Discover the Love Compatibility of Venus in Aries

Young couple having a romantic moment at a restaurant, Rome, Italy
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Venus in Aries really shines in the social arena. You make an impact and leave a lasting first impression. 

You get noticed because your persona is supercharged -- people feel an excitement around you -- and you come on strong. 

You're a fire sign, for an instinctual and physical approach to getting to know others. As the first sign, you're eager to rush into new experiences, and because of this, can get in over your head at times. You like active, bright friends who always know something fun to do.

You're a cardinal sign Venus and are not shy to make the first moves. Aries Venus is headstrong, a provocateur, urgent and eager for action. If you see someone you like, you are inspired. You like to be in hot pursuit!

Your nature is to throw yourself into anything you do. That's why if your feelings wane, or you get bored (the death knell), it's hard for you to fake continued interest. You feel alive with people who are also animated, spontaneous and don't lose their nerve under pressure.

Venus in Aries

You're fast friends, and neither holds back if there are strong feelings. You're both most alive when doing something and hate to be bored. You're both very physical and enjoy active dates where your faces go all red. It's natural to rush into new experiences, and there's so much to do and see.

You're both restless in relationships like to fight and abhor wishy-washy people. Your conversations are staccato in tone, direct and uncensored. You know exactly where you stand because Venus Aries is "what you see is what you get." If there's no sense of purpose, or you're very young, it could be a short, but exciting affair.

Venus Aries is known for abrupt endings, though you go through heartbreak just like everybody else. An ugly breakup could get physical, and there's a chance of an on again, off again that lasts for years here. Or a friend you meet and don't see for a while, but pick up again where you left off. There's a need for freedom, living at the growing edge and intensity.

With Venus in Taurus

You're a free-spirited kind of friend or lover. Venus Taurus seems at times to want you to mellow out, and match their calmer rhythm. This is Mars meets Venus, with your rulers. You could also say bursts of energy meets steady and languid. But, the Bull lover knows how to mesmerize you, and bring you into the sensuous moment. Rather than surging ahead impulsively, Venus Taurus shows you how to love getting there. This applies to other areas, too, like pursuing a goal, crafting a well-planned dinner party or building a home from the ground up.

Venus Taurus tends to want more stability, while you find your groove when testing your edges. You need to be tilted toward risk can be alarming to your mate or friend. They might see you as restlessly pushing when they want to stay put. You thrive when there's room for your growth spurts. Both of you are stubborn and this leads at times to vigorous arguments. Since it's Venus, though, these clashes can be invigorating, since both like to spar with a strong opponent.

With Venus in Gemini

Your nemesis -- boredom -- is at bay, with Venus in Gemini. It's compatible energy, a sextile, which is like a trine lite. Each beam in the others' company. Fast friendships are made, and whirlwind love affairs begin with a bang. Fire (Aries) and air (Gemini) whip each other up into an excitable frenzy. There's a bright current in this friendship, with a lot of easy banter, laughs and spontaneous plans.

This mercurial Venus is in the know, with lots of friend circles. And there's a sense of chase since this lover has naturally divided attention. The short attention span can become a problem if the relationship is treated carelessly. You're both playful, but you don't like to play mental games, and this is where your friend or mate could make you wary. If you feel played, you can end things with shocking abruptness.

With Venus in Cancer

You are looking for different things in love here. Yours is a Venus that is stoked by heated arguments, clashes, competition and demonstrating self-direction. A Venus Cancer craves emotional intimacy, stability, and a family feeling. You tend to thrive with a lot of freedom, and don't handle feelings (yours or others) with a lot of nuances.

Your Venus is in the awkward position of celebrating love, by being independent. This can be hurtful to your sensitive mate or friend. This difference can lead to unintentional wounding, as each seeks what the other doesn't want (or doesn't have) to give. But don't lose heart, if the love is there -- look to the full chart for energies that bridge the gap.

With Venus in Leo

What's the difference in love, with these two proud fire signs? You're a very in-the-moment kind of lover, and don't tend to harbor resentments. If you're angry, you let it out and it's over. Your friend is much touchier about being respected and admired for the unique person he or she is. The desire for attention is ongoing, and any moments of being treated carelessly, are collected. Yours is a Venus that's self-centered and in some ways, solo mia, even in a longstanding bond. A demanding Leo lover that wants loyalty and devotion might find that leaves them in an impossible position.

Having said that, there's natural chemistry here, with a lust for life and enthusiasm that makes it amazing. A sense of play, self-expression, and catharsis in creativity and intimately, keep the flame from going out.

With Venus in Virgo

In love, you are bold, while your friend is hesitant, even insecure. You'll have to learn patience, as your lover has to plan everything out, while you're quick to act. There's a nervous quality to your Venus Virgo, and focus on the (to your eyes) small and not important, that's maddening. You could feel judged as rash, reckless, insensitive, to this Venus who records the smallest word and deed.

But if there's other chemistry, your friend won't mind playing a supportive role. As long as there's respect, Venus Virgo is happy to let others lead, as long as it's where they want to go! This friend is an ally, in breaking down steps to a goal. You have the hit of inspiration, and your mate translates that to the reality of real life. Sometimes that's a drag, other times it's exactly what's needed to keep your feet on the ground.

With Venus in Libra

This is a challenging match since there can be competing agendas. Your friend is skilled in making nice when what you're craving is some energizing tension. In love, you're a fighter, and it's no fun if your sparring partner doesn't put up his or her dukes. They are more interested in keeping the peace, compromising, finding that sweet spot of giving and take.

Yours is a Venus that's about discovering the self within the relationship. Your mate loves to be a "we" in a power duo, where you can never have too much togetherness. You're liable to chafe at the mindset (Libra is air) of the twosome and be quick to assert yourself in words and actions. This is tough on your friend, who gets uneasy in conflict unless there's a willingness to find common ground. Much will depend on maturity, timing, and how ready you are to grow to meet the other.

With Venus in Scorpio

You're the open book in love, while your friend is guarded, and keeps much closer to the chest. You don't hide how you feel -- it's all out there for the world to see. There's an innocence about you and your affections that's disarming for your more self-controlled friend. But to reach the well-kept secrets of their inner life, you'll need to show respect for their temperament.

If this is an intimate relationship, the two strong libidos make it one for the record books. Each could find satiation for big appetites, with a lot of passion and endurance into the night. That same passion, if driven by unconscious forces, can lead to intense conflicts that could devolve into the darkest break-up scenarios.

With Venus in Sagittarius

Fire and fire are simpatico in love and friendship. The beginning, especially, is a blast, as you quickly get to know each other. You're both into experiences that give you that adrenaline rush of the new. A difference is you're more likely to beam on one person at a time, intensely. Your Venus Sadge friend is fiery but has a less urgent way of relating. There's a lightness of being with Sagittarius, that makes them able to be in more than one relationship.

Is there more to experience beyond that first flash? Both signs are impulsive, and not inclined to get emotionally involved. This makes it challenging to establish stability for the long term. Longevity in this pairing has more to do with the path, and what's there to experience together. A shared sense of purpose is love glue.

With Venus in Capricorn

Your friend is more reserved and harder to get to know. You dive in first, to a new acquaintance, and ask questions later. This earthy Venus is sober and serious. They're likely to be observing you, and coolly assessing potential -- should they invest in you and the friendship?

You admire self-motivated people, and Venus Capricorn has a quiet confidence that's a draw. If you make them laugh, and draw them out of saturnine melancholy, your value rises in their eyes. Both signs have a bossy streak and like to be at the top of the heap. You're also both high achievers but go about it in different ways. Your Cappy love sees from you the power of acting at the moment. And you gain the wisdom that some things (and people) are worth the wait.

With Venus in Aquarius 

You're both freedom lovers, and that makes this an inspired friendship. But if you're looking for fidelity, be sure to make that clear. This is a match that can bring shocking surprises -- like finding out your lover has many kettles on the stove.

Your Aqua Venus lover is up for anything. A sticking point is deciding what to do. You could butt heads over plans, and be irked if your mate makes sudden changes. It's great for creative collaboration, with a lot of cutting-edge experimentation. In friendship, each champions what's unique about the other, and teases out new, interesting peculiarities.

With Venus in Pisces

Your relating style is forceful and directed toward a target. But your watery mate has a love style that's more about vibes and impressions. You might mistake their floaty way as lacking in self-definition. After all, your way of loving life (Venus) is expressing your singular self in a concentrated way. Your Venus Pisces friend, in contrast, is diffuse, merged with and sensitive to the environment. Yours is a passionate, fully present and very physical style. Theirs is sensual, in many worlds at once, and at times seemingly in another one entirely.

You might be inspired to rescue and shelter the lost child Venus Pisces. And their spiritual bent opens you to many dimensions of life. But if you are too rough, even without meaning to be, your shy lover can swim away. This works with love and patience.