Venus Leo With Venus Aries: Love Compatibility

Man and Woman Embracing
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Venus Aries and Leo are natural playmates, and there's a lot of pure heart and passion here. 

You get a charge being around your Venus Aries lover. The natural enthusiasm that's there is a whole body feeling, and dates are often physically active. You want to show off to each other, with Venus signs that are confident, expressive and fun-loving.

Venus Leo With Venus in Aries

You and your Venus Aries mate are risk-takers in love and feel flushed with the excitement at the start. Being fire signs, a love fever is possible, and your beloved shines a beam on you that makes you feel special.

The Aries love beam is intensely charged. And a Leo (Venus) lover comes alive in that bright spotlight. The twist here, though, is that Venus Aries turns off just as suddenly as they turn on. It can feel like being left out in the cold, or rejected, though that might not be the case at all. One tip is to stay self-centered, in this love, and invest in your own creations. It's your nature to be self-expressive, and this trait keeps your Aries lover captivated.

Burning Gaze

You're attracted to the full-on directness of your lover. You are at your affectionate, sunny best when you feel your lover is 100% engaged, mind, body, and soul. These moments are truly memorable, and if not sustained, you feel dissed. It's hurtful to your pride, if your Venus in Aries lover grows restless, with a love that's too familiar.

Here we get to different love rhythms, with Aries a blast-out-of-the-gate cardinal sign and Leo a more settled fixed sign. If Leo is content, the lion or lioness likes to ease into the comfort of the love den. Leo, remember, is a regal sign, and what goes with that is the royal family or pride. Venus Leo gets great satisfaction from establishing a stable court, gilded if possible. From there, it's a matter of embellishments and adding to the treasure. Venus Leo wants to see a kingdom flourish.

Venus Aries runs hot and cold, and the chill is especially painful for Venus Leo. The Leo love style is more sensitive to attention (or the lack of it) and noted for its pride. The willful Venus Aries can unintentionally wound the Leo lover, with restless wandering eyes.

Twin Flames

A sense of adventure and new challenges keeps the fire alive. You and your love crave intensity and have a need to be admired. A good bet is directing your spirited energies toward self-expression, instead of fighting with your lover. Your affectionate nature, confidence and natural creativity is a magnet for Venus Aries. If you two avoid lowball tricks or melodrama and set a standard of mutual respect, you're a well-suited pair.