8 Unique Valentine's Day Gift Ideas for Teens

Cute Gifts to Give your Boyfriend or Girlfriend on Valentine's Day

Looking for unique, inexpensive ways to celebrate your love this Valentine's Day? Get inspiration from this list of Valentine gift ideas, picked especially with teens in mind.

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Homemade Cookies

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Sweet treats are standard Valentine's Day gifts for a good reason. Everyone loves them! Do your sweetie one better by baking your own Valentine cookies and arranging them in a pretty tin. 

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A Personalized Mix CD

Go old-school and burn a CD with a combination of romantic songs and funny songs on it. Choose songs that are important to your relationship (like the first one you danced to) and inside joke songs (like the theme song to the corny TV show that you both love). Then decorate the CD case with a collage of fun magazine clippings.  

If you don't have any blank CDs lying around, create a playlist on iTunes or Spotify and then share that playlist with your crush. 

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Tickets to a Show

Check your city guide to see what all-ages shows are coming to your town. Don't limit yourself just to movies, concerts, or sporting events.  Comedy shows, film festivals, or plays can also be fun. Note that you might need to check with your sweetie's parents first to make sure there are no scheduling conflicts.

Buy two tickets (one for each of you), tie them with a ribbon, and put them in a gift box to surprise your sweetie. 

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A Photo Album

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Photos are taken all the time, but way too few of them ever get printed.  Correct that by printing out your favorite photos of you and your darling.

You can use a service like Snapfish or Walgreens to print the photos, and then put them into the first pages of a new photo album. The other pages are for the memories you haven't made yet.

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Handmade Artwork

Depending on your artistic skill level, draw, paint, or do a tracing of something your boyfriend or girlfriend loves, such as their favorite animal or musician  If you're not much of an artist, don't be ashamed to give it a go It's the thought the counts!

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A Funny Stuffed Animal

Giving your boyfriend or girlfriend a stuffed animal for Valentine's Day verges on being too corny...unless it's something totally silly and unexpected. Add a romantic touch by tying a red ribbon around its neck.

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A Coupon Jar

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Fill a glass jar with cute, handmade coupons that say things like, "good for a long hug," "good for one back rub," and "you get to pick the movie we watch tonight." 

Be as creative as you want with what you write, but keep in mind that your sweetie's going to redeem them one day.