Types of Sewing Stitches - DIY Sewing Stitch Photo Tutorials

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DIY Sewing Stitch Photo Tutorials

DIY Sewing Stitch Tutorials
DIY Sewing Stitch Tutorials. Rain Blanken

When I was little, I thought that sewing was all about not tangling the thread. Now I've come to learn that different kinds of stitches have their own purpose, and can make or break a project. Here is a list of common stitches and how to make them:

  1. Straight Stitch
  2. Overcast Stitch
  3. Zigzag Stitch
  4. Blanket Stitch
  5. Buttonhole Stitch
  6. Running Stitch
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Straight Stitch Illustration and Instructions

Straight Stitch
Straight Stitch. Rain Blanken

A straight stitch is the most basic of sewing stitches, used to attach two pieces of fabric together. This may sound simple, but there are some tips that will help you stitch evenly every time for the perfect bond.

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Overcast Stitch Illustration and Instructions

Overcast Stitch
Overcast Stitch. Rain Blanken

An overcast stitch is used to to both protect the raw edges of fabric and as a decorative stitch. Often called a 'whipstitch', this stitch is easy to master even for beginners.

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Zigzag Stitch Illustration and Instructions

Zigzag Stitch
Zigzag Stitch. Rain Blanken

A zigzag stitch is a very good way to protect the raw edges of fabric. There are decorative zigzag stitches, but for the purpose of securing the edges of the fabric, we will be using one that wraps around the edges of the fabric. If you're working with a sewing machine, there is a zigzag stitch setting, but for smaller projects, a hand-stitched zigzag may be better.

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Blanket Stitch Illustration and Instructions

Blanket Stitch
Blanket Stitch. Rain Blanken

A blanket stitch is often used to trim the raw edges of fabric to prevent them from unraveling. It is most often seen as a decorative stitch on the edge of fleece blankets. This decorative stitch is similar to the overcast stitch, except here, the thread loops through itself.

Need a step-by-step to complete the blanket stitch? See my step-by-step photo tutorial to get comprehensive look at this stitch.

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Buttonhole Stitch Illustration and Instructions

Buttonhole Stitch
Buttonhole Stitch. Rain Blanken

A buttonhole stitch is used to trim the raw edges of fabric to secure the edges of a button hole. It is strong enough to stay intact, even if some of the stitching is cut. You'll need to use a thick buttonhole thread and make very close 'satin' stitches to make a strong edge.

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Running Stitch Illustration and Instructions

DIY Running Stitch Photo Instructions
DIY Running Stitch Photo Instructions. Rain Blanken

A running stitch is a type of straight stitch that is quick to complete and has long stitches. Running stitches are most commonly used to help temporarily hold fabric together or act as a drawstring to gather fabrics.

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