The Ultimate Form to Use When Holding Auditions

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Ultimate Audition Form

An easy and thorough Audition Form to assist you in getting the information you need from potential performers
Angela D. Mitchell

This easy, ready-to-print audition form makes it easy for anyone holding auditions to gather the necessary information from performers quickly, clearly, and for easy reference at a glance. This form is used for acting, singing and dancing roles. It ensures that at the start of the audition you have all the extra information you'll need from your performer. Audition forms can save time because you don't have to ask each performer the same set of questions. It also gives them something to do while they're waiting for their audition time.

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When Do You Need An Audition Form?

Audition forms are useful any time you are putting on a theatrical production. No matter what kind of production it is, whether it's a play, a ballet, or a musical, you'll need performers. Sometimes you will need a performer with a special skill; audition forms are a great way to quickly find out that information. Audition forms are usually stapled to actors headshots so that casting directors can remember which performer is which.