Venus Leo Compatibility With Other Venus Signs

A Couple Wearing Crowns
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Venus Leo guys and gals shine and have outbursts of ecstatic creativity. Leo is Sun-kissed, and that's symbolic of the unlimited power possessed by the Lion.

Venus Leos in love are flashy, with flares that might be short-lived if they don't get the admiration they crave. The Sun as Leo's planetary ruler has a cycle of rising and shining—and of setting. This Venus gets burned out if they are too "on" all the time. Like the Lion, Leo in love spends a lot of time lounging around, with sudden bursts of enthusiasm. It's all or nothing for Leo, in matters of the heart. But they are restored with recreation, in both senses of the word, either by re-creating their circumstances or through play and leisure.

Venus Leo has a lust for life but also fears rejection above all—which means they can suffer agonizing heartbreak when humiliated. 

Here's how lusty, fiery Venus Leo matches with other Venus signs.

Venus in Leo with Venus in Aries

These are two red-hot lovers with a lot of charisma. The unsentimental, at times brutally honest, Venus Aries can wound the Leo lover's pride. Proud Leo adores big personalities, and Venus Aries doesn't disappoint. Both have strong desires and will take the risk and give in to the spontaneous moment. Beware of emphatic statements on both sides, which can threaten to end things in a dramatic grand finale. If Venus Aries' eyes wander, or they show waning attention, the Lion roars. After a fight, Aries wakes up with amnesia and a smile, while Leo never forgets.  

Venus in Leo with Venus in Taurus

Love between these two will grow given enough stability and sensory stimulation. Both are lovers of the arts and of anything creative and unique. Concerts, art openings, movies, and the latest hot restaurant are all good bets for first dates. Both Leo and Taurus value loyalty, and both are outwardly affectionate. Most importantly, stable Taurus is secure enough to let Leo grab the spotlight. In the long term, however, their extravagant tastes could lead to conflicts over the household budget. The urge for both is to live their values and passions to the fullest, and they get irritable when their high standards are not met.

Venus in Leo with Venus in Gemini

Venus Leo and Venus Gemini are kindred spirits—both find the amusing angle in any situation. First dates become a chance to make each other laugh, with each trying to top the other. Having found someone to play off, the antics and wit come in a steady stream. These two are drawn to games, amusement parks, improv, fashion, and anything novel. There will be many days and nights spent in colorful places, actively engaging with the world, and each other.

At some point, however, Venus Leo might wonder if life is all fun and games to Venus Gemini. A sticking point for Leo is loyalty, and Gemini is known to be capricious. Living with the uncertainty of loving such an erratic, changeable character may be hard on the heart. Conversely, Leo's attempts to rein in flighty Gemini might come off as overdramatic and domineering and could give Gemini the jitters.

There could be other factors, though, in the synastry, that give their love a more constant nature. If Venus Leo can accept Venus Gemini's need for space and lightness, this has the makings of a lifelong relationship.

Venus in Leo with Venus in Cancer

One thing that stands out is a shared love of children and all things related to childhood. First dates could begin with swapping stories of memorable events, and impressions from growing up. The Venus in Cancer lover is highly attuned to their mate's feelings, and they have a desire to nurture and protect. 

But what about going out? Venus Cancer is by and large a homebody, only truly comfortable among people they know and trust. Venus Leo, on the other hand, sees all the world as a stage and is buoyed by seeing admiration in others' eyes. Venus Leo gets restless for excitement and will become irritable, even aggressive if stuck in the same old same old.

Venus Leo also tends toward high drama, while the Venus Cancer lover can be shy with feelings (at least in public). What Leo wants is ardent passion. What they get is the Crab's invisible, but palpably felt, webbing of emotion. This can feel comforting or claustrophobic. But the big differences in love styles can be met with compromise and by understanding each other's nature. What matters is that each wants to be deeply loved and understood for the unique person they are. When that's fostered, the relationship can be a success.

Venus in Leo with Venus in Leo

Can one relationship contend with two drama kings, queens, or one of each? That's the question here, with two lovers who bask in the admiration of the other. Are each noble enough to let the other shine? And vice versa?

That's a core theme, but beyond that, it's a match with a lot going for it. Both are both passionate, and not afraid to give in to that passion. Both are risk-takers, but also prone to seeing only what they want to see. A breathless affair could be short-lived if reality intrudes and bursts the fantasy.

But fun and adventure await the grounded twosome. Lions make super-fun parents, and take great pride in their children. Holidays and birthday parties are standout moments. Both crave luxury and stylish clothes and enjoy being seen. As creative powerhouses, each will support the other's ambitions. If these two don't block the other but instead combine their energies, this is a magnificent match. 

Venus in Leo with Venus in Virgo

Venus Leos want their Venus Virgo lovers to be visibly enthralled, overwhelmed by Leo's special something. What they get is more understated, depending on other astrological features in their Venus Virgo lover's chart. A Venus Virgo helpmate has a natural reserve, but they are diligent in creating a daily rhythm that works in practice. What they lack in theatrics, they make up for in sincerity, loyalty, and devotion.

Venus Virgo is modest and meticulous, while Venus Leo is self-aggrandizing and dramatic. As such, Venus Leo might feel silently judged for tooting their own horn. Still, the Venus Virgo lover has a sensuous streak underneath all that reserve. Plus, they can help scattered Venus Leo ground and focus their enthusiasm to achieve a productive rhythm. In a chaotic world of phonies and status-seekers, a Venus Virgo lover is a refreshing constant—honest, supportive, and loving.

Venus in Leo with Venus in Libra

Venus Leo admires Venus Libra's social ease and ability to always look put together. Parties thrown at chez Venus Leo/Libra are memorable bashes with a tone of dignity. Both romantics at heart, their love affair is the centerpiece of a fabulous life.

Venus in Libra is chatty, though, and this can intrude on Leo's desire to be the center of attention. Venus in airy Libra finds pleasure in sharing ideas, always seeking new ways to bring balance and beauty to the relationship. Venus Leo is more instinctual and would prefer not to deliberate over choices, while Venus Libra has a gift for weighing options, and is a great sounding board.

Venus Libra's love style is attentive and responsive, while Venus Leo's is more self-centered. But Leo senses that Libra takes the relationship seriously, and both bloom under this kind respect. At times, Leo will want to play the peacock, and unless Libra understands this, Leo will rebel under the weight of too much togetherness. 

Venus in Leo with Venus in Scorpio

Make no mistake, this is a steamy combo—water and fire bring love to the boiling point! The attraction is strong between these two fixed signs and each sense the other's substance, intensity, and desire for passion. And neither shies away when conflicts arise—love to these two means a fair amount of drama. Sometimes this devolves into epics fights and equally climactic making-up sessions. Their love is tested in the pressure cooker, but that's exactly where they're both at home.

But obsessive natures and power plays can be a trap. Both are strong-willed and can be stubborn. Both have a showy side, which means if either of the two is feeling ignored, look out. Being flirty to get a reaction is a way to intensify the drama, but it's a dangerous game to play. 

Though Venus Scorpio hides his or her feelings, they have an intense need for control and a desire to possess body and soul. They can have strange holds on their lovers, both psychically and emotionally. Life with an otherworldly lover can feel a bit like Persephone down in Hades. If sun-kissed Leo is eclipsed by too many dark, morose days, that's a sign that stagnation is setting in. A key here is catharsis—the art of taking raw emotion and moving it, being changed by it. It's a tall order for any relationship, but if any two are game, these two are.

Venus in Leo with Venus in Sagittarius

Some wild and vividly memorable times are predestined when these two very passionate lovers meet. First dates are exciting for both—and since each has strong appetites, things can get physical quickly. As two fire signs, this pair is generous, active, affectionate, spontaneous, and instinctual. It's these very traits that will make them fall in love. 

Where they diverge is in their rhythms, as Leo is fixed and Sagittarius is mutable. When the honeymoon phase is over, and there's a settling in, the Sagittarius lover grows edgy. It's his or her Venusian nature to wander, and this restlessness can make even confident Leos feel like they're not enough. And every Venus Leo wants to be more than enough. But if the timing is right and Venus Leo meets Venus Sagittarius when he or she is ready to explore a deeper intimacy, this can be a terrific match. 

Venus in Leo with Venus in Capricorn

Venus in Capricorn comes off as all business at first, and very guarded. Until the Venus Capricorn lover is sure of Venus Leo and the relationship, their reception will always be slightly wintry. Capricorn is Saturn-ruled, don't forget, which means they lean toward sober assessments. Venus Capricorn will be supportive, but not necessarily a cheerleader.

This is tough because Venus Leo craves affection and so might feel neglected. But Venus Capricorn is marriage-oriented, and if the two put their heads together and share a common goal, be it in business, the arts, or as pillars in society, the match will work. The Venus Capricorn loves with an old soul and has staying power. Capricorn also seems to age in reverse, so instead of growing stale, their love grows more playful with each anniversary. When there's a real love connection, this pairing will last well into the sunset years.

Venus in Leo with Venus in Aquarius

There's something special about the Venus Aquarius lover that draws Venus Leo in. Leo thrives in the gaze of such accepting eyes and senses that Venus Aquarius gets what is unique, even far out, about the dazzling Lion. The weird sense of humor and theatrical individuality of the Venus Aquarius gets Venus Leo's mojo going as well.

Both are fixed signs, and interested in exploring stability in love. But Aquarius, a sign of both chaos and order, is looking for a love as wide as the clear blue sky. They thrive when they're actively engaged with many people, often big groups of all kinds. Leo desires to be the one and only, not one of many. If Venus Aquarius wants to keep Venus Leo for the longterm, he or she will have to learn how to make the Lion feel singled out.

Venus in Leo with Venus in Pisces

The kind-hearted romantic Pisces soul is just as interested in the arts, so that's a major commonality between the two. In addition, Venus Pisces has an alluring style, exploring their many personae through a heightened sense of fashion.

But Venus Pisces is also the classic chameleon and can swim away if things get too intense. This tendency to hide is alarming and can make Leo feel disrespected. The Venus Pisces love style is elusive, and while there's passion, it might not have the punch Leo craves.