Unique Ways to Ask a Guy to a Dance

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Asking a guy to the dance takes guts. You’ll want to ask him before he has another date and in a way that he just can’t refuse.
If you’re looking for a unique, funny or memorable way to score your dream date, get some inspiration from these girls:

Sock it to Him!

Sometimes the simplest gestures pack the most punch. When Caitlin Rand was a senior, she asked Basel El Madhoun to their winter formal in the most adorable way. She gave him a pair of socks! Along with the footwear was a note that read, “It would sock if you didn’t go to winter formal with me.” Basel said yes! Now, if you’re going to try this method yourself, I suggest presenting him with a pair of formal black socks that he can actually wear to the dance.

Last Man Standing.

When Devinne Love was a sophomore, she had her sights set on a special guy in her English class, Peter Minella. So, she made up a game of “Last Man Standing” that she then got her entire English class, including her teacher, to be part of. Questions like “if you do not take Spanish, sit down,” were read to the entire class and eventually, one guy was left standing- Peter. Then, the question “If you want to ask Peter to the dance, stand up,” was read, which was Devinne’s cue to stand up and ask the big question! Peter said yes, naturally. If you’re going to ask a guy to the dance using a fairly public method like this, make sure he’s not on the shy side. You don’t want to embarrass him!​

T-Shirt Mystery.

Freshman Allie Hodgen got super creative with her dance proposal. She got a white t-shirt, then wrote the names of a bunch of girls all over it… in washable marker! But, she wrote her name in permanent marker. Her date was then presented the shirt and told to put it in the washing machine to reveal who wanted to take him to the dance. If you’re going to go this route, be sure to have someone other than yourself present your guy with the t-shirt… gotta keep the mystery going for as long as possible!​

Hijack a Local Billboard.

Senior Ashley Shay concocted quite a plan to ask her boyfriend Grant Christian to prom. His family owns the store Christian Photo, which conveniently has a small billboard in front with interchangeable letters. After consulting with Grant’s family, Ashley had the message “Grant Will you go to JHS prom with me? Love Ash," put up on the billboard. When Grant drove by, you can guess his answer… yes! Not to be outdone by his girlfriend, Grant devised his own plan to surprise Ashley. He had a teacher sneak a “Will you go to prom with me?” slide into a class PowerPoint presentation that Ashley was watching, then appeared with flowers. Aw!​

Choose Your Own Adventure-Style.

YouTuber FreckledSoldier made up a “Choose Your Own Adventure” prom proposal for her boyfriend of three and a half years. She invited him over, asked him to choose a “weapon” at the front door, then snake through the hallways of her house to find a poster asking him to prom surrounded by balloons that he needed to pop in order to read cute messages inside. She filmed the whole thing, and you can watch it here.

Homemade Scavenger Hunt.

When Junior Mekayla Melahouris asked her boyfriend of 18 months to the prom, she got down and dirty with arts and crafts. She created a bunch of construction paper arrows, then strategically placed them around the football field where he was practicing after school. After he followed their path, he found Mekayla waiting with flowers and the big question. He said yes!​

Stuff His Locker.

Junior Kailey Tassone did a little breaking and entering to pull off her dance proposal to sophomore Matt Spiller. She stuffed his locker with 53 (that’s right, 53) stuffed animal cats and one note that read “It would be purrrfect if you went to Turnabout with meow!” I don’t know what the significance of the number 53 is, but it was impressive enough to get Matt to say yes. If you want to try this trick, pick his favorite animal, and perhaps a number that means something special to you two. Maybe you’ve known each other for 48 months, ten years or your anniversary is on the 26th. Put a personal spin on it to make it truly unique!
Now that you've got your dance proposal figured out, you just need to figure out who should pay for what! Hint: It's totally okay to split everything, especially when it's a costly dance like prom.
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