7 Types of Men You Should Avoid

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 Christian Vierig

When you’re in the dating world, you have the potential to meet many different kinds of men. And the good news is that there are lots of wonderful, fun, and caring guys out there. But dater beware, there are seven different personalities you should avoid to fend off being blindsided or brokenhearted.

1. The Selfish Guy

Does the guy you’re dating only seem to care about himself? If you’re with someone who tends to put his needs first, show little interest in you and your passions, and who considers himself to be the greatest guy on the planet, it’s time to take note that you’re dating someone selfish and arrogant. When a guy has an over-inflated ego and tries to show you he’s an expert at everything, the advice you should heed is to stop dating him. While confidence is appealing, it’s not appealing to be with someone who has an overblown sense of self and who couldn’t care or be bothered by your needs and desires.

2. The Liar

It’s challenging and emotionally taxing to date someone you can’t count on and who isn’t honest or forthright with you. When the guy you’re dating is a liar, he’ll often make promises he can’t keep, make up stories that aren’t true, and keep you in the dark about who he really is. When a guy freely and willingly deceives you, this is an automatic red flag that he can’t be trusted, especially since trust is at the cornerstone of every happy, fulfilling, and healthy relationship. In order for your connection to flourish, you have to be able to rely on him as your partner. And if you’re dating a guy who is prone to lying and making things up, it’s time to say goodbye. 

3. The Player

When you really like the guy you’re dating, you may find yourself wanting to take your relationship to the next level. However, if you’re dating a player, this next phase of your relationship may never come. Guys who are players want to keep your relationship on a superficial level, which is why they're often vague about their whereabouts, are constantly texting others, and are dismissive of the idea of introducing you to friends and family. If you’re looking for a long-term, committed relationship, it’s important that you drop the player you’re with and try to meet someone who’s also looking for a deep and meaningful connection.  

4. The Guy Who Strings You Along

Since there are so many different people and options in the dating pool, it’s not uncommon to date someone on and off for an extended period of time. For instance, you may go out on a few dates with someone and not hear from him again until weeks later, and many times it’s a late-night text. In order to avoid being treated as though you’re disposable by a guy who only feels like contacting you when he wants to, when he’s bored, and when he’s looking to hook up, you should find a guy who places a priority on having you in his life. Rather than being just another name that pops up in his phone, you should avoid this type of a guy and find someone with whom you really click.

5. The Guy Who Puts in No Effort 

When it comes to dating, the guy certainly isn’t the only one who should be putting in the effort. However, if you’re the one who always contacts him, has to set up the plans, and frequently feels as though you have to do everything to keep your connection afloat, this is a guy you should avoid. Both you and the guy you're dating have to put in the work to spend time together and get to know each other. But when you’re doing all of the giving and getting nothing in return, this isn’t a healthy dynamic. If a guy seems to be indifferent when it comes to spending time with you, it's time to spend your time with someone else. 

6. The Emotionally Unavailable Guy

Dating a man who is emotionally cut off and detached can have its share of challenges. He may never open up to you, share what’s on his mind, or be vulnerable around you. And if you’re looking for a deep and meaningful relationship, it’s in your best interest to avoid an emotionally unavailable man because he’ll never fully let you in. For instance, if he keeps you at arm's length and never lets his guard down around you, then your relationship can't truly progress because you’ll never get to know the real person he is inside.

7. The Controlling Guy

Has the guy you're dating ever told you who you can and cannot talk to or what you can and cannot wear? Controlling guys are ones who try to dominate and intimidate you, and they are often jealous and suspicious of your relationships with other people and try to keep tabs on you at every moment of the day. If you feel as though you're being bullied or manipulated by the guy you're dating, it's time to cut off contact immediately, as this is a form of abuse. You are your own person, and the only one who gets to decide what you can and cannot do is you.