Venus in Gemini Love Compatibility

Love Matches With Other Venus Signs

Credit: Guido Mieth / Getty Images

Venus Gemini guys and gals delight in word salads, novelty, and mischief.  

They can be excitement junkies, which is good to know if you wish to attract one.

You'll remember that Venus is a symbol of how one loves, and is loved. It also paints the portrait of the ideal lover. Venus Gemini looks for someone to tell all the day's stories to and who will have his own tales to tell.  

Venus Gemini is suited to modern times, with its "hook-up culture" and casual relationships. But deep down, Venus Gemini wants to be loved for who they are, just like everyone else, and can eventually find the ever-changing bundle of traits they seek in one person.  

Gemini in love is playful, entertaining and has a light hold. Is Gemini your Venus sign?  Look for the Venus symbol (the mirror) on your birth chart.  

Here's how airy, changeable (mutable) Venus Gemini matches with other Venus signs.

Venus Gemini With Venus in Aries 

Venus Aries is a straight-shooter and has a passionate intensity.  That's too much for Venus Gemini, whose very nature is to be zig-zaggy and easy breezy. If Aries suspects being played by Gemini's mind games, it can set off some alarms. Still, these signs form a sextile, and both know how to party, have adventures and laugh together into the night.     

Venus Gemini With  Venus in Taurus

Will Venus Gemini ever sink into the moods of relaxation that Taurus craves? The high-strung social butterfly that is Gemini meets a homebody here. It's hard to get languid Taurus moving, and restless Gemini finds that maddening. But fresh ideas get Taurus out of inertia, and Gemini learns the art of doing nothing. 

Venus Gemini With Venus in Gemini 

A pair that can finish each other's sentences!  As long as there's more to learn, friends to see, and personalities to entertain, boredom is kept at bay.  The troubles start if responsibilities crowd in, and one of the two has to grow up. There are four lovers in this relationship, doubling the drama and the fun.  

Venus Gemini With Venus in Cancer

The sentimentality of Venus Cancer makes Gemini nervous and keeps them wondering about expectations. The loose lips of Gemini can hurt Cancer without meaning to, and resentment builds.  The Crab wants to build a cozy nest, but Gemini starts to feel like a caged bird.  All is lost if insecurities spiral out of control.

Venus Gemini With Venus in Leo

A playful pair that both like to be center stage. The trick is to make Leo feel special since Gemini tends to be flirty and friendly. Leo has a forceful personality, while Gemini wears many masks. The Loyal Lion finds Gemini a dubious character that may be living a double life.  Being upfront about expectations and taking the "player" at his word could prevent heartbreak.  

Venus Gemini With Venus in Virgo

Venus Virgo has a critical edge and perfectionism that Gemini finds hard to live up to. Virgo will also expect things to be tidy, which is not a priority for on-the-go Gemini. Both are nervous types, so it will take a lot of soothing partner massages to come down from the day. Gemini will want to be punctual and take note of Virgo's likes, to be considered for friendship or more.

Venus Gemini With Venus in Libra

Both of these lovers are commitment-shy and dance around getting into deeper bonds until its inevitable. What holds them together is a love of culture, ideas, and language. Libra is thrown off balance by Gemini, who flits from one fascination to the next. Humor and good communication could save the day.   

Venus Gemini With Venus in Scorpio

One is secretive, and the other an open book—what could possibly go wrong?  You share an endless curiosity about what makes people tick, and can have fun comparing notes. Scorpio takes love deadly seriously, while Gemini has a lighter attitude. The desires of Scorpio are intense and will call for Gemini to show the soulful side, in its personal repertoire.    

Venus Gemini With Venus in Sagittarius

Road trip! This pair hits the road, takes selfies and shares them widely across many social media platforms. Both are observers of life, with Gemini being the messenger and Sagittarius the philosopher/seeker.  As long as you two are aimed in the same general direction, this love grows with each adventure.  

Venus Gemini With Venus in Capricorn

This pairing brings together a serious earth sign with a light air sign for a bit of an odd couple match. Capricorn looks for stability and raises eyebrows at careless choices that seem to have no rhyme or reason. Gemini feels earthbound by such a staid outlook, but there can be balancing factors. They meet on being the comics of the Zodiac—one light and the other dark—making for some merry moments.  

Venus Gemini With Venus in Aquarius

Ideas are the best aphrodisiacs here, along with freaky pillow talk. Much depends on whether each is on the same wavelength, at this time in life.  Aquarius feels itself an intellectual giant, and mentor to eternal student Gemini.  Both love trends, change, and role-playing, which could get interesting!  

Venus Gemini With Venus in Pisces

The heights of mind and depths of imagination come together here for an uneasy union.  Much depends on maturity, as Pisces is easily tricked by wily Gemini.  Both are playful and chameleon-like, and delight in seeing the many faces of the other.  If there are basic honesty and trust, this dream won't become a nightmare.