U.S. Army Garrison (USAG) Mannheim, Germany

The United States Army Garrison Mannheim Military Community is located in Southwestern Germany, approximately 100 kilometers or 60 miles South of Frankfurt and 25 kilometers or 15 miles northwest of Heidelberg. The city of Mannheim is, with over 300,000 inhabitants the second largest city in the German state of Baden-Wuerttemberg.

The city is connected to three major Autobahns (Interstates) and has an ICE train stop, enabling easy access to attractions such as Disneyland Paris, the Black Forest, and other countries like France and Austria. The weather in the area is similar to that of the Northeastern United States. Winters are cold with little to moderate snow and summers are hot but not as humid.

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Mannheim Germany city landmark - Water Tower
Mannheim Germany city landmark - Water Tower. Photo courtesy U.S. Army

The Mannheim Military Community had its original roots with the American occupational forces immediately following World War II. Since 1974, the mission has been to be the single point of control for Americans and to provide base operations support for tenant units in the assigned geographical area.

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Location/Driving Directions

map location of Mannheim

The Mannheim Military Community is located in southwestern Germany, approximately 60 miles south of Frankfurt and 15 miles northwest of Heidelberg.

To Sullivan Barracks, Mannheim via A6 from the South (Heidelberg/Stuttgart):

  • Once on B-656, follow 1st exit sign, A-6 towards Mannheim/Frankfurt
  • Stay on A-6 for about 4 km.
  • Take the B-38 exit towards Mannheim.
  • Once on B-38, stay in right lane and take the exit for Sullivan/Taylor Barracks.
  • At top of exit, turn right at light.
  • At next intersection (T), turn left at light.
  • Follow until Friendship Circle is in front of you, then turn right into circle.
  • Take 1st right out of circle.
  • Take 1st right into Sullivan Bks.
  • To Sullivan Barracks, Mannheim via A6 from the North - (Frankfurt/ Darmstadt)
  • Drive on A6 from direction Frankfurt towards Mannheim until the Autobahn Triangle Viernheim (Autobahndreieck Viernheim).
  • Take exit Mannheim -Kaefertal which leads to onto B38 .
  • Once on B-38, stay in right lane and take the exit for Sullivan/Taylor Barracks.
  • At top of exit, turn right at light.
  • At next intersection (T), turn left at light.
  • Follow till Friendship Circle is in front of you, then turn right into circle.
  • Take 1st right out of circle.
  • Take 1st right into Sullivan Bks.
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Population/Major Units Assigned

Honorees for their accomplishments and bravery during the Year
Photo courtesy U.S. Army/Sgt. Brandon Spragins

The approximate total population assigned to USAG Mannheim, Germany is 15,000, consisting of:

  • Army active duty: 4,000
  • Air Force active duty: 200
  • Army family members: 6,484
  • Air Force family members: 197
  • Civilian employees and family members: 3,266
  • U.S. military retirees: 727

The Army military units in the Mannheim community fall under the major command of United States Army Europe (USAREUR) and NETCOM. Local units consist mostly of Signal, Transportation, Aviation Maintenance and Military Police support.

USAG Mannheim supports units from every major command in USAREUR and some units not headquartered within the Federal Republic of Germany.

The six major troop billets—Sullivan Bks, Taylor Bks, Turley Bks, Spinelli Bks, Coleman Bks, Funari Bks—are located in the Eastern and Northern suburbs of Mannheim. Friedrichsfeld depot is located close to Autobahn 656 between the cities of Mannheim and Heidelberg.

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Temporary Lodging

Benjamin Franklin Village Guest House
Benjamin Franklin Village Guest House. Photo courtesy U.S. Army

Sponsors may make reservations for newcomers at the post hotel, the Franklin Guest House located on Benjamin Franklin Village, Bldg. 312. You can reach the Guest House at:

  • Phone: 011-49-621-7301700/6547
  • Fax: 011-49-621-738607
  • DSN: 314-380-1700/6547

Government quarters are small and government-funded storage is not available. Unofficial travel reservations are taken seven days in advance of arrival date.

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Mannheim Senior Officer Housing
Mannheim senior officer housing. Photo courtesy U.S. Army

The Mannheim Housing Division currently provides housing for approximately 3,537 soldiers and approximately 600 civilian employees. Benjamin Franklin Village (Mannheim): Consists of 2, 3 and 4 bedroom quarters for Junior (E1 thru E6) Enlisted; 2, 3 and 4 bedroom quarters for Company Grade (01 thru 03/WO1 thru CW3) Officers; 4 bedroom quarters for Field Grade (04 thru 06/CW3P thru CW/MW5) Officers.

The phone number for the Housing Office DSN 385-2449 or COM 011-49-621-730-2449. Unaccompanied Personnel Housing numbers are COM 011-49-621-730-2364 or DSN 385-2364.

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Child Care

Sports and fitness programs are offered to all youth 3-18 years old
Sports and fitness programs are offered to all youth 3-18 years old. Photo courtesy U.S. Army

Child & Youth Services Liaison, Education and Outreach Services (CLEOS) is located at Bldg.255 and can be reached at COM 011-49 -621-730-2750/2353
or (DSN) 314-385-2750/2353. The Central Enrollment and Registration Team can assist you with finding the right Sport, Instructional Program, or Middle School/Teen Activity just for your child or youth and assist you with finding a child care provider that suits your work schedule.

Child Development Services (CDS) Childcare is provided for children ages 6 weeks to 12 years in the USAG Mannheim through a variety of delivery systems which include center-based care in Child Development Centers (CDC), quarters-based care in Family Child Care (FCC) homes and before and after school care with School Age Services (SAS).

Availability Waiting list priority is based solely on the date which parents apply for registration. Depending on your situation, there are several different waiting lists on which you can be placed:

  • Preference for Care List (CDC): Placement on this list is by date enrolled. No priority is given. This list tends to be several months long.
  • Projected Demand Wait List: This list is used when patrons are expecting a child and care is not needed at the time of application. The patron is moved to the active Preference For Care List when the child is born or care is needed. The original date of application is used.
  • Excess Demand Wait List (FCC): List is divided into two parts. One for dual/single military/civilians and one for DoD civilians. Priority is given to the dual/single military IAW government regulations. This waiting list is generally a few months but is much shorter than the Preference for Care List. Parents must sign a waiting list agreement.
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Mannheim Elementary School
Mannheim Elementary School. Photo Courtesy U.S. Army

Department of Defense Dependent Schools has three Mannheim community schools all located within walking distance in Benjamin Franklin Village housing area. American military children must attend either the DoDEA or a German school, many of which are located in Mannheim and neighboring communities.

DoDEA has changed its Early Childhood Education programs entrance requirements for all DoD Schools for Calendar Year 2009–2010. Age requirement are:

  • Sure Start and Pre-Kindergarten Programs: Child must be 4 years of age by September 1.
  • Kindergarten Programs: Child must be 5 years of age by September 1.
  • First Grade: Child must be 6 years of age by September 1.

The Mannheim Elementary and Middle Schools provide special education services to the moderate to severely handicapped as well as the mildly handicapped. Services for the emotionally and communication impaired students are also available.

For more information on support services for special needs children, please check with your ACS Exceptional Family Member Program Manager.

German schools are conducted entirely in the German language.

Adult education services are furnished by the Sullivan Bks Education Center, Bldg. 253 and Coleman Bks Education Center, Bldg. 50. Various college representatives are located in both Education Centers to assist anyone desiring to continue university studies and/or military studies.

Most college courses are oriented toward adult evening and weekend classes; however, the University of Maryland's European Campus is located close by on Turley Bks for students desiring an on-campus educational environment.

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Medical Care

German and U.S. medics work to identify and categorize role players during an emergency response exercise at U.S. Army Garrison Mannheim.
German and U.S. medics work to identify and categorize role players during an emergency response exercise at U.S. Army Garrison Mannheim. Photo courtesy U.S. Army/Christine Gebhard

Mannheim U.S. Army Health Clinic has an outpatient health clinic that operates as a Family Practice. There is no after hours, weekend or Holiday care available. After duty hours emergencies can be seen at the Heidelberg Hospital or in a German clinic or hospital. Services at the clinic include:

  • Family practice
  • Patient Procedure Room (PTR)
  • Immunization
  • Allergy
  • Physical exams
  • Optometry
  • Physical therapy
  • Pharmacy
  • X-ray
  • Laboratory services
  • Wellness center

Patients with non-emergency conditions are seen by appointment only. Appointments are made through Central Appointments.

Patients with emergency conditions should report to the Patient Procedure Room (PTR). If emergency needs are beyond the capability of the clinic, patients will be transferred to the nearest host nation facility capable of handling the emergency. Local facilities most often used are part of the Klinikum Mannheim.

Since many personnel must utilize the German health facilities, the Mannheim Army Health Clinic has a Patient Liaison Coordinator who provides services to ID card holders who are using German healthcare facilities.

The HBA or TRICARE advisor can answer questions that beneficiaries may have concerning the use and coverage of TRICARE. The advisor is available to assist family members in completing and filing TRICARE claim forms. Patients seeking care in a host nation facility should consult the HBA before receiving that care.

The Community Health Nurse is available at the Heidelberg hospital at DSN 314-371-2140. After duty hours, a chaplain can be reached by contacting the Mannheim Military Police at DSN 314-385-3359 or 011-49-621-7303359.