Venus in Capricorn

Entertaining in Style

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You're fairly discriminating, and know when you've found a well-rounded person that can be your rock.

Do you see yourself as intimidating? Some Venus Capricorns are materialistic and status-oriented. Even the ones that aren't super ambitions are likely attracted to power, wealth and achievement. 

You like classic looks over what's trendy. And you're definitely looking for substance, and don't fall for empty sweet talk. 

Is this your Venus sign? Find out by looking on your (free) birth chart.

You're in cupid's sight, when Venus is in Capricorn, and other earth signs.

The Interview 

When dating, you probably ask questions about career first, sussing out the level of ambition.

You can learn about Capricorn in Love -- this brings together the Goat and amour, and will be helpful.

You want to join with someone that you can build an empire with. You're not likely to be into one-night stands, and will see red flags with players, or those that are all flash and no substance.

Having said that, Capricorn is a sign that's known for having a high libido, and if you're young, you can sow a lot of oats. You have the quirky attitude of being casual about sex, but taking commitment very seriously. 

You're a bit old-fashioned, with a dream to settle down and create something that lasts. It takes a while before you open up in love, and reveal an earthy sensuality that has staying power.

Friendship Style

You're a great colleague to have. 

You're the type of friend that helps your pals get a leg up in the world. You like to be dependable, and expect your close associates to match your responsibility level. It's likely that you meet a lot of your closest friends at work, or through a collaboration of some kind.

With Venus in the sign of Saturn, you may have bouts of melancholy that take you deep into a dark place. It's important to have friends that understand your need for privacy, but will also reach out with support.

Creative Expression

You've got a shrewd eye for good partnerships, and this can get you ahead in the world.

Anything you create seems well-constructed, and might be rooted in a sense of place or tradition. You build things to last, with an eye on leaving a lasting legacy.

You can be drawn to the old Masters of art, and be turned off by what passes as art today. You're likely interested in antiques and artifacts, and may have collections going of these, some of which have great value. 

The Big Attraction

There's something soulful about you, made all the more intriguing because you keep so much private.

Yet you're a "doer" and your ambition makes you attractive. Since you're discriminating, those that get into your circle know that it's a kind of honor.

You win and keep respect, and know that's the basis for an enduring relationship. You handle your connections with dignity, albeit a bit on the cool side, but this sets you above the fray. Your loyalty is unwavering when a mate has proven to have the right stuff.

Regardless of what your Sun sign is, you get along great with the earth signs -- Capricorn, Taurus and Virgo.

Winning Your Heart

You're looking for someone you can count on through thick and thin. You definitely don't want someone who will leach off you. 

You'll warm up to someone who reaches you through the senses -- look to the Earth Element (Too Much, Too Little), for ideas. 

It helps someone's case if they're accomplished in some area, or are a self-made man or woman. Capricorn is a sign known to seek stability through wealth and success, and you'll find prosperity attractive.

But you also admire hard-working, resourceful people on the way up in life. You're a realist, so you're not expecting perfection, just someone perfect for you.

What You're Like

Your approach to relationships may seem a bit serious. It's likely that you approach them like business partnerships. There's got to be a sense that the person is worth investing in, and that it'll grow over time. You want to surround yourself with dependable people.