of the Fairies, enchantress, timeless beauty, and lost soul. One that feels with anima mundi, the soul of the world. Empathic, artistic, impressionable and able to be what others want or need.

Venus in this mutable (changeable) water sign has a heart for the world and is extremely sensitive. She may seem fragile or remote if she's known too much harshness in love.

The Venus Pisces woman sees into the soul of a person, even if it's deep down. She knows there's good in everyone, and this leads her into shadowy territory at times. The good might be very deep down, and her desire to save can make her a victim of troubled or abusive characters. She is a champion to the underdog and leaves no one behind. She'll want to empower her desire to save, with strong boundaries, and respect for her own creative dreams.

She longs to merge, in love. And share a sense of the greater mystery, through art, caring acts, as a healer, or embodying soulfulness. Her openness to experiencing this merging makes her vulnerable to amorphousness. She might open her heart easily, only to close it, sensing danger, or the need to move on in a never-ending search for an ideal.

Pisces is ruled by Neptune, the planet of hazy spiritual responsibilities that seem to carry over from one life to the next.  She'll want to be alert to leaks of energy, that drain her of lifeforce.

A healthy choice is a love that allows her to be tidal, to be out to sea or on the shore. She thrives with plenty of solitude, so she can rediscover her own edges, and find expression for what she perceives.

Kind Eyes and Romantic Lovers

Kittens, days by the ocean, the hot tub. These are a few of her favorite things.

She also knows when someone has respect for her sensitivity. She's drawn to intimate circles, where she can safely bare her soul. She reveals new layers, in a relationship of trust, which can be a container for the universe she holds within.

If you want to impress her, show compassion and don't be crude. Enchant her with colorful tales that confirm there's beauty, love, and kindness all around if we see with our heart.

Her tastes in music and art cover the whole of human experience. She might be partial, though, to movies or songs with themes of redemption, and longings of the soul.

She might be looking for signs, and be tuned into serendipity. She picks up subtle currents and will be tuning into the deeper soul connection.

Since Venus is the love planet, you'll learn more reading about Pisces in love.

Above all, she will thrive with someone who lets her feel, even if it looks too all over the place. Her nature is enigmatic and changeable.

A loving partner will help her find creative outlets, instead of telling her to pull herself together. The right mate will not be alarmed by extreme sadness or happiness, or anything in between. The Venus Pisces woman seeks a soul mate who will see the strength in what she senses. and want to join her sanctuary, where she goes deep, both alone and in intimacy with others.

Keep in mind, Venus is also to do with what repulses, as well as what attracts. With Venus Pisces, this could mean instinctively recoiling from those with loose boundaries, like themselves.

Love Altar

A theme for the Venus Pisces is sacrifice, and she's vulnerable to losing herself for love. This might be trying to save someone — even someone that doesn't want to be saved. There can be a sense of giving over of energy, putting her at risk of emotional vampires. Her compassionate nature makes her want to save the world, but this begins with saving herself.

She is alluring and ultra feminine. Her vulnerability brings out the desire in others to protect and rescue her. Everything changes when she establishes a strong spiritual character, with the knowledge that the well can always be filled. When that happens, her cup runneth over.

Some Venus Pisces women may struggle with addictions, especially to "crushes," but also to substances or escapism. Harsh words or actions cause her to move away, even if that person is telling the truth in the moment. 

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