Tyco R/C

Tyco R/C, part of the Mattel family of toys, is a major producer of RC toys. Terrain Twister, Shell Shocker, Street Beat Ready to Run RCs, a variety of Batman RCs, Stuntsters, and RC motorcycles are among the many RC toys from Tyco R/C.

Tyco R/C Cars:

In the RC car category, some of the major product lines include Drift King, 6V Auto Show, Dropstars, Pimp My Ride, and West Coast Customs.
See: Tyco R/C Cars

Tyco R/C Trucks:

Street Beat, 6V Trucks, and Monster Jam Monster Trucks are tough but good-looking RC toy trucks.
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Tyco R/C Aircraft & Watercraft:

Tyco takes off into the air and across the water with several different RCs like the red or green Swamp Blaster Land/Water Swamp Boat or the Airblade hovercraft.

TV & Movie RCs:

RCs styled after the vehicles or characters of current movies or hit TV shows are popular with kids and collectors. Some Mattel Tyco RC offerings include Batman, Spider-Man, Ninja Turtles, Cars, and MTVs Pimp My Ride.

  • Disney/Pixar Cars RCs
  • Batman RCs


The Honda Mini-Cycle, all-terrain Rebound Superbike (it bounces back after a fall and keeps on going), or the 1:3 scale Suzuki GSX-R 1000 put an RC on two wheels. Recommended for ages 6-8 and up.

Terrain Twister, Shell Shocker, Stuntsters:

Some Tyco R/C toys defy classification or go beyond your usual RC car or truck. The Terrain Twister and Shell Shocker travel on all terrains. The Stuntsters are tiny versions of full-size Tyco R/C classics that each do their own kind of stunts. Other Tyco R/C toys resemble insects or entertain with their own brand of looks and stunts.

Big Rides:

The Ford Mustang GT and the Toyota FTX pickup come with oversized tires and officially-licensed detailing. Aimed at ages 3 and over the Big Rides Assortment have a one-button control.

Where to Buy Tyco R/C Toys:

As new models come out the older ones leave the shelves so the selection is constantly changing. But you can find many of the most current offerings and older models too at places like Toys R Us, Wal-Mart, Target, eToys, and KB Toys. Go online for good deals on discontinued or hard-to-find RC toys and accessories.