Uranus in Aries Transiting the Houses

Breaking free

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Aries is a Mars-ruled, raw life force.

The Great Awakener Uranus moving into the sparking mother of all fire signs, augurs Aries-style shocks and surprises. Think situations that feel brand new, require you to summon your courage, or fight for what you love. Uranus surges keep us from settling into a stagnant groove—it's the restless drive to keep evolving.

The companion to Uranus in our time is Pluto (in Capricorn), which is the demolisher and reformer of earthly life these days. Your launch zone with Uranus shows where you're waking up to new pathways, and taking action as you take charge of your destiny. 

What will it bring for you? Free associate Uranus, with Aries and the House its transiting (Look for Zero degrees Aries in your birth chart. Then, realize that with Uranus, it's likely to be something totally unexpected. And with a long transit like this, Uranus could begin in one House (in the birth chart) and end in another.

Here are some freely associated interpretations to get your higher mind (Uranus) ready for Aries, and a wholly brand new cycle for this exciting planet of revolution and freedom. Get ready for a wild ride that'll burn off inertia, and spark your will to really live!

Uranus Aries in the First House

(House of Aries and Mars) Restlessness. Acting in ways others don't expect. Shocking or surprising (good and bad) events happen that shake up your self-image. A dramatic break from caring about what others think. Breaking free from branding, and other outside influences. Personal Charisma. Not afraid to go against the crowd. More acting on instincts, intuition. Taking a courageous stand for a cause. More physical vitality, competitive, daredevil behavior, the assertion of leadership. Experiments with style (wild, changeable hair and clothes), stand-out looks, being a trendsetter.

Uranus Aries in the Second Hous

(House of Taurus and Venus) Uranus shakes-up the arena of money and values. Sudden losses or gains. Break with stable work routine. Erratic income—loss of stability leads to growth in new areas. The need to pull Self up by bootstraps, face fears. Questioning of values. Some might cast off material possessions, to be free. Awakening to natural talents, and ways of using resources. Pioneering entrepreneurship. Getting in on cutting edge technologies. Striking out on your own, in business or as a solo act showcasing your talents. Making most of social networking, and new technologies, to create income streams. You take risks on ahead-of-their-time ideas. Fortune smiles on you unexpectedly, when you loosen your grip on old ideas about making a living and focus on what's true now, and what's emerging.

Uranus Aries in the Third House

(House of Gemini and Mercury) A restless urge to be in the center of the social whirl. The instigator of short, highly animated encounters. Proving pen is mightier than the sword—sending or receiving charged, provocative, or confrontational correspondences. Championing free speech. Breaking free of social networking—or going full tilt with it. The quest for new ideas takes you into pioneering areas. Making an impact as a social observer, among friend circle. Being drawn to thoughts that spread like wildfire. Needing a varied routine. Intense need to stay on the move. Awakening to your impact on those in the immediate sphere, like your neighborhood.

Uranus Aries in the Fourth House

(House of Cancer and the Moon) A declaration of independence on the home front. Awakening to subtle pulls on the unconscious, from early family conditioning. Need to break free from family assumptions, about who you are. Possible break-ups of family, or asserting demand for your own space (a studio, music room, study). Loss of home, or sudden gain of property that creates a new beginning. Moving across town or another country. Loss of home base, leads to a wider sense of what Home Means. Unusual (possibly mobile) home choice–RV, tree house, yurt, or something you design and name yourself.

Uranus Aries in the Fifth House

(House of Leo and the Sun) Awakening to the vital power of play & personal creativity. Your brilliance shines big when you follow a totally original impulse. Inventive creativity. Exuberance in love. Exotic or eclectic choices in romance that goes against convention. Love affairs that shatter your perceptions about life, and feel freeing in some way. Surprising twists in love and friendship. Unexpected events involving kids. A sudden interest in a new hobby or game, and a desire to be Number 1 at it. An entire new self-image can come out of preoccupations, passions.

Uranus in the Sixth House

(House of Virgo and Mercury or Chiron) A restless desire for more challenge in work can lead to abrupt changes. Growth seems to demand a more spontaneous work life. Temp work, odd jobs, or striking out on your own. Interest in healing, beyond limits of the mainstream. Technologies and frontier areas for healing spark interest. Can prompt a sampling of an eclectic mix of personal health options. Can get into radical purification regimes that lead to greater awakening. A health crisis can shatter fixed attitudes, and open your eyes to the mind-body-spirit connection.

Uranus Aries in the Seventh House

(House of Libra and Venus) An urge to live more freely can put a strain on an established relationship. Or an infusion of vitality reinvigorates a sense of shared adventure. Confrontations, arguments, some that even go to shocking levels (physical aggression or threats). Partnerships shift shape, break-up, or come together. Growth comes from healthy self-assertion, though with Aries intensity, personal will can go too far. Awakening to your individuality, by seeing yourself in a relationship. Coming to inventive ways to be in a relationship, without sacrificing your independence.

Uranus Aries in the Eighth House

(House of Scorpio and Pluto) Awakening to the power of facing personal taboos. This Tongan word means "forbidden," and often veers to 8th House matters of sex and death, but also means "sacred" or "holy." Startling events take you to your psychic depths, where you unexpectedly find the seed of something sacred. Metamorphosis comes from exploring what's hidden, repressed, in need of transformation. Soul healing. A near-death experience, or facing your mortality, perhaps with a symbolic death, awakens you to expanded awareness. Experiencing death first hand. Exploring sexual energy, and expressing it boldly.

Uranus Aries in the Ninth House

(House of Sagittarius and Jupiter) An urge to travel off the known, mapped areas. Amazing or mind-altering travel experiences. Spiritual questing, and questioning of early programming. The shocking loss of personal philosophy leads to expanded vision. Defiant attitude toward unquestioned knowledge. The pursuit of broad knowledge based on real experience. A shunning of limits of conventional education — taking the schooling out-of-doors (symbolically or literally.) Pioneering dot-connecting, across many fields. Stirring the pot with outspokenness, in a way that provokes and/or catalyzes others.

Uranus Aries in the Tenth House

(House of Capricorn and Saturn) Breaking free of blindly following authority. Defiantly being the author of your own life. Sudden shifts allow you to reinvent your career. Events bring out your inner Norma Rae, to take a stand in a public way. Awakening to your true life's work, and by doing so, lighting up with renewed passion. Having the courage to be innovative in your field. Bringing fringe ideas to the mainstream, and gaining notoriety for that.

Uranus Aries in the Eleventh House

(House of Aquarius and Uranus) An impulse to expand, or shake-up your friend networks. You could make a radical break that shocks others — like leaving a club in which you've been a member in good standing. Attraction to cutting edge ideas. Being energized by time spent with inspired colleagues. Instigating actions among your friends to set things in motion. Taking a leadership role to launch a cause. Experimenting with the power of ideas to motivate groups to act.

Uranus Aries in the Twelfth House

(House of Pisces and Neptune) Jolts to awaken you to what's usually not conscious. Your private life can be exposed in some way. Intense experiences can awaken the fighter within, to overcome patterns of being the victim or martyr. Great chance for healing, with the higher mind (Uranus) flashing on areas outside our own awareness. Supernatural happenings — serendipities, unexpected encounters with unseen entities. Showing courage to confront shadowy influence leads to greater self-confidence. Imaginative breakthroughs make for truly inventive creative expression.