The Internet's Best Reaction Memes To The United Airlines Controversy

United Airlines Memes
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United Airlines Messed Up; The Internet Reacted With Memes

Airplane gif
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"Fly the friendly skies," they said. "It will be fun," they said.

On April 9, 2017, United Airlines committed one of the biggest public relations gaffs in recent memory and, naturally, the internet had some funny things to say about it.

The scenario: A few late-arriving United employees showed up and needed to catch a ride to Louisville, Kentucky from Chicago, so the airline asked passengers on the crowded flight to willingly give up their seat in exchange for financial compensation. After they got no takers, they upped the ante to $1,000 per seat, yet still they couldn't get anyone to leave.

What they did next was astounding. After randomly selecting four passengers to give up their seats, flight attendants approached 69 year-old doctor David Dao, who told them he could not vacate his seat because he had appointments to see patients the next day in Kentucky. Security was called, and before long the scene had escalated to the man being dragged out of his seat and down the airplane aisle while his fellow passengers loudly protested and took videos on their phones.

You say 'dragged and beaten;' we say 're-accommodate.' 

The situation was horrific, and it only got worse when United's CEO, Oscar Munoz, issued a totally lame public apology for being too rough while "re-accommodating" Dr. Dao. In a leaked internal memo, the big boss even went so far as to blame Dr. Dao for not cooperating with United employees. The whole debacle was a PR nightmare unlike any the airline had ever faced before, and you know what the internet does with PR nightmares, right? They make memes!

While the situation is certainly not funny, many of the memes created by angry web users were. The memes also send a strong message to corporations that when the public disapproves of your actions, you will be held accountable by people making jokes at your expense for the foreseeable future. So straighten up and fly right, United. We've got our eyes on you. 

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Rocky Balboa

Rocky United Airlines meme
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Poor Dr. Dao did look like he'd gone a few rounds with Mr. T in that video. Pity the fool!

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New Corporate Slogan?

United Airlines Memes
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I like it! It's got a nice ring to it, and it's definitely easy to remember.

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Ultimate Fighting Championship

UFC meme
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Don't let the petite flight attendant fool you; she's ruthless in the ring.

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Nothing To See Here

United Airlines meme
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"Why are you crying, little girl, these are just a few of our new staff members. They're not terrifying at all!"

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The Walking Dead, Meet The Seated Living

Walking Dead United meme
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Oh hi, Negan. We didn't realize you worked for United.

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Welcome To Fight Club

United meme
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You remember the first rule of Fight Club, don't you? Don't talk about Fight Club!

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That's Using Your Noggin

United meme
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After the passenger dragging story hit the mainstream, United's stock price plummeted. Boy, who could have seen that coming? Shocker!

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A Dig From The Competition

Southwest United airline burn
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Would you like us to help you apply some ice to that burn?

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"Actual Photos of Recent United Airlines Customers"

The Office United meme
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 These characters from The Office have seen better days.

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Yes, Lord Vader

Star Wars Vader United
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When you fly, you're really the mercy of the captain and crew. Let's just hope they're reasonable people.

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Re-accommodate This!

United Airlines Re-accommodate
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That table slam, though.

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The Customer Is Always Wrong

Customer Service United Meme
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"We treat our customers like crap so you don't have to."

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The Truth Hurts

United Airlines Beat Customers Meme
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Seems reasonable enough. Except NOT AT ALL.

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The Choice Is Yours

Coffee tea beating United
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Just kidding; you don't have a choice!

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Talk About A Rough Flight

Hulk Hogan bloody United Airlines
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"Fasten your seatbelts, gentlemen. It's going to be a bumpy night."

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Flight Or Fright

United Fight or Flight

I'll take "flight," please.

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Coming To A Theater New You

Overbooked movie poster
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Tom Hanks really will star in anything.

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United Airlines Now Supports Drag and Drop

Drag and drop United
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Well, this is awkward.

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United Airlines Commercial (Jimmy Kimmel Live)

Jimmy Kimmel Live United Spoof
Via YouTube/Jimmy Kimmel Live.

Jimmy Kimmel had a lot to say about this situation on his show, Jimmy Kimmel Live. They also helpfully came up with a brand new slogan for the beleaguered airline; "United Airlines: F**k You." You can see the entire stand up routine and the very funny parody commercial here on YouTube. (Hint: The commercial parody starts at the 4:12 mark.)

Good luck winning over the public's trust again, United. Once you've gone full meme it's hard to recover, but at least you've got the American peoples' "If it's a cheap enough ticket, I'll fly any airline" attitude going for you.