U.S. Army Administrative Promotion Points for E-5/E-6

Awards, Decorations, Achievements and Badges

U.S. Army soldiers can be the recipients of a variety of awards, decorations, achievements, Personal Fitness Test (PFT) scores, and badges for their military service, especially when defending the country in times of conflict.

The goal of the Army's award program is to enhance mission accomplishments by identifying excellence of both military and civilian members of the force and motivating them to high levels of performance and service. The awards program allows for an objective grading method for soldiers in the Army in promotable status. A new system of promotion points was developed in 2011 and updated in 2015.

Multiply the number of points authorized by the number of awards received:

Awards and Medals

Soldier’s Medal or higher award/decoration 40
Bronze Star Medal with “V” Device 35
Bronze Star Medal 30
Purple Heart 30
Defense Meritorious Service Medal 25
Meritorious Service Medal 25
Air Medal with “V” Device 25
Army Commendation Medal with “V” Device 25
Air Medal 20
Joint Service Commendation Medal 20
Army Commendation Medal 20
Joint Service Achievement Medal 10
Army Achievement Medal 10
Good Conduct Medal 10
Army Reserve Component Achievement Medal 10
Armed Forces Reserve Medal (with or without “M” Device) 10
Military Outstanding Volunteer Service Medal 10

Badge Promotion Points

Combat Infantry Badge 30
Combat Medical Badge 30
Combat Action Badge 30
Expert Infantry Badge 30
Expert Field Medical Badge 30
Master Parachute Badge 20
Master Explosive Ordnance Disposal Badge 20
Senior Parachute Badge 15
Senior Explosive Ordnance Disposal Badge 15
Presidential Service Badge 15
Vice President Service Badge 15
Drill Sergeant Badge 15
Basic US Army Recruiter Badge 15
Parachute Badge 10
Parachute Badge 10
Parachute Rigger Badge 10
Divers badge 10
Basic Explosive Ordnance Disposal Badge 10
Pathfinder Badge 10
Air Assault Badge 10
Aircraft Crewman Badge 10
Secretary of Defense Service Badge 10
Joint Chiefs of Staff Identification Badge 10
Army Staff Identification Badge 10
Space Badge 10
Tomb Guard Identification Badge 10
Driver and Mechanic Badge 10

Point Values

As you advance your training and skills throughout your career, points for some badges increase. For instance, the basic parachute badge is 10 points, the senior parachute badge is 15 points, and the master parachute badge is 20 points.

Promotion points increase through the following levels: Basic recruiting is worth 15 points, Gold recruiting is worth 20 points, and Master recruiting is worth 20 points toward advancement and promotion.

Hazardous Duty Points

The Hazardous Duty specialty gains extra points due to the danger involved. A basic parachutist can receive an extra 20 points, a senior parachutist can receive an extra 25 points, and a master parachutist can receive an additional 30 points when in hazardous duty areas conducting difficult training or real-world combat missions.

Certificates of Achievement

Certain specific achievements are awarded the following points:

Soldier/NCO of the Quarter – BDE Level 10
Soldier/NCO of the Quarter 15
Soldier/NCO of the Year – MACOM 25
Distinguished Honor Graduate 15
Distinguished Leadership Award 10
Commandants List 5

The Army Good Conduct Medal (AGCM)

For three years of faithful service by exhibiting exemplary conduct, efficiency, and fidelity, enlisted members are eligible for the Army Good Conduct Medal. However, if the term of service being reviewed for advancement does not meet the three-year term to be eligible for the AGCM, the added points cannot be used for the current promotion board.

The period of service is used to determine eligibility for promotion points (orders issued late do not result in a retroactive promotion point adjustment). The date of the order or ending period, whichever is later, will be used to determine eligibility for promotion points on all remaining awards, such as the Army Achievement Medal, Army Commendation Medal, or Meritorious Service Medal.

Awards and decorations earned in other U.S. Uniformed Services receive the same points as corresponding/ equivalent Army awards. An online calculator is available to determine your promotion/advancement number.