Types of Nontraditional Resumes

Have you considered using more than just a paper resume to enhance your job search? Depending on the type of job you are seeking a nontraditional resume can be a good way to make a great impression. 

Some nontraditional resumes look like an online version of your resume. For example, a LinkedIn profile can be created to look just like a traditional resume and you can print out a PDF version so you have a hard copy. 

Other nontraditional resume types include: 

  • Infographics and portfolios: These are visual representations of your skills and experience
  • Video resumes: You can introduce yourself — and your experience and skills — through a video, which also offers an opportunity to show off your visual work
  • Personalized websites and blogs: You can share biographical details, images, and generally showcase your candidacy for employment through a website  

If you are a writer or visual artist, a portfolio or video resume can be a useful way to showcase your work. For an accountant, a video resume is less helpful. In fact, using one could be detrimental to your job search and candidacy. 

Consider your industry carefully before investing time in creating a nontraditional resume, and think through these pros and cons of creative resumes. 

Check out the various types of nontraditional resumes you can use to see if one - or more - of them are worth adding to your arsenal of job search materials. 

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Infographic Resumes

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An infographic resume uses visuals including images, photos, graphs, charts, and other graphics to provide information about a job seeker. Infographics can be shared with connections and prospective employers and pinned to Pinterest.

They are like traditional resumes in that they convey similar information such as contact information, previous work experience, and related skills.

However, infographic resumes convey this information in a highly visual format; for example, instead of listing previous work experience in chronological order, an infographic resume may display this information in an illustrated timeline.

An infographic's unique blend of text and images can help job seekers stand out from other applicants. This type of resume might be particularly helpful for someone applying to designer jobs, since creating one shows off skills that would be needed in the position. An infographic resume might also be helpful for candidates in data-driven fields. 

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LinkedIn Profile Resume

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Using your LinkedIn profile as a resume is quick and easy, because LinkedIn does all the work for you. Fill in your LinkedIn profile as completely as possible and you'll have an online resume that you can download as a PDF, then print or share via email.

Another benefit of using your LinkedIn profile as a resume is that the more robust it is, the easier it will be for employers seeking candidates on LinkedIn to find you.

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Online Portfolios

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An online portfolio is a great option for showcasing your talent, especially for those working in design, photography, art, writing, or computer programming and design.

Your online portfolio will provide a terrific visual representation of your work. The URL of your portfolio can be linked from your LinkedIn profile, your other social media profiles, and can also be included on your traditional resume.

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Online Resumes and Social Resumes

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Many people have begun to share their resumes through personalized websites or blogs. This is a great option for presenting your work experience, skills and talents, resume, and even your professional portfolio online. Your website may include everything from a traditional resume to videos, animated infographics, or an online portfolio.

Other online resumes known as social resumes also include links to one’s social media pages. Social resumes provide a more complex view of an applicant, and demonstrate the applicant’s fluency with social media.

You can link to your website from your  LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter pages and your other social media accounts, so you're sure that prospective employers can view it. You can also list the URL on your paper resume.

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Video Resumes

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​​A video resume is a short video created by job applicants to highlight their skills and experience. Typically, the job candidate sits or stands in front of the camera and describes their qualifications.

However, job seekers have been increasingly creative in their video resumes. Some video resumes include animated infographics and music as well. Because a video resume is usually quite brief (between one and five minutes), it is almost always supplemented by a traditional resume.

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Traditional Resumes

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One size doesn't fit all when it comes to resume writing and, for some job seekers, a traditional resume works best.

Here's how to write a resume that, even though it won't have all the bells and whistles a nontraditional resume does, will still capture a prospective employer's interest and help you secure an interview.