Venus Aquarius Love Compatibility

 Credit: Pauline St.Denis / Getty Images

Venus Aquarius is a cool character, not prone to sentimentality or cuddly affection.

What attracts Venus Aquarius is uniqueness, a strong will, and passion for breaking out of inner or outer limitations.  

You'll find clues by reading about Aquarius in Love since Venus is the love planet.  Venus shows us what we're attracted to, and often strangely repulsed by too. 

Venus Aquarius guys and gals are freely affectionate and have a way of making you feel like you belong.

When Venus is in Aquarius (transiting), it's time for speed dating, random encounters, and light social mixers.  Compatible elements are fire and air, and these Venus signs also get a lift.

Here's Venus Aquarius with other Venus Signs:

Venus Aquarius With Venus in Aries

Venus Aquarius finds a kindred spirit in the Ram, who is similarly restless and craves novelty. One sticking point is that Venus is physically active, and wants to see a fiery passion in a lover. Aquarius is detached and at times, somewhere else, and Aries is alert in the spontaneous moment.   

Venus Aquarius With Venus in Taurus

These two Venus signs form a friction-causing square, that may throw sparks and passionate intensity, too. One's head is in the clouds, the other firmly planted on the ground. Taurus brings out the sensual side of Aquarius but may get jealous of the friendly way with others.  Both signs are stubborn and tend to entrench themselves in their corners.

Venus Aquarius With Venus in Gemini

These two are fellow air sign travelers, that like a fast pace to keep from feeling bored. On first dates, they share anecdotes, trying to bust the sides of the other with wit. Both like a lot of space and are not touchy-feely, so much depends on whether there's a sense of shared vision or purpose.  

Venus Aquarius With Venus in Cancer

Venus Cancer is the sentimental fool of the Zodiac and one that leads with the heart.  It's hard for each to relate, and there could be a judgment of the other's overemoting or lack of warmth. One wants a cozy nest, but will Aquarius ever be ready to settle down?   

Venus Aquarius With Venus in Leo

These Venus signs represent the Leo-Aquarius polarity and can at first seem like total opposites when it comes to matters of the heart. They both desire being admired as wholly unique one-offs, with strong wills. The only problem is that Leo likes to be treated like royalty, while Aquarius has a more egalitarian social style.      

Venus Aquarius With Venus in Virgo

Virgo craves order and gets defensive around those they sense are erratic characters. If Aquarius teases them too often about their habits and needs, the Virgin will start to disengage. The quirk factor is high here, but Aquarius' rebel ways may be too hard on Virgo's sensitive nerves.

Venus Aquarius With Venus in Libra

Two air signs have a mind meld, but Libra is way more into togetherness. The language of "We" makes Aquarius skittish, unless he or she is ready to fixate on one partner. They share a love of the arts and are often worldly. Chances are, they'll both bring a wide circle of friends to the union.  

Venus Aquarius With Venus in Scorpio

These Venus signs form a tense square, for a pairing that can go to extremes either way. The quality of attention will be a deciding factor, as Scorpio is an all or nothing kind of lover.  If Aquarius lives dangerously and has a secret life, there'll be hell to pay (and I've seen this play out with this combo).     

Venus Aquarius With Venus in Sagittarius

These are friendly elements (air and fire) and are always up for an adventure. The pair might be unusual in some way, with a mix of ethnicity or religion. They both need a driving vision to move them forward. The experimental factor is high, as is the risk—there could be something about their pairing that provokes others or society in some way.

Venus Aquarius With Venus in Capricorn

This pairing brings together the forces of order and chaos, but will they strike a balance that works?  Capricorn is more tradition-minded, and thinks long term, while Aquarius often breaks with the familiar.  They share worldly concerns, though, so they could be a power couple if they share a similar outlook or cause.

Venus Aquarius With Venus in Aquarius

These two each instinctively know what the other needs, and freedom in the relationship in a biggie for both. There can be a contract that works, but there could be mistrust too​ if one is ready for commitment. In general, they combine social worlds and may spend most of their time in cliques with friends anyway. 

Venus Aquarius With Venus in Pisces

These two are a pair of dreamers. Pisces speaks more in metaphor or through music or visuals.  Aquarius helps Pisces find some clarity, and is a champion for their dreams. Pisces brings out Aquarius tender side, but only if they avoid a power dynamic that's out of whack.