Bald Celebs - 10 Uber Cool Bald Celebs

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Magic Johnson

Giulio Marocchi / Getty Images

Who doesn't love Magic Johnson? Besides being one of the most popular NBA basketball players of all time, he's an amazing guy with great style and has continued to impress. He has a non-profit charitable organization and has a business that specializes in urban businesss development. Wow!

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Bruce Willis

Andrew H Walker / Getty Images

Bruce Willis is an American icon. He is an action hero, a comedian, a well respected actor and, well, the list goes on. Moreover, he looks great without hair.

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Kelly Slater

Albert E. Rodriguez / Getty Images

Kelly Slater is the most successful professional surfer in the history of the sport having won eight world championships and countless other competitions. He is also super sexy.

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Cal Ripken Jr.

Frederick M Brown / Getty Images

Cal Ripken Jr. is beloved. He is considered one of the best shortstops to ever play baseball. Among other career achievements. He was known for being one of the most willing autograph signers in baseball. This guy has class.

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Evan Agostini / Getty Images

Seal, as we all know, has an amazing soulful voice and is a great songwriter. He is also married to one of the most beautiful women in the world, Heidi Klum. He always looks impeccable to boot. I love a guy with serious style.

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Patrick Stewart

Dave Hogan / Getty Images

You don't have to be a Trekkie to know how cool Patrick Stewart is. His acting career has flourished since his days as a starship captain and he's always been regarded as a sexy bald guy. His English accent helps a little too.

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Michael Chiklis

Frazer Harrison / Getty Images

Michael Chiklis is an award-winning actor and plays roles for both the big and little screens. He totally revamped his image after his series

The Commish

which included working out and shaving off what little hair he had left. It seems to have paid off well.

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Shaquille O'Neal

Dave Hogan / Getty Images

Another basketball superstar, Shaquille O'Neal is famous for his physical stature, being one of the most dominant in the NBA. Now that's saying something--a giant among giants. Not only is he involved in basketball, but he continues to try other things such as music and acting. Such ambition.

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Andre Agassi

Scott Wintrow / Getty Images

I have always loved Andre Agassi. Perhaps not so much for his tennis achievements, but his passion and style. Alright, let's be honest, he just cute. I can even forgive him for the mullet he wore back in the day. He looks even better without hair--it accentuates his facial expressions and features. That's a good thing.

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Mark Forster

Kevin Winter / Getty Images

You may not be so familiar with Mark Forster, but he is a well known movie director. He directed films such as

Monster's Ball Finding Neverland Stranger Than Fiction Bond 22

, the second installment of the new James Bond film series. We love creative types.