Venus in Houses

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Each of the twelve houses represents an arena of life experience. Let's look at how the planet Venus plays out in each one.

First House Venus

Positive first impression. A real looker. Bon vivant. People remember you. You change a scene with your presence. Easy to be with. A sense of fun that's contagious.

Known for your artistic endeavor and/or natural allure. Able to put people at ease. Social and magnetic, you elevate situations with your presence. You might fall into trap of style over substance.

Second House Venus

Extravagant tastes. An ease with attracting money and resources. Love of luxury, comfort, fine furnishings...the good life. Making a living as an artist, performer, musician or craftsperson.

Joy comes from bringing ideas to life in tangible ways, from building your dream home to gardening. Being part of the deep pulse of the natural world is sustaining.

Third House Venus

You delight in social encounters. A life-loving presence at school, work, in your neighborhood. You're curious about others in a friendly way.

Drawn to artistic or beautifying ideas and from that, work. Fields like fashion, filmmaking, photography, design, architecture, the arts and culture media are lures.

Fourth House Venus

Home is where your heart is. Happy early home life. Enjoys entertaining.

Naturally drawn to work around home life, like a doula, children's party planner, interior decorating or feng shui consultant. Maybe an at-home artist, artisan, craftsperson, etc.

Fifth House Venus

The fiery flush of romantic love is a top preoccupation. You keep love alive and make it look thrilling. Your life is marked by grand and memorable love affairs.

Your creative risks are rewarded, with fame or wealth. Your big personality is your calling card. You shine in the arts but may also find success in leisure or luxury fields or speculative ventures.

Sixth House Venus

You thrive in beautiful, relaxed, non-rushed work settings. It's easy for you to make friends at work, and that's where love blooms, too. Your artistic talent comes through in attention to detail and you enjoy the process, not just the end goal.

You show affection by tending to the everyday needs of your beloved. You're a thoughtful friend, with a sense of service that makes you very present and sincere. You enjoy sharing activities that enhance well-being, like taking yoga together or a seminar on healthy eating. You make new friends at workshops and retreats.

Seventh House Venus

You're a natural in partnership, and you live to nurture a happy bond/marriage. This is an area where you can feel blessed. You look like an attractive choice, and so draw many admirers who want to pair up. Your instinct for harmony, balance and fair communication is strong. This makes you a sought after partner in business and friendship as well as romance.

Eighth House Venus

You are intense in love. You want to be enveloped in the experience. Love and close friendships take you to the underworld and back, and you're transformed. You're attracted to intensity in others, sensing psychically substantial raw material with which to work your love alchemy.

Your tastes in culture lean to the dark, and a fascination with what's hidden, dangerous, primal, erotic. You thrive in an atmospheric, clandestine love nest, and are very private with your feelings. You like to stay in control in love until you're sure. If betrayed in love, which is a big fear, you can fall into the trap of vengefulness. Extreme experiences in love are a catalyst for deep inside-out transformation of the soul.

Ninth House Venus

For you love means adventure and being on the move. Travel and questing make your heart sing. You have a broad outlook, and this can attract you to someone from another culture. Or you make many friends and lovers while wandering.

You admire free spirits, and others see you in that light. Your interest in many inter-disciplinary topics gives you a lot to talk about. You don't like your freedom of motion inhibited in any way. You thrive in relationships where you're always learning new things, and seeking out experiences that take you to the edge.

Tenth House Venus

Your public image is attractive to many, and this impression can be "worked" to your advantage. Those in positions of power want to cultivate your success. Often, it's your gregarious, even physically alluring qualities that lead to success. You go places through social networking, work parties and mentoring.

You're in your element being the public face of a group or company. This could lead you into public affairs, promotional-type jobs or fundraising. Your role might have to do with the arts, with your unique style as your calling card.

Eleventh House Venus

You feel at home in big, eclectic groups of friends. You have a few circles you move in and out of, based on shared interests, values, causes or community projects. You're admired for your sense of integrity, fairness, and dedication to causes. You prefer to spread the wealth and are friendly to many in a non-personal way.

You often find love in a gathering and are comfortable starting out as friends. You value friendship and strive to stay friends after love's first blush fades, or you end your romance. You're a people person, and this aids your career success. You thrive in creative collaboration and being part of an ensemble, like in the performing arts.

Twelfth House Venus

You come across as kind, caring and sometimes otherworldly. You keep your love life private and can seem enigmatic to others. If you're naive and only see what you want to see, you can fall in with dark characters who take advantage. Your ability to see the good in anyone takes you into dangerous territory at times.

Your sensitive nature and sense of connection mean you thrive with a lot of solitude. You're drawn to the profound or mystical in culture, but are also a bit of a chameleon in style and personality.