Venus in Aries

Complete Love Profile for a Venus in Aries

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Sun signs are the most popular form of astrology that you are probably already familiar with. Determined by the position of the sun, it is easy to figure out what your sun sign is by knowing which month you were born in as the calendar year is based on the sun's position.

But the night sky is full of many other stars and planets! Paying attention to different stars can give you a more detailed astrological reading. When it comes to romance and love compatibility, looking at your Venus sign can be more revealing.

To determine your Venus sign, you have to know where Venus was located on the night you were born. As you know, there are constellations in the sky corresponding to the 12 zodiac signs. Figure out within which constellation Venus was located in or near on your birthday, and that will be your Venus sign. There are many Venus sign charts to help you figure out your Venus sign depending on your birthday.

Being a Venus in Aries does not mean your Sun sign is Aries. Again, Sun signs and other star signs are different things. 

If you were born when Venus was positioned in the Aries constellation, you are a Venus in Aries. Here are some general tips and advice for an Aris in love.

Spring Energy

When Venus is in Aries, love begins again with Spring. Easily excited by the prospect of new love, you are always looking for ways to revive the romance in a long time affair. Or, taking a risk to begin something new is never far off your mind. 

Venus in cardinal fire means you're always pulsing with the new life and energy of Springtime. You'll pursue a love interest with shocking abandon, and in extreme cases, this zeal leads you into fly-by-night marriages. Your impulsiveness gets you in trouble sometimes, because you lose interest just as quickly.

You cherish your independence, and would never do or say anything for the sake of the relationship. Yes, you can be selfish, but that concentration of Self is what makes you so amazing.

You don't like anything too settled, preferring some tension in the relationship. This is maddening for "let's all get along" types. But for you, friction and mental sparring get the blood pumping. You'll flee from a passive partner or a bond that falls into a routine. Bottom line, Venus in Aries men and Venus in Aries women alike need a challenge and constant creativity.

Fast Friends 

You like to be the top dog of any clique, and pull it off by being generous, exciting and just so darn self-assured. Your lust for life is contagious, but not everyone can live at your pace. Others respect you because you stay true to yourself no matter what. You're generous, but can be demanding of the time and attention of others.

You're blunt, which means you won't lie and tell friends they look good all the time. Your friends count on you to tell it like it is! You admire strong, independent types, and seem to get nauseous around self-pity and insecurity. Venus in Aries is a proponent of tough love.

What Attracts Venus in Aries? 

This is a tricky one because any pre-planning will have to be tossed out the window during the wild ride with a Venus in Aries. You want people to be real, and not play games. You want people to be direct and don't say things they don't mean.

You like to lead in a relationship, but also crave dynamism in a partner. Your ideal partner is igniting their own passions and staying interested in their own life. Venus in Aries pair well with other Venus in Aries, but here is a look at compatibility with other Venus Signs.

Dating Tips 

With a Venus in the first fire sign, love is urgent and very much in the moment. You bring full engagement to your love interest, and that kind of attention breathes life into any lover. But it's not something that can be sustained, and this can be shocking to your object of affection. Everything can seem anti-climactic after the initial rush of excitement.

To avoid burn-out in love, and keep it fresh, you'll want solo adventures. You thrive when you have a life apart, and so does your beloved. This keeps it new, as you're giddy to share all you've done and seen with your significant other.

"I Am" in Love

Consider the Aries motto "I Am" -- knowing the self through many trials and feats. A Venus in Aries relates from knowing the power of the self.

It's a challenge at times for this Venus to be in a couple. A part of Venus in Aries will rebel against being a "we," and demonstrate time and again, the identity of "me."

This can be alarming to the partner of Venus in Aries as if their beloved is pulling away. But some understanding here, for the individualistic nature of Aries, helps smooth out the rough edges. Celebrating each as an amazing singular entity, within a couple, makes Venus in Aries happy.