Love Compatibility With Venus Capricorn

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Venus Capricorn is reserved with new people and can seem aloof. He or she plays for keeps and is often traditional in some way.  

Venus is all about values—what does he or she venerate as an ideal?

Venus Capricorn guys and gals like steady and long-term arrangements, and therefore are cautious. He or she has discriminating tastes and will size up a potential partner from many angles. 

When Venus is in Capricorn (transiting), the chance for new friendship or love is heightened. Compatible elements are earth and water, and these Venus signs also get a lift. 

Venus Capricorn With Venus in Aries

This is an edgy match, with Venus Capricorn being the "let's wait and see" type, to the Ram's urgent spontaneity. Venus Aries likes risk and the frontier of experience. All of Aries' bluster puts Venus Capricorn on the defense and makes them eager to conserve what they've got. It works if there's a shared long-term goal and if each is okay with a little spicy friction.   

Venus Capricorn With Venus in Taurus

Two earth sign lovers are seeking the real thing, and are willing to wait for it. This pair share an appreciation for hand-crafted beauty, and artful, timeless objects. They might be extreme materialists and build up an impressive empire together. But they'll also find a home in nature, where they can live at a pace that's in sync with their terrestrial rhythms.    

Venus Capricorn With Venus in Gemini

Will Venus Capricorn be the rock in this relationship, and the Twins-lover the social calendar keeper? Both can be impersonal when relating, and it'll take time for real feelings to show. Humor is a bridge, and this pair meets as seers of the absurd.  

Venus Capricorn With Venus in Cancer

The elements (earth and water) are in sync, and both are cardinal signs that mean business. The Cancer-Capricorn polarity is in play here. The Moonchild nourishes from the inside out, while the Seagoat often has an end form in mind, and acts accordingly. They both crave security and thrive with a reliable commitment.  

Venus Capricorn With Venus in Leo

The (Venus) Leo lover gets chilled by the cool Capricorn response at first. What they share, however, is a desire to be big fish in whatever pond they're in together. Making each other proud or raising children is a love glue that'll hold. Both are demanding, and there can be tousled over who's the boss.  

Venus Capricorn With Venus in Virgo

The instinct to settle into something long-term is super soothing to the Virgo lover. And it brings out the best in the Seagoat (Capricorn) too. Their look will be tidy and as fine as they can afford. Take care that Venus Capricorn doesn't delegate all small tasks to Venus in Virgo, because that'll get old fast.   

Venus Capricorn With Venus in Libra

This is a tense cardinal square, but both are signs that stand back and look at the bigger picture. They share an intense desire for social standing and can be partners in making a name solo or together. Both thrive in a union and can have impersonal determination to succeed. It's good to make memories and take the time to do things just for the fun of it.

Venus Capricorn With Venus in Scorpio

These are compatible elements, that share a natural sense of privacy, and want to retreat at times. They share an intense drive, and the Scorpio lover craves intense intimacy, in the right moments. If the emotional reserve of Capricorn gives way to sensual depth, it's a bond that can deepen with time.

Venus Capricorn With Venus in Sagittarius

One is shaped by a strong sense of personal boundaries, while the other (Sagittarius) has a more boundless nature. It's hard to go off on adventures when you're busy laying the groundwork for a weighty, well-considered career. The other difference here is general mood—Capricorn tends to be mostly cloudy and Sagittarius mostly sunny. 

Venus Capricorn With Venus in Capricorn

This pair is a doubling down on earth signs and all the seriousness of Capricorn. It helps when there's a sense of tradition, like with extended family, and a future of shared purpose. If traits are magnified together, it could go Dark Side Capricorn with social climbing, and material pursuits out of balance. It's a match for climbing mountains together, nesting, and tending to the ancestral lineage.

Venus Capricorn With Venus in Aquarius

One likes all things traditional, and the other is a rebel against conventional values. This goes for looks too, so there may not be the attraction here. But both are cool characters that move in the greater scheme of things, with big ideas and goals on their minds. They share a ruler in Saturn and have staying power if there's a common purpose, something to build on.  

Venus Capricorn With Venus in Pisces

Capricorn can be like an aged wine, and mature beyond their years. This can be attractive to Venus in Pisces, who seeks a port in the chaotic storm. One is worldly and one is otherworldly. They might find magic in nature, and its order and chaos, as a mirror of their own natures.