Top 5 Upgrades for Inboard Boats

Add New Features to Modernize Your Boat

After seeing the 2013 inboard boat lineups you might be feeling a little bit jealous. I know I was. Boats nowadays come with so many amazing features, that when you can't help but feel a little less enthusiastic about your old tried and true vessel.

But before you sell your old boat short, you may want to consider giving it a few upgrades. Listed below are five of the best upgrades that will make your boat sea worthy once again.

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Cruise Control

The Ridesteady from Hydrophase is a perfect retro fit cruise control system. Image © Hydrophase, LLC

Inboard boats have been coming standard with cruise control for several years now, but this is an absolute must for watersports. Keeping a perfectly consistent speed is nearly impossible without cruise control on a boat. And from a safety standpoint, cruise control allows you to keep your focus on the water and the rider, instead of the speedometer and the throttle.

So if you are ready to add cruise control to your boat check out some of the great aftermarket solutions from Hydrophase, Perfect Pass, or Zero Off. If you are retro fitting cruise control on your boat then the Ridesteady from Hydrophase can't miss. It works with virtually every inboard and I/O boat on the market and packs a lot of premium features into a great price.

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Aftermarket Tower

Once again, today's inboards typically come standard with a wakeboard tower. A tower is necessary for wake boarding because it pulls you from a higher source and allows you more freedom of mobility in the air. So if you're ready to add some new metal to your boat, then check out these three great options.

  • Monster Tower: Rock Solid Customer Service and a fantastic product.
  • Aerial Towers: Lightweight, customized and plenty of sound and bling options.
  • Big Air Pylons: If you want to utilize your center mounted pylon you can always amp it up with a Big Air Pylon. Just watch out as these will pull your boat a little bit more than a tower will when a rider is cutting out. Still, a great option if you are on a budget.
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Deck Foam

Is your boat looking a little -- how do I put this nicely -- tattered? Hey, it happens. Over time drinks will spill, seats will tear, and carpet will shred and whither away. It's just a sure sign of a well loved boat. But if you are ready to give your tired old carpet a break and upgrade your look a little bit, then definitely check out some of the new foam decking options on the market.

One company in particular, called Sea Deck, is making great kits that easily apply to your boat, once you have ripped out the old carpet. Their deck foam is durable, resistant to stains, and easy to clean. They offer kits that match a lot of hull configurations, so check out their website and see if they have your boat listed. If not, they have a custom kit available that you can cut to fit your boat. In fact, Nautique loves the product so much that it comes standard on the 2013 G25 Flagship Wake boat.

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Ballast Upgrade

Ballast is by far one of the biggest concerns for wakeboarders and wake surfers. The most popular option is to add ballast bags. These bags come in many different sizes and are designed to fit anywhere on your boat -- ski lockers, bow tips, and the like. No matter how you configure your set up just make sure you get a great ballast pump to fill and dump your water quickly and easily.

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Audio Upgrade

When it comes to getting pumped for a great riding session, you have got to have an adequate audio system. Sometimes the four onboard speakers and your old tape deck aren't enough to cut it. Your favorite car audio brands likely make marine options for decks, amps, and speakers. But my favorite speakers are definitely Kickers. They make a great set of tower speakers that mount and wire up easily to any amp and headset.

And don't be intimidated by all of the wiring. Boats have plenty of great channels and caverns to hide your wires and most towers have pre drilled holes for your wiring to keep it straight forward.

So there you have it, the top five boat upgrades. This is by no means the definitive list and there are dozens of other upgrades that make great additions to your boat. If you are considering some new upgrades, but need a second opinion then send me an email, I'd be happy to drop in my two cents.