U.S. Army Garrison - Vicenza (Caserma Ederle),Italy

The U.S. Army Garrison Vicenza's headquarters is located on Caserma Ederle in Vicenza, an Italian military installation with an Italian base commander. Special Italian military police, known as carabinieri, provide security and liaison with Italian law enforcement agencies.

Most Vicenza garrison activities are located on the Caserma; others are on smaller Italian installations in the area and on leased property. The Vicenza garrison also has deployment support operations at Aviano Air Base near Pordenone and oversight of the Livorno Garrison near Pisa.

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The USAG Vicenza's mission is to provide base support operations and installation management services for our Soldiers, civilians, and family members by the continued enhancement of family support services, dedication to mission readiness, and the enrichment of overall cultural understanding.

USAG Vicenza conducts deployment operations in support of tenant units and onward movement of forward deployed units passing through Italy. The garrison conducts law enforcement and force protection operations and provides direct support and general support maintenance and supply support.

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Base Information

Italy near Vicenza Army Base
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Caserma Ederle – USAG Vicenza is located between Venice and Verona and is within a three-hour drive from Florence, Milan, and Bologna. The cost of living is relatively high in this area compared to other regions of Italy. There are multicultural opportunities throughout the Veneto Region including festivals, museums, and historical sites.

Vicenza is known as the City of [Andrea] Palladio and is home to many great architectural sites including the Villa Rotonda. The surrounding country of Vicenza is agricultural, but also features quarries of marble, sulfur, copper, and silver mines. The world-famous Gold Exposition takes place in Vicenza three times per year. Other local industries include silk, pottery, and musical instruments.

Venice (Marco Polo) Airport is the primary port of entry to be used when coordinating commercial flights to Vicenza. 

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Population/Major Units Assigned

Sgt. Margarita Gutierrez of U.S. Army Europe's 13th Military Police Company shovels snow on a shelter to provide some natural insulation, during a four-week U.S.-Italian winter survival training course in the Dolomite Mountains of northern Italy. Photo courtesy U.S. Army; Photo Credit: Staff Sgt. David Hopkins

The mission of the U.S. Army Garrison Italy is to support the Vicenza Military Community that is comprised of more than 9,000 Soldiers, Civilian Employees (including Local National), Retirees and Family Members.

Major Units supporting the Vicenza Military Community include TheSouthern European Task Force, 173rd Airborne Brigade Combat Team, 14th Transportation Battalion, Detachment E, 106th Finance Management Company (FMCo) and the 509th Signal Battalion.

USAG Italy supports several other units as well, including the 21st Theater Sustainment Command-Italy, the U.S. Army Health Clinic/Dental Clinic – Vicenza, AFN Radio and Television and other units and organizations. USAG Italy also supports U.S. military units located in Livorno, Italy as part of the Darby Military Community.

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Visiting/Living on Vicenza Italy Army Base

High School in Italy
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The Ederle Inn has 90 rooms including 15 apartment-style suites and VIP suites available. All facilities include AFN, on-site laundry facilities and air conditioning. There at Pet-friendly rooms, please call about availability.

Services offered at the Ederle Inn are: 24-hour reception service in English, DSN and commercial telephone lines, Modem and Internet access, Private Bath, Non-smoking accessible rooms, Refrigerators, Ironing Boards w/Irons, Laundry Facilities, Television with AFN and Satellite Access, VCRs and Video Rental.


Vicenza is under a Mandatory Family Housing Policy. Incoming service members with families in Vicenza are assigned to Government family housing if available. If quarters are not available, the Soldier will be assisted in finding adequate private rental housing. Garrison commanders continue to have the authority to require those designated key and essential duty positions to reside on the installation.

The Vicenza Housing Office lists government-owned quarters in Villaggio Della Pace and government-leased quarters in the surrounding communities.  Quarters meet the minimum size required by rank and bedroom. Homes in Italy are smaller than normal stateside residences and do not have built-in closets.

Single Service Member Barracks are available for unaccompanied Soldiers E1 through E4. E5 and E6 may be authorized to live in private rental housing depending on space in the barracks.

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Child Care

The Caserma Ederle Child and Youth Services (CYS) Program consists of: Central Enrollment Registration, Office/Child and Youth Services, Liaison, Education & Outreach Services (CLEOS), Child Development Centers, Family Child Care, School Age Services, Youth Services, Child & Youth Sports & Fitness and SKIES Unlimited instructional programs. 

The Vicenza Child Development Centers (CDCs) provide quality full-time, part-time, part-day and hourly child care for children six weeks through 5 years of age. The centers are open Monday through Friday, 6 a.m. to 6 p.m., and are closed on the weekends.

Family Child Care offers a family atmosphere with a limited number of children by an adult, who is certified by Child and Youth Services (CYS), in CYS certified government quarters.


Caserma Ederle has DoDDS Schools options.  There is an elementary, a middle school, and a high school.  The elementary and middle schools located in the Villagio Housing Complex.  Vicenza High School located on Caserma Ederle.

The DoDDS Student Transportation Office (STO) in Vicenza provides daily school bus transportation for students who live in the commuting area. There are no fees charged to families for this service. The STO also provides transportation for all school-approved trips.

The CYS School Liaison Officer can provide support and resources to parents who choose Home Schooling for their children. USAG Vicenza School Liaison Services Unit located in Building 108, Room 42 at the Family Readiness Center, Caserma Ederle, Vicenza.

Medical Care

The U.S. Army Health Center, Vicenza, serves a population of approximately 6,000 enrolled beneficiaries. Primary Care is available in the Vicenza Health Center for immediate and routine care. All enrolled beneficiaries with major medical illnesses or major surgical requirements will be referred to facilities in Landstuhl, Germany or other medical centers in the United States.